Gangbei Prison Officials Refuse to Release Engineer Zhou Xiangyang, Who Is In Critical Condition (Photo)

Name: Zhou Xiangyang (周向阳)

Gender: Male

Age: 38

Address: Tangshan, Hebei Province

Occupation: Cost Engineer at the Third Tianjin Railway Survey and Design Institute Group in Tianjin

Date of Most Recent Arrest: March 5, 2011

Police Officer Li Youmin of Quzhou County, Hebei Province Arrests Pregnant Woman and Leaves Her Children Behind

( Ms. Li Xuemei, 31, was reported to the police for telling people the facts about Falun Gong on a web chat. At around 7:00 p.m. on August 9, 2011, Chen Shifeng and Yang Yougang, the chief and deputy chief of the Quzhou County Public Security Bureau Domestic Security Division, along with two other police officers, broke into her home. They showed no identification, arrested her, and confiscated her computer, printer, two cell phones, and Falun Dafa books and materials. Ms. Li was interrogated until midnight before being released. Ms. Li's husband only got back one of the cell phones, as Chen Shifeng refused to return the other items. An acquaintance of Ms. Li who worked in the Public Security Bureau said that they could conclude the matter by paying 10,000 yuan, but the family refused to pay.

Mudanjiang Prison Officials Cover Up Persecution and Deny Family Visits

( Mudanjiang Prison has often been referred to as a “death camp” due to the brutal treatment that practitioners experience there, including severe torture. The situation worsened in July 2009, a time considered sensitive because it was the tenth anniversary of the beginning of the persecution. In early July, prison officials issued an order to forcibly "

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