(Minghui.org) After a recent group Fa study session, the practitioners shared their understandings about Minghui’s recent call for submissions to commemorate World Falun Dafa Day. I’d like to share what some of the practitioners had to say. 

Two of them helped other practitioners to write sharing articles and went out of their way to other counties to encourage the practitioners there to submit articles to Minghui. One practitioner they encouraged had a fractured wrist, but he said, “I will negate the false phenomenon and am determined to write down my stories.” Another practitioner said that he didn’t write anything because he believed that he didn’t cultivate well. They read him Minghui’s Call for Submissions and exchanged their understandings with him. He remembered some of the righteous things he’d done over 20 years ago and put together a well-written article in 30 minutes. A practitioner who couldn’t sit in the full lotus position was able to cross her legs as they shared their experiences.

Another practitioner said that he would take a copy of Minghui’s Call for Submissions with him and talk to other practitioners twice a year (Falun Dafa Day and the China Fahui on Minghui) to help eliminate the things that prevented them from writing. A practitioner finished writing her stories the day Minghui issued the Notice this year, and moved on to help other practitioners write theirs. 

A Minghui article published in March 2024 “How Many More Times Can Master Grant Us Such an Opportunity?” caught my attention and touched me. Indeed, how many chances do we still have to participate in such events? How many times do we get to show the world the great demeanor of Dafa disciples during the Fa rectification on our own platform? How many opportunities do we have to record the miracles we’ve encountered during this unprecedented time in history, overcome the CCP’s Internet blockade, and tell Master about them and share them with fellow practitioners, and bring light and hope to the sentient beings? With infinite compassion, Master has given us this opportunity. Let us cherish it. 

I believe there are three reasons why many practitioners lack the motivation to write about their experiences. 

1. They don’t think they do well enough to write about it 

Master has more than once mentioned in his lectures that the practitioners who have continued to cultivate till this day are good cultivators. A not-so-good state in cultivation is only a step in the process and does not mean the state will persist. Fa rectification has not ended and there are opportunities for us to improve. Participating in writing to Minghui is validating the Fa itself. Master speaks positively about writing and submitting to Minghui, and acknowledges that practitioners can improve in cultivation through experience sharing conferences. Because there is an ongoing persecution in China, we hold online sharing conferences so that practitioners in China can take part in celebrating World Falun Dafa Day. The online sharing has become more sacred and magnificent during the evil persecution. 

If one feels that his state of cultivation isn’t good, it’s all the more reason to write. Submitting an article to Minghui is doing what Master encourages us to do and a great opportunity to adjust the state of our cultivation. When we write, we remember what our best state used to be. Even if we write about our mistakes and how we look within for our attachments, it is a process that can help us improve. In the process, some practitioners discover more of their attachments, some remember the miracles that happened when they’ve validated the Fa with righteous thoughts, and some have returned to a good state of cultivation. In my opinion, these are what Master wants to happen by allowing the practitioners in China to participate in online sharing conferences. I personally know many practitioners who’ve experienced miracles when they made up their minds to write an article. 

2. They don’t think they can write well 

For those who say that they can’t write well, it is all the more reason why they should break this human notion and pick up their pens. There are many stories of elderly practitioners who put down their hoes, picked up a computer mouse, and became good at using computers. I believe that those who say they cannot write well have not understood the significance of submitting articles to Minghui. As we live through another year, there are sure to be more cultivation stories that are worth recording. Even the stories of our family and friends or those who’ve learned the truth being blessed by Dafa are worth writing about and shared. 

Those who don’t know how to start should read Minghui’s Notice a few more times. The Notice specifies the formats that can be submitted and what to write to demonstrate how wonderful true practitioners are. Many practitioners did not pay attention to what the Notice actually said and put it aside after glancing at it. 

At times, things that a practitioner deems ordinary in following the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance may appear miraculous in the eyes of other practitioners. 

Master said,

“Within a specific dimension, what a person has done or what a person does with a wave of his hand is all material existence, and anything he does will leave an image and a message.” (Lecture Two, Zhuan Falun

How do we leave what we have done to validate the Fa in this dimension? We record them with our pens, the magical pens Master gives every one of us. The more we write, the better we can write. I hope both new and veteran practitioners will put their magic pens to use. 

3. They don’t think their articles will be published

Some practitioners think that their article might not get published and that maybe the practitioners who can write well should write and submit their articles. He relinquishes the opportunity to improve himself and forsakes the responsibility of validating and promoting the Fa. 

Many practitioners read articles on Minghui and/or Minghui Weekly regularly. The sharing articles have inspired many practitioners over the years. Those articles are written by practitioners who painstakingly eliminate whatever interferes with them, bypass the internet firewall, and send their articles to Minghui. The articles are then edited by practitioners on Minghui before being posted online. If every practitioner refused to write an article, thinking that it wouldn’t get published, would there be that many articles on Minghui? How can we take from Minghui repeatedly but remain unwilling to give? If every practitioner could support Minghui’s every activity unconditionally, that is what we call “improving as a whole.” 

In addition, the earlier we submit our articles, the more time the editors at Minghui will have to look through them. If we all wait until the last few days to send in our articles, the editing practitioners will be under a lot of pressure. 

Even if our articles don’t get published, we can share them in our Fa study groups, which will inspire and encourage other practitioners. In my Fa study group, the sharing of many practitioners’ articles really helps. One phrase may help a practitioner change his notions. One article can remove the fear and worries in a practitioner’s mind. Getting published or not should not be an excuse to not write. 

I hope that those who haven’t submitted an article to Minghui seize the time and cherish this opportunity to write down their stories and thoughts about their cultivation. It is an opportunity to show the world the upright demeanor and thoughts of true Dafa practitioners. We can also express our appreciation to Master for his salvation and be a witness to Falun Dafa’s miracles and magnificence. 

My understanding is limited. Please kindly point out any mistakes.