(Minghui.org) European Falun Dafa practitioners said they were moved after reading the articles published during the 2023 China Fahui (online Experience Sharing Conference) and learned a lot from them. They said that practitioners in China, despite being persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), were still able to show great compassion and forbearance, and were considerate of everyone. They put aside personal interest, life and death, and assimilated to Falun Dafa. When practitioners truly regard themselves as cultivators and strictly require of themselves to live according to Falun Dafa’s principles, they can use the wisdom given by Falun Dafa to overcome difficulties, and treat everyone they meet as someone to be saved. They have helped save many lives, and at the same time have validated Dafa.

Many practitioners said the articles published during the 2023 China Fahui are deeply touching, pure and peaceful, showing that in the process of saving people and while fulfilling their vows, Falun Dafa practitioners in China continue to cultivate and break through their attachments and notions. Their articles reflect their experiences as they climb to new realms on the path to divinity.

Many European practitioners said the articles helped them find their own gaps. They understood how to take control of themselves and progress diligently in the relatively comfortable cultivation environment in Europe. Some practitioners also mentioned that although Europe is far away from China and the cultivation environment is different, by reading the Chinese practitioners’ articles, they feel that their hearts are connected.

New Practitioner: Dafa Is Great

Ms. Wang from Latvia recently began practicing Falun Dafa. This was the first time she listened to China Fahui articles on Minghui Radio. She shared, “The article titled “Steadfast Faith Reveals Falun Dafa’s Power” touched me a lot. The practitioner repeatedly made breakthroughs in cultivation. This helped me understand that this is the process of improving one’s character and one’s determination.”

When he was first imprisoned, the author did not dare to practice the exercises. Later, when he saw other practitioners being punished for practicing the exercises, he saw his fear and decided to break through it. Ms. Wang said, “The process of overcoming fear is vivid and real. After he broke through this fear and started practicing the exercises, he was punished and locked up in a small cell. Not only was he not afraid, he also used this opportunity to practice the fifth exercise. This practitioner went from struggling to sit in the half lotus position to being able to sit in the full lotus position. His legs hurt at first, then his entire body ached, and he almost passed out. He repeatedly broke through and increased his endurance. He was eventually able to sit in the full lotus position for four hours.

“Reading about his cultivation process made me feel it’s very real, and I almost felt his pain,” Ms. Wang said. “I understand that the Dafa taught by Master Li is so great. Dafa continues to be spread in the world because Master leads such a group of disciples. My respect for Master and my admiration for Dafa disciples once again arose in my heart.”

Ms. Wang said she learned a lot from the article, “My Colleagues Acknowledge Falun Dafa Is Good.” She said, “I admire the practitioner in the article for clarifying the truth openly and never hiding her identity as a practitioner. When her colleagues praised her for doing a good job and being a ‘revolutionary,’ it caused her to think about why a practitioner left such an impression. She immediately recalled Master’s teachings, adjusted her mentality, and became more peaceful and tolerant. In the end, even her colleagues who previously reported her to the police listened to her truth clarification.”

It Is Key to Get Rid of Attachments

Silke, from Germany, works in the German-language edition of The Epoch Times. She also read and recorded the German version of China Fahui articles for the German language Minghui Radio. By reading these articles, Silke learned about the persecution and tremendous pressure faced by practitioners in China. Since she’s never been to China, she felt that the cultivation environment of Chinese practitioners was far away from her. But when it came to improving her xinxing, the sharing of the practitioners helped her a lot, and she felt connected to practitioners in China.

In the article titled “Opposing the Persecution and Fulfilling My Mission with Rationality and Compassion,” the practitioner’s compassion towards his family deeply touched Silke. In the article, the practitioner’s son asked his mother to sign a statement to renounce Dafa. The practitioner told her son, “If it is too much for you or your father, we can file for divorce and you can announce that you disown me as your mother. If we have to do that, it’s not your fault or my fault.” Silke said with emotion, “Facing pressure from family members, not fighting with them or making excuses, but instead eliminating our attachments completely is the key.”

Silke understands this well. Her husband does not understand her practice and does not approve of her working for The Epoch Times. The practitioner’s sharing made Silke realize, “What’s important is not convincing others, but to let go of everything. If we use Dafa’s principles as our guide, we will know we are on the right path.”

Almost every sharing article assigned to Silke to read for German Minghui Radio mirrored her own issues. “It’s really amazing,” she said with a smile.

Being Considerate

Ms. Hong, who lives in France, was touched by the article, “Falun Dafa Practitioner’s Words and Actions Touch People.” She said, “When this practitioner worked as a nanny, she not only clarified the truth to everyone in the family, but was also considerate, especially in small things.” 

The practitioner was very conscientious. She even wiped the leather shoes of the guests who came to visit the elderly woman, including the woman’s son-in-law. “She said that not everyone can do this seemingly simple act. The woman’s son-in-law who always refused to quit the CCP was deeply touched by this practitioner’s act, and saw her kindness. In the end, he quit the CCP.” 

Ms. Hong was also impressed with the article titled “From Rage to Compassion.” She said, “The practitioner could not accept the police officers’ behavior at first, but later he compassionately clarified the truth to the police and saved them. The process of cultivating great compassion and tolerance is touching.”

Ms. Hong also said that although practitioners in China live in a harsh environment, there are no barriers between them. Even if there are conflicts, they are resolved quickly. She said she could feel the kindness, understanding and tolerance among Dafa disciples.

Practitioners’ Genuine Compassion

Ms. Liang, a British practitioner, read almost every article published during this China Fahui. The one that impressed her the most was, “Resolving Unsettling Conflicts With Compassion.” She said that when she encountered similar conflicts, she sometimes got stuck in reasoning about specific matters, and became angry afterwards.

The author of the article is a businessman. He wrote, “In my mind, it doesn’t matter how many products my customers can buy from me. Their attitude towards Dafa is crucial. We cannot let them misunderstand Dafa. If someone is dissatisfied with me, hates me, belittles me, or is angry with me, I regard it as the biggest thing and must resolve it.” This passage made Ms. Liang feel that in daily interactions with ordinary people, the practitioner never forgets to cultivate himself, look inward, and give top priority to improving his xinxing.

The article shared several examples of how the author resolved grievances, which led Ms. Liang to see the power of Dafa. She said the practitioner really cultivated himself well. In order to save those who had grievances against him, he put down his self-esteem and even endured humiliation. This was all possible because he had the heart to save sentient beings and to help them understand Dafa. Ms. Liang understood that this is also a manifestation of the practitioner’s firm belief in the Fa and Master.

After he began practicing Dafa, this practitioner took personal interests lightly. He eliminated his selfishness, had the courage to admit his mistakes, sought forgiveness from his enemies, and resolved grievances, thereby making the other party appreciate Dafa.

Ms. Liang said the author has a profound understanding of the Fa, always reminding himself that he is a cultivator.