(Minghui.org) At the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020, I sensed the significance of saving people. I collected some email addresses in China and sent truth-clarifying materials to them. I soon contacted all the addresses, and could not find more. I decided to make phone calls to people in China and tell them the truth about Dafa and the persecution. A year later I have some understandings and experiences from this process. I would like to share them with you. 

We Can Make Breakthroughs if We Persist

Master said, 

“In order for anything to have a foothold in this world, to be able to hold up and establish itself, there has to be a key factor: It has to form a field in this dimension, a field that materially exists.” (Teachings at the Conference in Europe)

I realized that our experiences while clarifying the truth are basically the same. When we set up a site to clarify the truth, we always ran into all kinds of interference and difficulties. But if we persisted, we made breakthroughs and things went smoothly. 

I found that making phone calls is the same. It was difficult for me to talk at the beginning. Actually, I am good at talking. But when I made the first phone call I immediately hung up when the recipient said hello. I could not talk, even though I had written down what I would say. 

I knew that I must persist. I set a bar for myself: make at least 10 phone calls each day and get rid of my fear. Gradually I made more and more calls, from 10 to 50 a day. Now, I can make almost 100 calls a day. Since last year I have convinced about 1000 people to quit the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) organizations. 

We Should Not Have Pursuit

Sometimes the recipient hung up on me after I said a few sentences. I was frustrated and wondered what went wrong. I looked within, and I found that I had pursuit. I felt that I spent so much time making calls, my efforts should have good results—people should quit the Party. Otherwise, it would be a waste of my time. The pursuit was a loophole, and caused interference. 

Master told us, 

“...you should not take quitting the Party or the Young Pioneers, or the “three withdrawals” itself, as your goal. Remember, everyone, you are to have clarifying the truth and saving people as your goal!” (Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference)

I followed Master’s teaching and corrected my thoughts. I only focused on clarifying the truth. I stopped keeping track of how many people I helped quit the Party. I tried to be compassionate to everyone, even if they didn’t want to quit. Thus, I felt happy every time I made phone calls and didn't feel frustrated anymore. 

Having Consideration for Others

At the beginning, I made calls after dinner, because the time was convenient for me. I thought it was late morning in China, so maybe it was convenient for the recipients too. But I usually could not get hold of the people I called. I realized that people were at work at that time, so they could not take the calls. 

I saved those numbers and called them again when it was 8 – 10 p.m. in China. That meant that I needed to get ready at 5 a.m. my time. Most people took my calls. Also, I found the results were better if I got up early and studied the Fa before making calls. Sending forth righteous thoughts while talking on the phone is also very important. 

Always Follow the Principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance

I called two young girls and talked about traditional Chinese culture. One of them said, “It seems you know history pretty well.” I felt that they liked what I said, so I said, “Yes.” Actually, I just read some history books. 

Then, the girl asked me the details of a few historic events. When I could not answer she laughed and said, “You just lied.” They started to tease me. I apologized and admitted that I didn't know much. I realized that a cultivator should always follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. We should not lie even if it is for saving people. 

I sometimes felt that I spoke well. I was convincing and gave a lot of evidence. But the receivers cursed me and hung up. I looked within, and found that my attitude was wrong. I put myself above others, and looked down on them. Some people felt that I was aggressive. No matter how well I talked, some people felt that I was lecturing them and they had negative thoughts. I realized that I needed to be more compassionate. 

I found that if I followed Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance when making calls, people would not curse, even if they didn’t agree to quit the Party. If I didn’t behave well, it would cause conflicts. 

Elderly Woman Recites Dafa-related Phrases 100 Times

One day I phoned an elderly woman who told me she was not educated, and she didn’t join any CCP organizations. I told her, “There's a way to stay safe. Recite ‘Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.’” She happily said she would. 

She was worried that she would forget the words. I asked her to write them down, but she said she was illiterate. She was anxious and asked me what to do. I told her to repeat the words 100 times to memorize them. She immediately started.

After dozens of times, I told her that I needed to make more calls, so I had to hang up. I said, “Please continue saying the words after I hang up.” She agreed. I heard her repeating the words as I said goodbye. 

Gentleman Searches for a Genuine Spiritual Belief

One day a middle-aged man answered the phone. I told him about the quitting the Party. He didn’t say yes or no, but asked me, “One should have a belief. If I abandon my belief in communism, what should I believe in?” 

I didn’t tell him about Dafa at the beginning, because I was afraid he'd hang up. I said, “Many religions were good, such as Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism, Taoism, etc. But as time went by and languages evolved, many teachings were re-written and the original meanings were distorted. Many people who claim to believe such and such religion are no longer sincere. So, it is hard to find an upright belief now.” 

He said, “Yes, I knew many bad people who practiced Buddhism and Taoism. What do you believe in? Can you give me a recommendation?” Since he asked, my worry was gone. I told him that I believe in Falun Dafa. Then, I explained how I began practicing. He was very interested and said he wanted to learn, too.

I asked him if he knew any practitioners, or if he was able to circumvent the CCP's Internet blockade. He said no. He was worried. I said, “Before you do anything, please say ‘Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.’”

He asked, “Is that enough?” I said, “It will be if you are sincere. Don’t Buddhists of the Pure Land Sect cultivate by chanting Buddha’s name?” He happily said, “Yes.” When I asked him to quit the Party, he happily agreed. 

CCP Follower Quits the Party

Another day a young man answered the phone. After I told him about quitting the Party, he started to play a CCP song. I said, “China existed for five thousand years, but the CCP has only existed for 70 years. Didn’t China exist before the CCP?” He said, “No.” 

I replied, “China has a long history and a profound, rich culture. Chinese people are smart and talented. Did the CCP exist when Chinese culture reached its cultural peak?” He was quiet. 

I then said, “The evil CCP invaded China when the country was weak. After it grabbed power, it started to ruin China and destroy the most educated people. There were so many political movements that brought disasters to China. It also lies to people that China would not exist without the Party. How evil is that? We should not be deceived by it.”

He stopped playing the CCP songs and asked, “Are you Chinese?” I felt that he had softened. 

I said, “Of course. I am Chinese, not a follower of communism. Communism originated in Europe. It also usurped power in several European countries, but people saw how evil and violent it was, so they abandoned it many years ago.”

I said, “It only exists in a few countries now, such as China and North Korea. But when you compare North and South Korea, you see that because of communism North Korea is a totally different country. They are actually the same people—Koreans, with the same cultural background. It's the same in China, which is now very different than the China that had a brilliant culture. These are the results of the CCP’s brainwashing and violent governing.”

I continued, “As a Chinese, you should wake up. Quit the CCP organizations you joined.” He immediately said “Okay!” 

Person Who Doesn’t Believe in Anything Quits the Party

When I told a man about quitting the Party, he kept saying, “Life is short. There is nothing after one dies. I don’t care about the future or the next life. It's good enough if I have money now. There is no god or Buddha. These are all lies. Are you calling me for my money?” 

“I'm not asking for your money,” I said, “I only hope that you will quit the Party.” He said, “You haven’t asked for money yet, but you will soon. Otherwise, why do you waste your time calling me?”

I said, “Some people just want to help without asking for any payback. You don’t understand this because of the CCP’s decades of brainwashing. The Party doesn’t want you to believe that Buddhas or gods exist. You don’t even believe that some people just want to be good and seek no rewards. You were not born this way. It is the result of the CCP's brainwashing. Your true self actually believes in spiritual things.”

“No, I just don’t believe this stuff. Where is Buddha or God?” he replied.

“Even if you don’t believe in God, don’t you believe in heavenly laws?” I asked. 

“What heavenly laws? I see that good people die young, and bad people enjoy happy lives,” he replied. “One should just try his best to get money. Being a bad person and being able to get money in corrupt ways means you are a capable person.”

I never hung up on people, even if they cursed. I always tried to clarify the truth with compassion. So I decided to keep talking to him as long as he didn’t hang up. I talked to him for 20 minutes, but he kept repeating his views. I almost gave up. 

Finally, I said, “If you don’t believe in Buddha or heavenly laws, it doesn’t matter. But you can only live for dozens of years, why do you want to be a bad person? Don’t you want to be a man with dignity? Don’t you want to be a person with conscience and justice? It doesn’t require you to do anything extra to quit the Party. All you need to do is to quit it in your heart. Why don’t you do it?”

I planned to hang up if he kept repeating the same words—that he did not believe any gods or heavenly laws. But surprisingly, he said, “Okay. I will quit the CCP.” 

I was happy and said, “You made a right choice! I am very happy for you. See you.” He asked, “Will we meet in the future?” I replied, “We may never meet each other, but we have talked for so long. This is because we have the predestined relationship. I don’t know if we will meet in the future. But no matter what, one day you will feel happy for the choice you made today. Bless you.”

He said, “Thank you.” I could tell that he was touched. I felt it was the enlightened side of his being—excited that he was saved. 

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