(Clearwisdom.net) The “Legal Education School” in Mishan City, Heilongjiang Province is in fact a brainwashing center where the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) tries to force Falun Gong practitioners to renounce their beliefs. Sixteen practitioners were arrested and persecuted there in 2011.

The CCP started persecuting practitioners at the Mishan “Legal Education School” on June 18, 2011. Under the direction of Yu Xiaofeng, head the 610 Office, practitioners are subjected to mental and physical torment. Practitioners are forced to watch videos that slander Falun Gong and write “reports” about the content. In addition to the extreme mental pressure, some practitioners have been tortured until they required hospitalization. Among the personnel at the brainwashing center are Wang Xiaoping and Fu Xiuli, former Falun Gong practitioners who gave up the practice under pressure. Practitioners as well as their families have been severely traumatized as a result of persecution at the Mishan “Legal Education School.” The following are several such cases.

Perpetrators from the Politics and Law Committee, along with agents from the 610 Office broke into Ms. Yu Fengying's home at 4:30 p.m. on June 24. Without showing a search warrant, they arrested her, forcing her to leave behind her blind husband and mother-in-law, who had just been released from the hospital. Her mother-in-law needed to go to the hospital every day for medicine. She could not walk on her own, and thus even using the bathroom became an issue for her. Neither her husband or mother-in-law was able to cook, but with the help of kindhearted people and other Falun Gong practitioners, they were able to survive.

Mr. Yang Dawei was arrested on his way home and taken to the brainwashing center at 7:00 p.m. on July 30. He was physically tortured and his blood pressure rose to 240. The perpetrators from the brainwashing center notified his family on August 5 and told them to take Mr. Yang to a hospital. Mr. Yang currently suffers from mental confusion and can barely walk.

Four perpetrators broke into Ms. Bai Yong's house at 6:00 p.m. on August 10 and handcuffed her. With only one shoe on, she was dragged to a police car and taken to the brainwashing center, where she was held for 28 days. While in the center, she suffered significantly. On September 7, Ms. Bai was diagnosed with hysteromyoma and needed immediate surgery. Her medical expenses amounted to more than 2,300 yuan. She has since become incapacitated.

Mr. Zhang Yutang went to visit his nephew's wife, Ms. Bai Yong, at the brainwashing center on August 11. Right after Mr. Zhang left the center, Chen Hailei and four or five perpetrators beat him and broke five of his ribs. Under the direction of the Politics and Law Committee and head of the 610 Office Yu Xiaofeng, Wang Xiaoping and Chen Hailei from the brainwashing center made up false evidence and accused Mr. Zhang of disturbing the public order. He was tried in court, and despite insufficient evidence, Mr. Zhang was illegally sentenced to a five-month detention. While in custody, Mr. Zhang suffered from headaches, vomited often, could not eat, and he was in severe pain due to his injured ribs. His family was not allowed to visit him nor provide him with medical treatment. Mr. Zhang became extremely thin and could barely walk. His health has deteriorated and he needs constant care.

The practitioners arrested and taken to the Mishan Brainwashing Center since June 18, 2011 include Yu Fengying, Xin Jing, Yang Dawei, Fan Guiying, Liu Changlong, Liu Meizhang, Xue Yanrong, Bai Yong, Wang Xiufang, Zhang Wenye, Xing Delu, Xing Yuhong, Luo Zhaoyu, and Lin Guihuan. Sun Guiyu and Shan Shuhua were sent to a detention center for further persecution.

The perpetrators from the Politics and Law Committee and the Mishan City 610 Office secretly initiated the establishment of a brainwashing center at the Jingpin Lake Fish Restaurant in April 2011. There are eight rooms at the center, including three prison cells each equipped with a bed. People who are arrested are first taken to these rooms. Each room is staffed with a monitor and equipped with a video camcorder. Another room is equipped with three beds. Practitioners who refuse to be “transformed” are held there and two monitors watch them around the clock, even when they use the bathroom and take showers. In another room, there are only two beds and nothing else. This room is reserved for those who have been “transformed.” All of the windows have iron bars and are covered by curtains. The building is unmarked, and passersby cannot get close to the building.

The Mishan Brainwashing Center is fully funded by the Mishan Treasury. Wang Xiaoping is responsible for managing the finances. She fired many of the employees and hired her relatives, giving them salaries of 2,000 yuan per month while the others made 1,500 yuan. They used the money extorted from Falun Gong practitioners to take personal trips in December 2011.

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Brainwashing center staff:
Wang Kuixiu, deputy head of the Politics and Law Committee, Mishan City, and head of the brainwashing center: +86-453-5241610 (Office), +86-453-5224331 (Home),+86-13946862639
Yu Xiaofeng, head of the Mishan City 610 Office, deputy head of the brainwashing center: +86-453-5228610 (Office), +86-453-5241639 (Home), +86-13091583339, +86-15146782555
Wang Xiaoping, staff member of the Political and Legal Committee in Mishan City, and deputy head of the brainwashing center: +86-13054320510, +86-13946852635