(Minghui.org) As of today, half of the time we were given to turn in papers for the 25th World Falun Dafa Day on Minghui has passed.

Practitioners in my area and I submitted ours. In fact, from the moment we begin to think about what to write, to writing it down and submitting it, is a cultivation process, and an opportunity to improve that is imbued with Master’s boundless compassion.

I feel that the requirements for this year’s call for papers are different from those in the past. I feel that the Fa has higher requirements for us.

We are forged by Master and Dafa, and I think that those who have followed Master and assisted in the Fa-rectification all the way until now and those who’ve endured unspeakable trials and tribulations and become mature practitioners are magnificent!

“May 13th” is an incredibly sacred day. It means so much to Dafa disciples and to the world. I believe that every practitioner has a different and deeper understanding of Dafa now and will no longer be as they were when they first obtained the Fa.

We all have had different experiences and have different family backgrounds, and the cultivation paths Master arranged for us are not the same. Our bodies and minds have undergone profound changes, from the microcosmic to the superficial level. Each of us has experienced Dafa’s wonder and extraordinary power and Master’s compassionate blessing and enlightenment so many times.

Time is limited, so, as soon as possible, let us write about our current understanding of Dafa, how we changed after improving our xinxing, how miraculous and sublime Dafa is, and about Master’s compassionate protection and enlightenment, and share these experiences with the world. At this special historic moment when humans and gods walk the earth, the world’s people can bask in Master’s saving grace.

Fellow practitioners, please put aside all the interference of our human hearts and thoughts, such as, “I can’t write,” “I didn’t do well,” or “I have nothing to write.” Let your righteous thoughts dominate and live up to Master’s ardent hope and the expectations of all sentient beings.

Let’s remind each other and help each other to seize the time, and treat this call for papers seriously and cherish the opportunity that Master has arranged for us to improve as a whole because this is also part of our cultivation.

“Each opportunity will not occur again.” (“Digging Out the Roots,” Essentials for Further Advancement)

This opportunity is not to be missed, and it might not come again. Fellow practitioners, how many more times can Master grant us such an opportunity? Similar to taking an examination, don’t back out at the last minute, and don’t leave yourselves with regrets. Please pick up your pen and act quickly! Master and all sentient beings are waiting and watching us.

This is my understanding at my current level. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.