Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference

Li Hongzhi, May 15, Brooklyn, New York

Greetings everyone! (All disciples applaud enthusiastically: Greetings Master!)

You have been working hard! (All disciples: Master is working hard!)

Dafa disciples saving sentient beings—this is something unprecedented, so doing it certainly takes hard work. All things have references. People throughout history have been talking about saving sentient beings, but who really saved sentient beings? They only laid down the knowledge about Gods and a culture of cultivation, and no one saved sentient beings. They only left behind a culture, established religions, and set society’s organizational format. One had to wait for today’s Dafa disciples to truly save sentient beings; actually doing it had no reference—never had one. So all kinds of issues that Dafa disciples have encountered, including this tribulation, are unprecedented, and the degree of evilness is also unprecedented. The evil you all know has been exposed, and there is in fact more that is even more cruel. No matter what, Dafa disciples have walked through this unprecedented affair of being persecuted and saving sentient beings, and now this is already drawing to a close. That is to say, no matter what, this thing is coming close to the last stage.

Dafa has long existed, and no one can undermine it. Those who are being persecuted are only cultivators—Dafa disciples—and those sentient beings who came to the world to obtain the Fa. Though those people are not cultivating, they are in fact being persecuted, too. The purpose they came for was to obtain the Fa and be saved, and their salvation will complete their original paradises and the sentient beings they originally had. Believing in the persecutors’ lies or assisting the evil will make them unable to obtain the Fa. Isn't this a persecution that can destroy all beings, destroy both them and the lives they represent? All of humankind is being persecuted. Dafa disciples are the main targets of this persecution, since they are Dafa disciples and they shoulder the task of saving other people. In the words of the old forces, China has a concentration of many high-level lives and even higher-level beings, all of whom went there to obtain the Fa. Then that place is like the dan-tempering furnace as mentioned by the Daoists, and that fire must burn fiercely and strongly. If you can really come through the test under fierce fire, and are able to persevere amid the cruel persecution, you will be a cultivator, and you will be recognized in the heavens and be able to reach Consummation. What about those who cannot come through? And that's exactly their goal, and tempering is to have the dross removed and get genuine gold. This is the process, which while disorderly in appearance is actually very orderly. Its disorder is displayed specifically in the fierce burning of the fire, yet it is very orderly, having different effects on different attachments, and reflecting different states depending on different attachments. That’s why I say, no matter what, the old forces’ involvement and troublemaking, as well as the whole thing Dafa disciples are doing, have all progressed to the last stage.

The situation in the heavens is the same as that on the earth. You have all seen, be it the so-called cruel test of Dafa disciples, or the test of sentient beings, isn’t it leading to Consummation in the end? To test whether a person can achieve Consummation, isn’t it to see the degree of evil, and how fierce the fire burns? This fire is about to die out. The bad people utilized by the evil are being arrested and cleaned out. When they are all arrested, think about it everyone, won’t this test of Dafa disciples end as well? Those who can make it and those who can’t—haven’t they been distinguished? This undertaking will then end. The Fa-rectification of the cosmos will end as well. This is what it’s all about.

As for the next step, there is the issue of the Fa rectifying the human world. Yesterday a student asked the question about some other people who have not obtained the Fa. I said that that is an issue for the future when the Fa rectifies the human world. As Dafa disciples you are doing this only during the Fa-rectification period, thus Dafa disciples in this period carry a tremendous responsibility. What responsibility? You all know that I have talked about how gigantic the cosmos is and how many beings there are—limitless and boundless, immeasurable and countless. The molecules observed under a microscope, magnified and displayed on a screen, look the same as the spread of celestial bodies in the cosmos, and the molecular structure, when magnified, looks just like heavens. But a molecule is not the smallest particle. Under it there are atoms whose particles, upon magnification, exist the same way the stars in the sky do, and it is heaven at that level. Atoms are not the tiniest either—below them there are still particles more microscopic, and still more microscopic, and further more microscopic, and even more microscopic. Layers upon layers of particles are layers upon layers of heavens, and the smaller the particle the more powerful it is. Those studying physics say that the tinier and more microscopic the particle is, the stronger its radiation, with more power and more energy. Yes, that particle looks like a celestial body—what’s on it? People know there are people on Earth; as to whether or not there are lives on other planets, they are studying only the surface of the dimension equal to that of humankind, and they believe that some planets may have lives and some don’t. But most lives do not live in the surface dimension, and many lives exist in dimensions of other forms, so you cannot see them. Humankind’s science is very limited. All celestial bodies have lives as well as lives’ social forms, and there are even many prosperous worlds. How many lives are there? What I said was that a particle, when magnified, is also like a star—how many lives are there? To trace it down even further, layers upon layers of particles form layers upon layers of heavens—how gigantic is this immense universe? How many lives are there? The entire surface of each dimension that exists between particles and formed by invisible microscopic particles is all Earth. How large is that? How many layers of dimensions such as this are there? It's extremely complicated. All layers are like that. Ultimately even Gods cannot check out or count how many lives there are—they are all Gods to humankind. This shows just how enormous the number is.

Dafa disciples are Gods who have descended to the human world with the responsibility to assist Master in saving sentient beings, shouldering the responsibility of saving sentient beings in the lower realms. You may think it does not matter if you personally do not cultivate well, as if it were like the forms of cultivation in the past. So some people are not too diligent, cultivating but not really cultivating. But have you thought about it? You once signed a contract with me when you came to this world, vowing to save those sentient beings. You could then become a Dafa disciple, and you could then do this thing. But you did not fulfill it. You did not completely fulfill your vow, and you cannot even save those beings allotted to you, those you undertook to save, behind whom are countless sentient beings and gigantic groups of beings. What is that?! Is that simply just a matter of not cultivating diligently? That is an extremely serious crime! An unparalleled crime! You say that you will just call out to Master when the time comes and say, “Master, I did not cultivate well.” Is that the end of this? Who can let you pass? Will those old forces let you pass? How serious a matter is this?!

But some people are just not diligent and their attachments are just so strong. They measure things they encounter with human notions, and some even never stand on the Fa to consider themselves Dafa disciples—consider their tremendous responsibility. They do not place saving sentient beings in the first position when considering things, but always use human notions to think about issues: Whether you like it or not, your heart is full of indignation, or you want things this or that way—how can that work?! Would Gods be like you? If people are all like you in saving sentient beings, how can sentient beings be saved? You’ll save those you like, and not save those you dislike—can you save sentient beings then?

The kind of prosperity we have in today’s human world is something never seen in history. First, it is to prevent those sentient beings from obtaining the Fa in this prosperous situation that arouses people's various attachments. It is just this way, and everything is appealing to your attachments, just to see whether or not you can still obtain the Fa. If you can obtain the Fa in this situation, then you will be recognized. If you cannot obtain the Fa, it is because you yourself are not good. Second, the universe should have already been destroyed and those lives should have already been eliminated. This was supposed to be the case, and you will be recognized in heaven if you can step out of this. Who can step out of it then? One can! Isn’t there Dafa, the universe’s Dafa that is spreading? Others have obtained it, why can’t you?! Others can cultivate well, why can’t you?! Isn’t this your personal problem? This is seen as fair in the heavens. They should have already been destroyed, yet you want to save them, so it has to be this way. Why can he be saved? How can it be done that easily? It is just this serious. But in this environment, in such an exciting world, plus the cruel persecution, who is still willing to cultivate? The biggest obstacle to cultivation is human attachments. Human beings have so many human notions and attachments, and even some Dafa disciples who are not diligent have been drawn in. Their own vows and their feeling of excitement upon obtaining the Fa all vanished. You are persecuted—who is persecuting you? Aren’t they humans? Haven’t many followers of Gods experienced it throughout history? What do you want to obtain? Isn’t it Consummation on the path of Godhood? How can persecution shake those walking on the path of Godhood? Isn’t that a result of your human notions being agitated and your attachments to reputation, personal gain, and qing being aroused?

Think about it everyone, no matter how the persecution goes, and how severe this persecution is, can it be accidental? From antiquity till today, this universe, everything, let alone humankind—the entire universe is moving along according to the laws that were prearranged. This is particularly true for humankind. The five thousand years of humankind is one calamity, and the five thousand years of civilization is one script. Let me tell everyone, it is truly a script. About every five thousand years, human history will end and humankind will be destroyed; the reason for the destruction is the universe’s law of formation, stasis, degeneration, and destruction. When that stage comes, everything will have degenerated, including human morality and all matter; they will be destroyed. When human morality and character are no longer good, humans must be destroyed, and the good portion that's left will serve as seeds for humankind to develop anew. The script is taken back, revised, and in the historical unfolding of five thousand years, whichever part is not satisfactory will undergo revision, revision, and more revision. So, didn't many Gods, sages in the human world, and Daoist cultivators say the following? They said that humankind is repetitive and human history is repetitive. In the community of cultivators these words are said and heard frequently, and this is how things are.

This earth has a history of 100 million years. Some people ask, how can it be 100 million years? Scientists have discovered it is more than two or four billion years. The earth was not created out of nothing, but from things taken from different parts of the universe, that is, collected from various residual bits and pieces in the universe. Those useful for and needed by the earth were taken, yet the matter originally existed, and they formed the earth. How can you measure it? When you measure it, it shows the previous times. Humans are just humans, and they are always limited to those human thoughts. This earth’s real age is just 100 million years, and it cannot exceed 100 million years. Beyond 100 million years, its resources will all have degenerated.

Still, this 100 million years is not a short time. Think about it everyone, how many five-thousand-year periods are there in this 100 million years? How many civilizations of five thousand years have existed? How many times has this script been revised? How many times has humankind’s calamity repeated itself? Yesterday at the meeting on Shen Yun I said something to them. I said that I am not joking—we have the Shen Yun Performing Arts company now; was there Shen Yun back then? Anyway, there was classical Chinese dance, but those performing the Chinese dance or classical dance were not necessarily Eastern people. That’s because in the region of China, it was not always Chinese who performed it. People of different nationalities all did it too, and they were once Chinese—Chinese in that period of China, a nation in the center. During the previous period it was the white people who were performing it; this last time, it is performed by people of the yellow race.

I often say that humankind is like a play, but whether people can be saved in the end, and if sentient beings can be saved in the Fa-rectification, this is unknown, and not written in the script. All of humankind’s culture, thought, and behavior are for that last scene of suspense, and as for how many lives will be kept, it was not arranged. It took such a long time, two Earths in 200 million years, to arrange this thing. As Dafa disciples, you have no reason whatsoever not to fulfill your mission. When you are sitting here, and are called a Dafa disciple, whether or not you are diligent, a new or veteran practitioner, you just have this responsibility. If this were not predestined, you would absolutely not be sitting here.

Some people may say, then, there are quite a few spies here as well. Yes! I am fully aware of that, but even that spy is here so that he can hear the Fa in this manner! It is also arranged by Gods! People’s jobs are not taken into account; spreading Dafa does not take into account people’s jobs, nor target any groups, it aims only at people’s hearts! No matter what you do, your thoughts are yours, your heart is yours, and the choice for the future is your own. All sentient beings are given the opportunity. What is mercy? What is saving sentient beings? In the Dharma-ending period there are people who will do the work of a spy; are they to be saved? He is a spy in this lifetime, but was a remarkable person in a previous lifetime, and his life before was that of a very great God! In Dafa projects if you feel he is not quite right, then just do not let him do concrete things, and he is still allowed to cultivate. You can have him clarify the truth directly or do other things. In project matters, just don't let him do specific things that are arranged, and that will be fine.

With some matters, you just cannot think rationally yourselves. With regard to the things you need to do, you argue and fight with human attachments, without ever thinking that you are a Dafa disciple! How enormous is the responsibility you shoulder! You’ve never considered issues on such a basis as saving sentient beings, but always think with human notions! As soon as you come across specific issues your human attachments will come to the fore! As soon as you come across specific things your human attachments will resurface! How can you treat Dafa as a joking matter? If you really cannot treat things properly, problems will really appear. Those will not be just small problems, as your life and the eternity of your life will be terminated by the old forces.

Dafa disciples are not the only ones who signed a contract with Master upon coming to this world; all people and lives who came to this world and Gods who descended from heavens have contracts with me. The universe is too gigantic and the number of lives too many, the earth is too small to accommodate so many lives. Those chosen beings all made vows at one point to assist me in Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings, they could thus be born on Earth. It is just that I have, in history, prearranged for Dafa disciples to carry out the specifics of this undertaking. As for the spreading of the Fa from person to person, everyone has responsibility. This is something for ordinary people.

The key is that Dafa disciples should do well the things you should do. But you are not even cultivating diligently, not cultivating seriously, or not really cultivating, and in the Dafa projects for saving people your human notions bring up your attachments, and you always feel resentful. What is your feeling of unfairness about?! Don’t you know what you are here to do?! Don’t you know how great your responsibility is?! Don’t you know there are countless beings waiting for you to save them? That is your responsibility! That is your promise! When you all do things together to save sentient beings, it is an opportunity and it is to create the conditions to save beings, yet you do not utilize it well. Don’t you know how serious a crime you will commit if you do not do the things Dafa disciples must do well?!

As Dafa disciples, many of you wish, in your clarifying the truth, that others can obtain the Fa and join in. The intention is good. Yet often when you clarify the truth, whether you talk about the wickedness of the evil CCP, or how righteous and good Dafa practitioners are, these are the things people can accept. But it does not work when you ask them to cultivate. Why? Of course their excuses are all like this: “I have to make money, raise my family,” or they still have this or that thing to do. They just cannot come in, which is reflected in their unwillingness to cultivate. Do you know it is Gods who do not let him in? Gods have him use all kinds of excuses and control his various kinds of human notions to avoid cultivation, because he is not worthy of being a Dafa disciple, and because these Dafa disciples were decided upon historically. Some obtain the Fa early and some later, which does not matter; he is a Dafa disciple. But someone just cannot come in; it is because he is not worthy of shouldering this magnificent responsibility.

It's like with Shen Yun Performing Arts. We want to hire someone with superb skills, but he does not cultivate. Even if we manage to get him over here, he would leave with all kinds of excuses. Some people do not cultivate and want to stay, but Gods will make him leave. The old forces also do not allow him to stay here, because they feel he is not worthy to be here. Shen Yun is saving sentient beings, something Dafa disciples do. Because Shen Yun is, after all, a performing arts company that requires high-level skills, if someone has the skill and can also cultivate, he can really join in. If he proves to be good, then he is allowed to stay; otherwise he is not allowed to come in. Even if he comes in, he will be made to leave if he does not do the things that his knowing side has promised. This is because this is a group of cultivators, a group that saves sentient beings. In the orchestra pit and on the dance stage, it’s not just human beings there, Gods are there as well. If an ordinary person is here—an ordinary person whose entire body carries karma and who is not cultivating—how can that be allowed? This is in fact the situation. This is to say, this group of Dafa disciples is not one that just anyone can join. You all know that Gods are helping and miracles are happening with the Shen Yun performers’ skills and techniques both on and off stage. The sounds emanating from the orchestra, and the visual effects people see, are all strengthened by Gods, and unmatched by anyone. What people hear and see transcends humankind. Of course, the better a person’s skills, the better the effect.

It's the same with Dafa disciples' other projects. When we do not have people with talent, we seek them in society; but after seeking here and there, it won't work in the end, and you still have to rely on yourselves. Since you are Dafa disciples, you should do these things yourselves; why do you rely on ordinary people? Why don’t you think of ways to solve the issue yourselves and develop talent? You all want to throw a quick punch, right? That is to seek quick success. This thinking comes from the Party culture that the evil Party has indoctrinated in you. Whatever you do, do it well. In the process of doing things, what’s looked at is your hearts, not your success itself. In the process of doing things you can save people! Your process of doing things is also a process of you elevating in cultivation, which, at the same time, plays the role of saving sentient beings! It is not that only if you succeed in doing that thing can you play the role of saving sentient beings.

There's another thing that happens to practitioners from all walks of life, that is, some people habitually place emphasis on small issues. They cannot let go of things such as certain movements in the exercises, the speed of certain moves, or if the movements are a bit off. Those of you sitting here have come from the Buddha School, the Dao School, or various kinds of Gods before coming to be human. Let me tell you, this system of Master’s things is used to have you consummate so you will return to your original position; you have your original things. I did not emphasize too precisely the degree to which you meet the standards, as if coming out of one mold. I did not say that. If your movements are generally correct, they will work. Broaden your heart, and do not use it on these small things, nor should you use various kinds of human notions to see things. This also happens to some people when they study the Fa: what to study, at what time, for how long, and what to read and not to read in Fa study. As Dafa disciples, when you have time you should study the Fa, because you are a cultivator—what else do you do if you do not study the Fa? With the time remaining, if you can save more people, that will be good!

Group Fa study is what I left for everyone, and group exercise is what I left for everyone. Other than in situations of severe persecution, it should be done this way in other areas outside mainland China. There is no reason not to do it, as it relates to the issue of the future humans obtaining the Fa and cultivating. Therefore, group exercise and group Fa study is not something you can do without. Fa study centers on Zhuan Falun. If you have more time, then read other lectures, and this is fine; but you should mainly study Zhuan Falun. If you really do not have much time and cannot read other lectures, then you should find time yourself to study my other Fa lectures. It is just such a simple matter, and I have no deliberate requirements for you. I do not have rigid rules for you, yet you still want to set rigid rules!

One thing though: Although there are no such requirements, you must consider yourself a cultivator! You should take it upon yourself to study the Fa! If you do not study the Fa, how can you do this thing? You may say that you can. Relying on a human’s cunning mind and quick-wittedness to do things, it is guaranteed that you cannot do it. Why? You can do it in business or work among ordinary people, but you cannot do it in this thing, because the words you say have no energy and are not aligned with the Fa. You want to save him, but the words you say cannot eliminate his karma and remove his attachments; how can you save him?! If you want to save him, you yourself must be a cultivator, so the words you say will have energy that can eliminate his prejudices and attachments; it has such an effect and can restrain those bad things that interfere with his thoughts at the time; only then can you save him. This includes clarifying the truth in various environments, isn’t that so? There are also people who think: I am a veteran practitioner and there won’t be a problem if I do not study the Fa for a period of time. There is a problem; it doesn't matter how veteran you are, because the part of you that has been cultivated is already separated from you. Your gong that has been elevated to your original heavenly position will function only if combined with your righteous thoughts in the Fa. If you do not study the Fa and are away from the Fa, your gong cannot be mobilized, because that is Fa’s power.

How could those human attachments and fear mobilize gong? If one leaves Dafa, his gong will drop, with nothing left. I've been saying all along—I said that in cultivation, you wouldn't be cultivating if you left Dafa. When you leave Dafa, everything you are doing is not what a Dafa disciple is doing, but merely an ordinary person doing a good thing. You won’t reach Consummation, but can only accumulate virtue. Accumulating virtue without increasing gong, you might as well stay here among ordinary people. And you are a Dafa disciple, yet you won't save your sentient beings; but countless beings are waiting for you to save them. You won't be able to save them and sometimes you are as careless as an ordinary person. You think that everything is so simple, and you feel that every move, every thought of yours is all very natural and simple. "It's not a big deal, is it? What’s a big deal?" What do you mean by "not a big deal”?! Your responsibility is enormous! How could it not be a big deal?! If you are just being a good person among ordinary people and do not cultivate, you are still committing an extremely huge crime! That's because you are not saving the sentient beings that you are supposed to save!! You are not fulfilling the contract you signed in prehistory!! Isn't it such an issue?! When I taught the Fa in the past, I never used such a tone to talk to you. Master is anxious, as the end is fast approaching. But some people are not worried. What is to be done?! Those students who have been driven out by you with your human attachments certainly have not done well, too, and have left with indignation. If you do not find them and bring them back, you are also committing a crime. Do you think it's like something among ordinary people, that when it's over, it's over? Is it that simple?

The beings in this universe are countless and they are all casting an eye over here, which is like a piece of thread with an eyeball at the front. The countless beings in the universe are all casting an eye over here, watching each and every Dafa disciple! They are at every level! Besides, there are eyes within eyes at each level! In more microscopic dimensions—which even Gods at lower levels do not know—within more microscopic eyes, there are eyes cast over from even more microscopic dimensions, crowding the earth with no space around, and they are all watching everything here among humans. They are watching your every act and move and your every thought and intention, because you will determine the future of their lives! Aren't they anxious! You think that it doesn't matter and that it’s all the same, whether you’ve done well or not. But it's not true that it does not matter. Do you know how enormous your responsibilities are? What is a Dafa disciple? Can the name be used casually? It's the greatest and most sacred title!

Of course many Dafa disciples are doing very well, though having stumbled to varying degrees. It does not matter, Master has seen that some tribulations are not what humans can endure, and they do not count. Stand up when you fall, and that is the most remarkable. Start again and do well! As long as you can always walk along clearheadedly, and are always cultivating and doing what a Dafa disciple should do, you are remarkable and Master will recognize you! I hope everyone will cheer up and do it quickly, and do it well. Pass these words to Dafa disciples in mainland China. Do not get stuck in human attachments, in small things, and in endless arguments. The situation is constantly changing, so do not have so many human attachments.

I heard that, in some places, practitioners have come out to do the exercises. Some students go to detention centers, police bureaus, and government offices to clarify the truth—they are even doing very well. The evil in some places really does not dare persecute Dafa disciples that severely anymore. The situation is changing, and the evil is becoming less and less. No matter what, some of them, even including those persecutors, are waiting for you to save them. Of course some have committed the most egregious sins, and perhaps they would not listen when you clarify the truth. It’s not that he does not listen; it’s Gods who do not let him listen. No matter what, however, Dafa disciples have no choice, and you have to save the sentient beings that you face.

When I was born, many Gods came down with me. From then on, this happened every year and Gods have been coming down. By the time I started to teach the Fa, those Gods came down like snowflakes—it was just that many. I calculated their ages now, and from when I started to spread the Fa till now, they would be young people around twenty-five years old, many of whom really have not been saved. They were all Gods, coming down to Earth, and they scattered to all areas of the world. Some could not become humans, as there were not that many human skins, so they became animals or plants. Why does the current society have such a high requirement for animal and plant protection in recent years? There are reasons for sure, and it was arranged and led by Gods. No humans see these things clearly, but none of them are simple.

The human world is a maze, and as soon as you came down you’d be confused and forget everything from the past. Many people now in the world—whether it is governments or scientists, many people, anyway—know that humankind has come to the final stage, and, hard to say, humankind could end any day. They are all clear about this. Humankind’s resources have degenerated, and the earth is being destroyed rapidly, with water becoming unusable first. Some people want to live an easy and leisurely life, a happy life—I am referring to ordinary people. But no matter what, humans are just humans, and no matter how high a level he has come from, once coming to the human world, he will enter the maze, and he is not allowed to remember things from before. What can be done? It's up to you to go save them. You need to explain from the righteous principles, from the Fa, from the reasons that we are being persecuted, and to enable people to have righteous thoughts, and only then will Gods recognize that this is saving people. If you display miracles, that would arouse the stronger attachments people have to abilities, and they would cultivate in order to gain the abilities but not for the salvation of their lives. That would not be recognized. That is not salvation, and once people saw it, any life, however bad it is, would want to cultivate. Wouldn’t it be good if the Creator Himself showed his abilities, and why would we need you to show them?

Some people have been thinking, when Jesus descended, when Gods are coming, aren’t they showing up in the sky? Wow, Gods are showing up and displaying radiant light. Let me tell you—that must be demons that are coming. Lives have sinned and are about to disintegrate in the process of formation, stasis, degeneration, and destruction, and that’s when they come to the maze to seek salvation. They must raise their righteous thoughts in the maze before they can be saved. If Gods come and display radiant light, think about it everyone, any person, however bad he is, would want to cultivate. Then why would Gods in the heavens need to reincarnate into the human world? The Creator could just stand there and say, “You all change to be good,” and give the standards to people; that would do it, just one sentence. Why would He need to come to the human world? Isn’t this the point? It’s because all have deviated from the standards, and with regard to beings in the cosmos, it’s because beings have sinned, so they have to come to the maze to suffer hardship. In this suffering, you still know to cultivate and can still have righteous thoughts, so Gods will think this is remarkable and they will let you cultivate and let you be saved. This is the principle, isn't it?

There really were some Gods who came into the Three Realms. They saw from the heavens that the kings of their world, the main Gods of their universe who have come down from their paradises into the human world, are doing very poorly in the human world, and so they are extremely worried. Dafa has been taught, and yet they still refuse to wake up and are doing bad things. These Gods know they could not be saved, so they came themselves, wanting to awaken that person. The Three Realms are off limits, and those who manage to come in cannot leave. After coming in they became just like humans. Some had wings, flying around. But gradually, they lost the ability and could not fly. In the end these beings died among humans. There really were a few who came in. There were also other forms, but once they came in they could not get out, and had to become like humans. They died here. Here in the human world, the veil cannot be lifted during the Fa-rectification time. Letting people see is equal to committing a crime, as they came to lift the veil in the human world, so that is not allowed. Of course, humans did see—many people have already seen these scenes, but they are the minority.

No matter what, Master is explaining things to you in the context of Fa principles. I cannot show up in radiant light for you. Of course, some people have seen something, then so be it. You have seen the scenes beyond the human surface, and that was the result of your ability. That did not happen on the surface, so it does not count as lifting the veil. That was what you were supposed to see. If things are shown completely on the human surface, then the veil is lifted. But there's one thing you all know: What Master has said is unprecedented and no one else is capable of telling you that. Not only is everything about lives at all levels in this universe in my memory, but humanity’s future and past are also all in me. I know everything, but I cannot show you. As a matter of fact, I did show a little. You have heard that Master is teaching singing. (Applause) Those specialized in dance know that the dance experts do not know as much as I do, because prehistoric dance was a work of mine. (Enthusiastic applause) Of course, these are not the only things; they say Master all of a sudden knows so many things. Well, the fact is, some people are not living up to expectations. They swore in prehistory that they'd come to do this thing, but they did not come and no one is doing it, so Master is doing it Himself.

Anyway, I just want to tell you that, as Dafa disciples, you should know how enormous your responsibility is, and this is not a child’s game. This undertaking has already come to the last stage, and I am extremely worried, yet you still do not treat it seriously. In the end, however, it will be too late even if you cry. Everything in the human world was arranged purposefully so as to arouse people’s attachments; there are so many things that prevent you from being saved. You do not consider yourself a cultivator and follow along with those things?! You are the hope for all sentient beings, and you are the hope for lives in your area!

This persecution is just too evil, and the things arranged by the old forces are just too evil. Everything I've established in 200 million years has been destroyed by them and they’ve gotten things into this shape. I had wanted to benevolently resolve everything, but things have gotten this way, so it can only be this way, and I’ll outwit them at their own game. Others can do well, why can’t you?! This is just how it is. If there isn’t some kind of situation, then you should do well.

Many students have come from mainland China, and your identity and everything cannot be verified by the Dafa disciples in charge of this conference. And every year there are many who come from mainland China, so they are very concerned, wondering if there would be problems. In the end, I said practitioners from mainland China have come a long way and it wasn’t easy to make the trip, so let’s allow them in. (Applause) We are not afraid that some other individuals sneaked in. Whoever hears the Fa has such a predestined relationship, as you had come to obtain the Fa. If you cannot be a Dafa disciple, then you should hold on to righteous thoughts, prepare to do well, and be responsible for the lives you represent.

Well, I will use the remaining time to answer some questions for you all. (Enthusiastic applause) You can write question slips and hand them to the conference staff.

Bring them over.

Disciple: In recent years many students came overseas from mainland China. Most of them did not quite come out while in mainland China, yet they say that Master has arranged for them to validate the Fa in the relaxed environment overseas. After coming overseas, they have a language barrier, do not know overseas society, and do not understand Western civilization. Additionally, they have long been influenced by Party culture, so they brought to different projects problems and even interference. In addition, people in some areas observe no principles in using people …

Master: You feel that veteran practitioners overseas are not cooperating and it’s easier to use those coming out of the mainland who are docile—your ability to manage is really poor!

Most of the students coming from mainland China—I am not criticizing you—did not do well in China, nor have they done very well outside of China. There are even those who, because of the fear they developed in mainland China, dare not see students after they come overseas, instead they hide in some remote states, not knowing what to do. What’s more, the long-term influence by the Party culture is indeed serious, and the students’ ways of thinking and personal behavior are completely out of sync with people of this world.

You may feel this is quite natural, but it’s not like that. Why does the evil CCP destroy Chinese culture? Because this culture was established over such a long time with the purpose of having people obtain the Fa in the end! The old forces saw that it was too easy to obtain the Fa, so they disrupted, destroyed, and ruined this culture. Each of the political campaigns in China, on first glance, was to attack those who opposed the evil CCP, but in fact what they removed were all the elites of Chinese culture! The Cultural Revolution went further and burned cultural relics to ashes. The five thousand years of glory left cultural relics everywhere; just a brick picked up from the ground could have a history of several thousand years. Every family’s house, tiles, and furniture were antiques of over several hundred years. All have been destroyed by the evil Party. They established a system of struggle, such a system with people fighting people—a system of things that is the most uncivilized and most sordid. But people in mainland China’s society have all been living this way, and have gotten used to this, and they feel that everyone is like this. Young people even feel that humans should just be this way. Growing up in the Party culture, this generation feels that there's nothing wrong with that society.

Once coming overseas, you see people look similar, everyone has one head and four limbs, but they are not the same. Before the arrival of the evil CCP, people in the world, including the Chinese people, held universal principles that were exactly the same. Despite the differences in skin color, appearance, and manner, the bottom line in people’s hearts for civilization and the criteria for judging what's good and what's bad were exactly the same, with no differences whatsoever. All this was taken care of by one God! But now, wherever Chinese people go, people in that place feel bothered. I heard they went to visit Switzerland and the Swiss couldn’t stand them, so they had a special train for the Chinese.

Dafa disciples should pay attention, too. I heard when you passed out fliers in some nice high-end community and saw the lawn around was really nice, “Let’s meditate here,” (Audience laughs) so you sat there to meditate. With you behaving this way, how can local people stand it? In this society, people’s concepts are different, and this is something they’ve never seen. I also heard of other uncivil behavior. I suggest that those of you who’ve come overseas, quickly learn as much as you can from Western people, or, from Chinese who’ve been in the United States for a long time. Ask them how to interact with people. Ask them more about things you do not understand, and quickly turn your way of thinking around. Otherwise, you cannot do anything in this place, and if you do things that have a negative effect, it is equivalent to bringing harm. In the beginning of the persecution, there were not many Dafa disciples, but in the international community, they really turned the situation around. Now you’ve come, and you are playing a negative role. Quickly turn things around! As Dafa disciples, if you go to extremes with all the things you do, that really does not work.

That society under the evil CCP goes to extremes in doing anything! This society leaves much room in doing everything, and does things in whatever way they should be done. You may not be able to withstand it. But you should withstand it, you should do it that way. Mainland China is really like this, people there go to extremes in doing everything. Even when opening a restaurant, they called it Royal of Royals, King of Kings, or Heaven in Heavens. (Audience laughs) (Master laughs) What I mean is that if you want to do things well to save people in the international community, this mindset has to be turned around quickly.

Disciple: In the last year or two, many students from various areas bought houses near the mountain. Many among them did not register according to regulations, nor did they follow the rule to staff the sites that promote the Nine Commentaries. That place is very far from New York, there are few if any truth-clarifying projects, and, in addition, transportation is inconvenient. Some students who do not know English and cannot drive cannot do anything there.

Master: That is true. You need to have legal status in the United States. To buy a house there, you should have been in American society for some time, and it does not affect other projects, plus you can drive. If you come from mainland China, what do you do if you thrust yourself in there? You are not allowed to come to the mountain, nor can you seek Master. Master does not take care of these business matters, and they have people especially responsible for management. You’ve come out, but still are not doing well what you should do.

Disciple: The people in charge or project coordinators in some areas rarely communicate or even do not communicate with students. Some do not listen to other people’s opinions and suggestions, and will replace those who they feel are insubordinate.

Master: Let me tell you, if you do not cooperate well with someone, as a person in charge or project coordinator, you have leaks in your cultivation, which you need to patch. If you cannot patch them up, you’ll have leakage and it will be a problem on your way toward Consummation. Don’t you believe this? I have been stressing all along that you should cooperate with each other. As a person in charge, how can you be so incapable? You always reject others. Is it so hard to patiently persuade them? Isn’t that cultivation in itself? If you just pick what’s easy, is that cultivation? You should reason calmly with others—is it so hard to get along with other students? Your capacity is limited and you did not do well in many things, and yet you want to show off and display yourself. Is that really necessary? What Gods look at is not your surface, but if you have put your heart into it! They do not look at your ability, but if you have put in your whole heart, and whether your heart is on the Fa. If you are aligned with the Fa, Gods will help you to cooperate. If your heart is not on the Fa but on doing things, and you use whoever listens to you and not use those who do not listen to you, those obedient ones will become disobedient later. That is because you did not pass this test, and you will remove anyone who is not obedient. You will have no one to deal with, nor anything to cultivate, and in the end you will be left alone. How come you are just that incapable? As Dafa disciples, as I said in the past, you were all kings in the heavens; where did your ability go? People say you’ve come from a high level, so you should carry some of those elements and have some of that wisdom. Where did that ability go?

Disciple: In Shen Yun promotion, disciples in Italy did not cultivate up to par and did not form a whole body.

Master: Italy, I should say, did pretty well. I feel, however, that be it things of Dafa, or matters of Shen Yun, including some other things in Dafa, they are not to be done by a small number of people. If your area has just one person, Gods will help you accomplish it. If you have other people in your area who do not lift a finger, then Gods will absolutely not allow it, so you must go and ask others to all get involved. People in charge are coordinators, and you should coordinate others well and motivate them well, and have everyone involved. That is being in charge! Suppose you say, “I am in charge, and I just want to do it myself.” Yet it’s not that you are the lead person doing this thing—it’s not this concept. As I have been saying all along, I ask the people in charge to lead the people in this area well. Do not fear that there will be problems with them. Perhaps they have no experience at the moment, but as time passes, through practice they will gain experience. The key is to lead them to study the Fa often, and have them realize their huge responsibility. They will be able to do better gradually.

Disciple: Some students who passed away from sickness karma have Dafa-related words written on their tombstones. Is this appropriate? This happens both overseas and in mainland China. There are even those who put Dafa books inside the coffins.

Master: From the perspective of Dafa disciples, you cannot do things to tarnish Dafa. In the heart of Dafa disciples Dafa is sacred, how can it be put inside coffins of the dead to accompany their rotting corpses? The true body that has completed cultivation is already gone, and only the corporeal body is here. If Dafa is tarnished, it's like you've convicted that dead person of the biggest sin and pinned it there, and you yourself are also committing a sin. You should consider everything from Dafa's perspective, and only that is assisting Master.

Disciple: In persuading people to do the “three withdrawals” at tourist sites, suppose I encounter the following situation. I ask the person if he is a Party member, he says no. “Have you ever joined the Young Pioneers?” He nods. I give him a pseudonym to quit the Young Pioneers, asking him to remember the name used for his withdrawal. He replies, “OK,” or “Thank you,” or “I understand.” I'd like to ask respectfully, does this count as having withdrawn?

Master: I think that at the tourist sites, you should not take quitting the Party or the Young Pioneers, or the “three withdrawals” itself, as your goal. Remember, everyone, you are to have clarifying the truth and saving people as your goal! (Enthusiastic applause) If you feel that person can be saved, then that is fine. If you feel that person is only brushing you off, that is like you have been cheated by him. Of course, if he first agrees to quit, this is already a step. Clarify the truth to him further, so he can really know it, and then it'll be considered done.

Disciple: The media run by Canadian students has been borrowing money from students’ families for a long time to support projects, and the amount is enormous. After Master’s Fa lecture in the western U.S. last year, some students questioned whether such a practice was fundraising. The persons in charge said they were borrowing instead of raising funds, and considered the questioning voice as a tribulation.

Master: True, Dafa disciples’ projects, whatever Dafa disciples do, should all have a sacred standpoint, at least you are walking on the righteous path and can save people, and only then is it a Dafa disciples’ project. If your basis is cheating, although your motives are to clarify the truth and do Dafa projects, which are good things, but if your starting point is not right, can this be allowed? This is not walking the path right from the outset.

Do you know why the evil CCP was made to start as scoundrels in the beginning? It was to tell people that its very basis is simply wrong, and its very basis is simply evil, so it cannot last.

With some things, you should really think it over carefully. In doing something, you said one thing to me, and later tried to get the money from students. When you got the money, you said that the government would give money later. It’s OK if you paid them back later. But you could not pay them back, so you came up with some other excuses. What then would happen in the end? You may have more excuses. If it’s really that those of you involved want to get together to do some projects and you contribute money, that is another story.

Disciple: The film Davids and Goliath received awards and has allowed tens of thousands of people to see the crime of live organ harvesting that’s happening in China. Products of high quality in media production require large amounts of money, but part of the money received from the government was issued after the product was completed. We followed the market rate, and have clear information on the terms of the loan, as well as a payback schedule and guarantee—under these circumstances we borrowed money from a small number of students who have the means, as well as from ordinary people who support us. But some students think we are raising funds.

Master: About this matter, I have read this question out, and I’ve also read out the one before. These two seem to reflect opinions from both sides. In this setting, after I talk about Dafa disciples’ responsibilities, you think again about these issues. If you think it is right, then do it and I am not opposed to it; if you do not think it is right, then correct it.

Disciple: May I ask Master, there are certain things done at the mountain, such as not eating broccoli or having milk boiled. Do we need to follow them?

Master: Who said that? (Audience laughs) Rumors spread like this, and really, all kinds of attachments can be reflected. There was never a rule like this made at the mountain, nor was it said like this.

Disciple: May I ask Master to talk about the intent of us publishing on the twenty-four historical figures?

Master: These things, I think, are indeed meaningful. Why? Everyone knows, what the evil CCP destroys is China’s traditional culture, and we are bringing it back and restoring it, cleansing away the Party culture. Aren’t we restoring traditional culture? It is actually playing such a role, so I think this is a good thing.

Disciple: Students recently coming out of China had stayed in Chinatown for just a few days before they were pulled into different media groups, while at the tourist sites for truth-clarification and the "three withdrawals," there were only one or two students. Those truth-clarification sites were forced to close.

Master: Every project lacks manpower and they look for and recruit people everywhere, not considering the state of the student, whether he is able, and if he understands this society. You pull the person in, and discover in the end that he is full of Party culture, full of bad habits formed under Party culture, and full of bad manners from mainland China in interpersonal relations. Is what I said correct? It’s all like this, and in the end you come to me to complain.

Disciple: The evil environment in Hong Kong is still not rectified, is it because we have not formed one body from top to bottom …

Master: The situation in Hong Kong is not due to Hong Kong practitioners not cultivating yourselves well. Practitioners in Hong Kong are doing remarkably well. You are in the tiger’s mouth! (All disciples applaud) Its situation changes with that in China overall, and it will change. Things have not reached there yet; when things reach there, the situation will change. (Applause) It will be very soon. (Enthusiastic applause)

Disciple: Master said in 2002 that the persecution would not last more than ten years. On the Minghui website there are two understandings. One understanding is that this is because Master did not want disciples to fall into despair under huge pressure. Another understanding is that Master has postponed the time.

Master: It was arranged for just ten years back then. Ten years for Fa-rectification and another ten for the Fa rectifying the human world, for a total of twenty years. Master did this thing systematically and arranged it. After the old forces interfered, the whole thing was ruined. I could have indeed concluded it within those ten years. If I say stop, it will stop. But a problem would occur. What problem? The old forces have seen it as well, so they persecuted a large number of practitioners and made them fall behind when they could not endure it; and they also made many lives that should be saved unsalvageable. This is their doing. So you tell me, should Master end this or not? If I wanted it to end, it would end, and naturally the remaining universe would explode. The goal of the old forces is to use their approach to rectify the last lives in the cosmic bodies in the Fa-rectification before they would loosen their grip. They do not let you finish it within that time. Should I end this or not, then? It cannot end, because so many Dafa disciples have fallen behind, so many lives have been lost, and so many sentient beings cannot be saved. The universe would become very tiny and incomplete. Should I end it? That’s why I have been saying all along that I am outwitting them at their own game.

However, judging from the present situation and how much I've done, as well as the present state, the days of this set of things they have arranged are numbered, right? Everyone is calling for the arrest of that archfiend Jiang. As soon as it is arrested, this thing will end, and it is just this soon. (Applause) It'll be soon now, it'll be really soon now, but there will be many regrets left.

Dafa disciples should not stay attached to time and should not neglect to go about doing the things you should do. I keep prolonging this time to give it to you and have you do things quickly!

Disciple: Nanjing Dafa disciples asked if Minghui Weekly can be distributed as truth clarification material, or is it only for internal reading among students?

Master: About Minghui Weekly, I did not pay much attention to this. If they are internal sharing articles among Dafa disciples, then keep them for internal reading. If they are used to clarify the truth and save people, then distribute them. Yesterday someone asked me if Dafa disciples’ experience-sharing articles could be posted on ordinary people’s websites. I said no, as ordinary people would not accept it and that would have a negative effect. Those are things for cultivators themselves, and ordinary people cannot understand them and may even consider them not believable. Why is it like this? I have been saying that even with a very short period of time in cultivation, Dafa disciples would have a distance from ordinary people, and the way you understand things would be different from that of ordinary people. It would be absolutely different! The difference comes as you elevate bit by bit. You do not feel it, but to an ordinary person, hearing you talk, he already feels you are different from him. It's really like this! Why is it that once you start cultivating, you go home and talk, your family members all feel you’ve somehow changed? Do such things happen often? It’s indeed not the same! So if you put your cultivation experience on the web, how could you expect him to understand it? When ordinary people cannot understand it, they will see it negatively. Right? If it’s material for truth clarification, then you can provide it to ordinary people.

Disciple: Some capable people formerly with the TV station, especially technical specialists, have been pushed out. Master said that they are to be brought back. We very much want to contribute our energy at this last moment.

Master: If you want to return to the TV station, then go ask them. What I said is, those Dafa disciples who've fallen behind are to be brought back. However you left you can return the same way. If you do well, the TV station will surely be happy.

Disciple: At present some human rights lawyers in mainland China are questioning the news reporting in the media run by students. They think that after the new leadership took office the persecution of Dafa disciples only increased, but how come our media reports …

Master: I won’t read on, you’ve all heard clearly what's meant here. We do not praise or criticize the current leadership, and this is the principle. That’s because they did not persecute Falun Gong, and their intent is not to persecute Falun Gong, either. All beings are targets to be saved, so why would we want to do anything to them? So we do not praise or criticize them. Instead, they are arresting those corrupt officials who have persecuted Falun Gong. So we have no reason to report on them negatively. Dafa disciples are saving people—not getting involved in politics.

Furthermore, if they have arrested those heads of the 610 offices and those bad people, what attitude would you adopt to report it? A positive tone for sure, and this is not a problem. Actually, everyone knows that before fully taking the reins, the current leadership could not do certain things right away. Those persecuting Falun Gong are all followers of the archfiend Jiang, and of course they are still persecuting Falun Gong, and this is clearly seen from outside China.

At this time, everyone should be clear-minded, and you should be rational, and not be confused by the evil that messes things up to take advantage of you. The media run by Dafa disciples is doing things using this approach. Even when we report on some bad things that take place in China, I told them to make it clear that those were caused by the evil CCP’s elements, and done by those evil people in the former regime, a scourge left by them. When your media reports on these things, you must add these words or express this meaning, and do not attack the current regime. Although it is the evil CCP’s regime, saving people aims at individuals.

We absolutely do not acknowledge the evil CCP, and absolutely do not accept it. (All disciples applaud) It was created for the persecution of Falun Gong, so we certainly do not acknowledge it! Exposing the evil CCP is something we will also do during a later period of time, not only now; even after the persecution ends we will not let it go. It has harmed human ideology profoundly, and it won’t do if we do not eliminate these things.

Disciple: Dafa disciples in South Korea send greetings to Master. Some Dafa disciples who came to South Korea from mainland China ran into obstacles in their applications for refugee status, and have had no legal status for years. One after another over a dozen of them have been repatriated to mainland China. Some are taken to the Immigration Processing Center and face repatriation. Is this phenomenon caused by issues in students’ personal cultivation, or is it because South Korea's geographic location is too close to the evil CCP, so the old forces intensified the persecution?

Master: Dafa disciple is a magnificent title that’s envied by all Gods and all beings in the heavens. Humans cannot see this clearly, but Gods can. Everything people do in this human place is controlled by Gods, right? All of our Dafa disciples, when encountering such problems, should think about it. Why haven’t others been repatriated? It must be that you have leaks and have not done well. So the old forces have a hold on you and repatriate you. This must be the case.

Of course, there may also be some individuals whose work inside China is not finished, or was not undertaken, and they did not save those they should save. There could also be this situation. For the most part, however, most of you who came out and were repatriated should look at yourselves. Your failure to do well got the entire Dafa Association involved and everyone was worrying about you.

Disciple: Students with the media asked, during weekly group Fa study, if there isn’t much to share, can they study the Fa more? What happens often now is that once the Fa study is over, immediately a large number of people leave. When some people share at the podium, this phenomenon is more …

Master: I think these specific things should be left for you to arrange specifically. Don’t ask Master about them, as the situation varies from place to place. If you have time, then you can do some sharing. If you do not have time … some people are really busy, and have things to attend to immediately. They do not have time in the first place and squeeze out some time to ensure Fa study, and after the Fa study they leave. There are all kinds of situations, so Master cannot speak to this generally. You have to resolve these specific issues yourself. There are, of course, some people who consider Fa study a formality, and they leave once the study is over and do not take it seriously. There are also cases like this.

Disciple: This year, again, some disciples passed away due to sickness karma, including veteran disciples who had cultivated for twenty years.

Master: Let me put it this way. Master has said in Fa lectures, that Dafa disciples can ascend in broad daylight once they reach Consummation, right? The old forces said, “We would rather be totally eliminated than accept that your disciples would be allowed to ascend in broad daylight in the current period.” Even if I totally eliminated them, they would not accept it. Why? They said if you have one disciple who ascends in broad daylight, this world’s veil would be lifted—“So it is true!” Then all of humankind will come to learn Falun Gong.

Do you know what it means to ascend in broad daylight? The heavenly music would start to play, the universe would be ablaze with light, and Gods would come down in a divine carriage, accompanied by guards of honor from the heavens, to pick people up. (All disciples applaud) The old forces would not allow it. What Master had originally arranged was that when humankind was walking to the end, Dafa disciples would have reached Consummation, so there would not have been an issue of the veil being lifted, and there would be a benevolent resolution for all, then it could have been done this way. What is a benevolent resolution for all? This universe is no longer good—not good, that is, all is not good, so it has to be destroyed, right? He and you have karmic debts, and he and others also have karmic debts. Forget it, let's cancel everyone’s karmic debts. If there are really debts that cannot be paid, Master will pay them for you. Everyone included, no one should collect debts from anyone, and no one owes anyone. Isn’t this the best? But the old forces destroyed this, completely destroyed this plan of mine. They said, “We do not know how to do what you said, and all we know is just this.” If you don’t know how, then do not get involved. But they wanted to be involved. They said that the purpose of their involvement is to ensure the success of Fa-rectification since this is related to the sentient beings in their universe. “We will help you.” As a result, this is how they've helped. I won’t go into details now.

If there were no deaths among Dafa disciples, wouldn’t that be a miracle? No deaths among Dafa disciples—think about it, everyone, what state would that be? Everyone would come to learn Dafa, and the veil would have been lifted. “There is no death in Falun Gong!” It would be the largest protective shield for humankind, and all would come to learn it. So the old forces do not allow it, and they want this group of people to be in a state like that of ordinary, normal people; they want you to grow old and to show sickness karma.

Ordinary people won’t believe what I'll say, and that is, Master’s psychological disposition and all internal functions are all the most youthful. (All disciples applaud) To ensure that I do not lift the veil, they severely damaged my surface, since my true body is separated from the human surface by the old forces. I have said before that they also separated me. Why do they have the ability to separate me? I have already explained the reason. As the Fa-rectification presses forward in the cosmos, it takes time and captures time differences in different dimensions. The whole universe is pressed into the human world. Here on the earth it is the center. Beings of the entire universe have all extended a foot here to separate the surface from the divine body. If these things are all completely dealt with, isn’t the Fa-rectification also finished? You may ask, “Didn't you say everything is done with a wave of the hand?” This wave of the hand takes time. It takes time, and when all is dealt with, things will recover. But once these things are all dealt with, the Fa-rectification of the universe will be finished, since the entire cosmos has extended a foot here.

Some people may not believe this, and say that it is too small to contain everything. It is not that concept. Human particles, and the human body, are very large, while many Gods are made of tiny particles and yet they have mighty power, although they are extremely small. Didn’t Shakyamuni say: “So small that it has no interior”? They could change to be very large, or very small. The universe has an enormous number of beings, so many that they are endless and countless. If flattened, they could be as thin as a sheet of paper, in which there are countless worlds. This concept seems difficult for you to understand, right? People ask how great is the distance between a molecule and an atom; it is the same idea as that of us taking a spacecraft to other stars. Although time, space, and matter have all simultaneously shrunk in the compressed cosmic body, time and distance have not changed. So the Fa-rectification of the universe is already being done, transcending all times, at a very rapid speed, and it’s being done outside the largest time of the universe. This is already very fast.

A human being’s lifetime is short. Completing the entire universe in several decades—this is an incredible speed. I’ve said—since you are Dafa disciples, I have explained this to you in the past. I said that one year now is only one minute of the past, and that the entire time is sped up. Although this one year is compressed, all corresponding objects and everything are all compressed, so you do not feel it at all. Sometimes you feel that your physical strength is not strong enough, and feel that you've hardly done anything before the day turns dark—you will have this feeling.

Disciple: In Shen Yun promotion and truth clarification to government departments, we need to pay attention to our own appearance. But some elderly fellow cultivators do not groom themselves and have a pretty poor image. Is this appropriate?

Master: Well, as I have said, Shen Yun is targeting mainstream society. Do you all know what mainstream society is? It refers to the elite portion of society, those in the middle class and above. These people are well-educated, civilized, and of high caliber, and they form the mainstay of society’s civilization. With these people, you cannot act like you do with students, or like you do with the blue-collar class, where it does not matter if you are a bit casual, can say anything, and your behavior can be a bit coarse. That will not work for people in mainstream society, with whom you have to have good manners, speak moderately, and be civil in your demeanor. Actually these words were addressed to students from mainland China, who should learn more.

Disciple: Fellow cultivators working at the media in the United States said Master requires us to study the Fa face-to-face, so a few months ago, they started to use one whole day over the weekend to study the nine lectures of Zhuan Falun.

Master: Do not go to extremes. I asked you to have face-to-face Fa study, but did not ask you to study the whole day. When you have time you should do projects that save people. Master has left you the way of group Fa study, so you should arrange your time well. After studying you need to do other things. It won't do if you just study the Fa.

Disciple: If someone uses Master’s words as his own in truth-clarification on the Internet, does that count as stealing the Fa?

Master: With Master’s original words, you cannot just quote them. If you quote them while speaking with fellow cultivators, you should add, “Master said this.” If you are clarifying the truth to ordinary people, you can use the wisdom you’ve obtained from the Fa, and say it in your own words. There should be a distinction after all, right?

Disciple: Some people in Taiwan misunderstood what we do at tourist sites as getting involved in politics.

Master: It was the evil CCP that did it behind the scenes. One should be like a piece of meat on a chopping board, ready for people to cut at will, and not make a sound—that would be refraining from getting involved in politics and that is the reasoning of the evil CCP. If you resist, that is seen as getting involved in politics. You should explain it to ordinary people. If they are good people, go ahead and offer some explanations. With those who have other motives, you do not need to heed them.

Disciple: A question by Russian students: Dear Master, Zhuan Falun is barred from publication in Russia, and this has complicated Russia’s current circumstances for our saving sentient beings.

Master: Someone raised the issue of religion yesterday, and I said that we do not touch other religions themselves. Why? It’s because that is left for when the Fa rectifies the human world. Some extreme religious followers with strong feelings are unable to listen to the truth rationally, as their human emotions have replaced reason. What can you do? To save them, you have to really show them the truth and let them see, then they can accept it. The universe is going through the Fa-rectification, and this is not the time. This can be done when the Fa rectifies the human world, and that is because they do not cultivate that high, and many things do not involve issues of the universe.

Disciple: Some couples, both cultivators, got divorced and then remarried other cultivators; some live together again after their divorce. I do not understand if it is legal to do so as cultivators?

Master: As a cultivator, to divorce and remarry for qing is to smear the title of Dafa disciple. Will the old forces let you pass? Marriage between a man and a woman is decided upon by Gods, and that includes humankind’s form of existence and lifestyle. If you live together without being married, of course it is not legal from the perspective of the law, and from the perspective of cultivators, that is not in line with the standard for a cultivator.

Disciple: Esteemed Master, our project has some critical work that needs to be done, and we believe we have the necessary skills and experience. But our manager does not like our approach and is seeking some other fellow cultivators or ordinary people to do it. I am not attached to who does it, but I am concerned that this project has not progressed for a few years, and is not keeping up with the Fa-rectification situation.

Master: Right, for some specific things, if the message cannot get across, try to explain more. If that still does not work, go ask people in charge at the Dafa Association about whether or not it should be done. Some people in charge of projects have small minds and very limited abilities, and they just cannot bring everyone together. On appearance, this group seems to have all kinds of thinking, however, you can try to learn from Master. Shen Yun also has such a large number of people with different ideas; there are just too many kinds of things reaching my ears. Haven't I led them well? (Disciples applaud)

Disciple: Does cutting and editing exercise music violate copyright?

Master: If it is for saving people, it’s OK if you do it. If it is not for saving people, or if it is for things not so meaningful, try not to do it. For Dafa disciples, Master has no issue with you regarding copyright. However, you should consciously safeguard the Fa from the perspective of cultivators. But ordinary people’s music should not be used casually, as they have karma and copyright issues, and it cannot save people.

Disciple: I have two contentious questions. First, when we persuade people to do the “three withdrawals,” some fellow cultivators say that as long as people quit, that will be fine and further explanations are not necessary.

Master: As I have just said, the “three withdrawals” is not the goal, clarifying the truth to save people is the goal.

Disciple: Second, in sending forth righteous thoughts, with regard to the thought prior to the formula, people have different understandings. Some say …

Master: In anything, there are people who are messing things up—I am just baffled by this. It is actually caused by human notions and attachments, and the bad habits some people have developed in their mind are playing a role. Take a look yourself! Haven’t things been explained clearly regarding sending forth righteous thoughts?

One is to cleanse the bad things of yourself, which includes everything—all the bad things in your thoughts are included, and there are too many. How many bad beings have crept into the space in the dimension of the human body? Many bad things can creep in! The human body is open, and after using a powerful microscope to magnify it, you will see those gaps between the particles, like gaps in the sand. If you magnify it further, the gaps are like the distance between celestial bodies in the cosmos, objects at the microscopic and more microscopic levels can pass through, and beings at that level can pass through at will. Actually, the Dao School says the human body is a small universe, and when you send forth righteous thoughts to your body and clean out these bad things, is that a small matter?

Furthermore, bad things are just so many, and in ordinary situations you do not need to target the particulars; only under special circumstances do you need to target those bad things that you want to dissolve. That’ll be fine. Why is that? It is because Dafa has its standard, and the power sent out is composed of Zhen-Shan-Ren, so it knows what’s not in accord and what’s in accord! When you turn outward to cleanse the external environment and cleanse the external universe, it’s the same as cleansing the internal universe.

Disciple: A veteran student has fallen behind but he does not know it. He does not take in others’ criticism and does not understand Fa-rectification cultivation. What can we do?

Master: What can you do if he does not cultivate? Have him cultivate, think of ways to have him cultivate. Are you asking Master to give you a magical solution? (Master laughs) The issue you encounter is the one you need to resolve in your cultivation.

Disciple: During the Shen Yun show this year, many fellow cultivators in mainland China went to Taiwan to watch it, and a lot of local students gave up their tickets. May I ask if this is appropriate?

Master: You are asking me to praise the Taiwan students. This is a good thing. (All disciples applaud)

Disciple: Nearly ten thousand Dafa disciples from fifty-three countries and regions greet magnificent Master.

Master: Thank you everyone. (Enthusiastic applause)

Master: This question is from the Minghui website regarding students from mainland China.

Disciple: We are coordinators in mainland China. The question a few of us fellow cultivators have is, after the new lecture in 2015 mentioned the issue of group Fa study, our former weekly Fa study and sharing for coordinators changed to studying the later period lectures given in various areas …

Master: About this issue of Fa study, it should be this way: You should mainly study Zhuan Falun. If you have time you can study more, after studying Zhuan Falun you can study others. If you have time you can study other lectures. If you do not have time, then mainly study Zhuan Falun, and you can find time on your own to study my lectures given in various areas. There are no special regulations, and do not use your human notions to distort what Master has said.

Disciple: Many young disciples in mainland China now play with their cellphones, and watch WeChat and videos on the Web; they especially like to watch videos of small animals. We reminded them but they wouldn't listen, so we are really worried.

Master: I have just said, everything in this world is attracting you, not letting you obtain the Fa. Not just you, all parents and governments in the world know about this situation, but no one can do anything! This involves not just the issue of people obtaining the Fa. People have also been so affected that they cannot work well, cannot focus on their studies, and they spend a large amount of time on the computer and electronic games—these things tempt you to watch and play them. This is no longer a human state. From antiquity till today humans have not had this state. This is aliens’ technology, and demons are utilizing it to get you hooked, get you to abandon everything you have, and have you devote yourself to it. It’s wasting your life, yet you are loath to put it down! Even from the perspective of being human you are not right, let alone in cultivation.

Disciple: We started to sue the archfiend in May 2015, and till now the Supreme People's Procuratorate has not established the case from the complaints Dafa disciples have risked their lives to file. Can we publicize to the local people the complaints against Jiang by those fellow cultivators who have been severely persecuted?

Master: If this approach of yours is useful for saving people, then you can do it. Do not hold the mentality of taking revenge or fighting with people—you must not have that. If you have strong righteous thoughts, Gods will help you. If your thoughts are not righteous, you won’t accomplish anything.

Disciple: Since the persecution started, our cultivators in mainland China have all been quietly making truth-clarification DVDs, booklets of truth about Dafa, and various kinds of truth material to save people. Now fellow cultivators are downloading some posters from the Minghui website about the lawsuit against Jiang and about the spread of Dafa, and making truth banners “Falun Dafa is Good” or about the lawsuit against Jiang. Some areas put out banners besides the truth clarification material they originally had, and the evil in the area was very afraid … Should Dafa disciples place emphasis on this project?

Master: (Master laughs) Go and do the things Dafa disciples should do. If you can intimidate the evil, eliminate the evil, and inspire the world’s people, go ahead and do it and there is no problem. In fact, these truth banners have indeed played a role.

Disciple: At present, in validating the Fa, some fellow cultivators know that time is pressing, and they are motivated and are diligently saving people. But with some other fellow cultivators, their attention is on family, career, and the workplace, and there are also those who get stuck on reputation, personal gain, and qing, and cannot pull themselves out; some even forget about cultivation.

Master: Master talked about this just now, about this kind of situation. The cultivators around them should remind them and wake them up.

Disciple: Dafa disciples from Chifeng greet Master. There is a person in our area who had his celestial eye opened, and he can tell part of the content of Master’s lecture before Master lectures on the Fa. Some fellow cultivators think he is remarkable, and have started to flatter and revere him, even putting his photo together with that of Master.

Master: When there are people who are attached to these things, there will be such a situation of undermining the Fa. Over these years, so many things like this have occurred, and no matter how severe the persecution is, these things have never left us these years. Why is it? It’s just because some people among the students have these attachments—they are attached and like these things. It’s just this attachment, and you need to dig it out, expose it, and let people see it; so the old forces let these people jump out.

Even now these attachments still exist. Whichever area has people like this, that area will have things like this. In fact this is brought by those students who have attachments in this respect! You have courted these troubles yourself. If you did not have the attachment, the bad people would not appear, and the old forces would not have arranged it. This is just obvious. If you do not have the attachment, why would they arrange this? This would be equivalent to them making an unnecessary move, and that would have given me the handle to punish them.

Disciple: It’s coming to the end of our cultivation but I still have not cultivated to the realm in which I would think of others. I have found more and more that all my thoughts are rooted in myself.

Master: You’ve found this and that is remarkable. You know it and that is remarkable. An ordinary person would not consider these issues at all, and some aren’t aware of it at all. Only a cultivator can see these things. Having seen it, you should try to do better, and this is the first step. Do your best. Of course you may be cultivating really well in other areas, but this area has come to light, so you should pay more attention to it and put in more of your heart and cultivate it away.

Disciple: I have found that, over the years, all along I have not handled properly even my relationship with Master, with the Fa, nor have I handled properly my relationship with fellow cultivators. I feel very ashamed, but I do not know how to make a breakthrough.

Master: You’ve actually become aware. You can see that these are not right—aren’t you already making progress? Just try to do what’s right, study the Fa more, and you’ll naturally do well. It will be good if these gradually become your habits.

Disciple: When I was collecting signatures for the lawsuit against Jiang in Japan, due to the language barrier and limited time, often I could not help people thoroughly know the truth. Sometimes as soon as I asked for a signature, people wanted to sign. Some foreigners did not understand English, but they also wanted to sign after I asked.

Master: Many people are very kind, unlike the Chinese poisoned by the Party culture who are very calculating. If you ask people in mainland China to do anything, that will be different. Things won’t be like that in the international community, and many kind people will do it, as they feel you are right. But I think in collecting signatures like this, we should try our best to have people understand what we are doing. Some people do things based on their intuition, which is actually led by their knowing side.

Disciple: Many students ask for ebook versions of Dafa books from the Minghui website, and they do not understand why ebooks are not provided.

Master: As for the computer, it will not exist in the future society, nor did it exist in the past society. It appeared in recent times, appeared at this time. It won’t exist in the future, as it has destroyed human behavior and thought—all has changed. In the past you all know that no matter how corrupt one area was, areas far away from that area would not be involved. Now with computers and television, one piece of news can be seen in every corner of the world; if you put out a bad thing, every corner of the world can see it. All of humankind is corrupted by it. People think the technology is very convenient, but what it brings instead is destruction. In the traditional lifestyle of the past arranged by Gods everything circulated in the most positive way.

Indeed, people’s sense of satisfaction toward beauty, comfort, and so on are fundamentally the same in any society. In ancient society, when one had a good horse to ride, equipped with a good saddle, he would feel very proud and satisfied. He would show it off to others, “See how beautiful my horse is, what a good horse!” People saw it and marveled, “Wow, it's really a good horse.” Others said it's good and he would be very satisfied. Today, if you drive a BMW, “Look at my BMW, oh, it's a race car model, this is a 5 Series, what a beauty.” The feelings displayed and that sense of satisfaction are the same. This sense of satisfaction is all the same in any lifestyle, while keeping up in the lifestyle itself has no end. Whatever the progress of humankind’s lifestyle, people would not be satisfied, and they would still want to pursue a higher state. But if they deviate from the arrangement by Gods, they will meet with danger. Desire is a bottomless pit! It'll lead people to a state that is not meant for humankind.

Ancient society was truly a society for humans, and it was in fact very beautiful. You’ve seen our Shen Yun shows and what they have displayed is history and traditional culture, and once present-day people watch it, everyone feels that it is very beautiful. Now people have been brought to such a state, yet their attachments and desires have not changed and are the same. Conversely, however, humanity’s morality has been in such disarray that it’s beyond repair, and the huge, unsolvable problems that have occurred in society are no longer manageable. Gods and the universe have Fa and there are norms for humankind. Going beyond these norms means facing destruction by Gods, as Gods will destroy a humankind that has deviated, this is for sure. I have said just now that humanity’s history has been playing out according to a script, and humankind has undergone destruction many times. Didn't people make some archeological finds? Tens of thousands of years ago, there were cars, there was mechanical equipment, and there were planes, the style of which is similar to today’s planes. Humankind comes one crop after another, and once morality is not good and deviates from the script, it will be destroyed. People feel certain ways are pretty good, but Gods feel they’re not good.

Disciple: Master once said that disciples who started the practice before July 20, 1999, have been pushed to their positions. Some who have not cherished their personal cultivation do not think they are worthy of this special honor. Among those who have followed along, some breathed a sigh of relief.

Master: Actually, I have pushed every student to his or her position, really. At the time, everyone felt it, and some had seen it. Why was that? If you had not been pushed to your positions, you wouldn’t have that kind of energy to undertake what you should undertake in assisting Master, and you wouldn’t have been able to resist the evil. I pushed you to your position and have done this to all the Dafa disciples in the world, so that you will be able to save people coming from very high levels. With sufficient righteous thoughts, your words can have power over them, and the words you speak carry higher-level truth in them. At higher levels, the gong at the position Master pushed you to back then will play a role. Although the words you speak are human words, they become words at various levels when they go beyond the human dimension. If you were not pushed to your position, the words you speak would not be able to save sentient beings. Even though all of you were pushed to your positions, if your xinxing is not in position, gong still cannot be mobilized.

But when you are faced with various situations, and when your virtue and xinxing are all moving toward Consummation, you need to solidly improve your xinxing, and only then will it be all right. In cultivation, you still have many, many attachments that must be removed. In fulfilling your vows and facing this persecution, if you are able to get rid of those bad things, and can clarify the truth in a difficult environment and do what Dafa disciples should do, then that gong will not drop, and your virtue and xinxing will all improve. When you stop doing it or don't want to do it well, that gong will start to drop. When you do well again, it'll come up a bit; when you do not do well, it'll drop a little. Your cultivation is precisely to cultivate xinxing.

Some Dafa disciples left the ranks of Dafa disciples, and when they come back, you should not consider them veteran students—absolutely not! It's because, at that time, he had become exactly the same as an ordinary person for sure, and he could not remember at all any of the Fa he had learned before. He completely didn't know what state Dafa disciples should be in. Make sure you do not consider him a veteran student, and you must treat him as a new student, and then he'll be able to make it. Otherwise, if you consider him a veteran student, you will chase him out, as he won't be able to bear it or take it. He is completely a new student.

Disciple: Hong Yin III and Hong Yin IV have many of Master's published lyrics. Can I send them to relatives and friends via WeChat?

Master: It's not a problem to send them to relatives and friends, but you'd better not use ordinary people's websites.

Speaking of this, let me tell you that some people videotaped Shen Yun performances and Fei Tian College's dance classes without permission and posted them online. Do you know why I didn't have these Shen Yun DVDs distributed in society and place them online? This society is already a mess, and on the Internet all bad things are stirred in, just like demons, circulating. Whatever goes in is stirred in there or mixed in there, disrupting society, the human mind, and morality, and changing people's living state—the good and the bad are all jumbled together. I don't want to put this sacred thing in that demon's den. Whoever did it, take it down. Of course, this does not include Shen Yun commercials and the things Fei Tian College purposely put there. In the future they will be brought out for display, and that is the best.

Disciple: I am a disciple from Germany. I have two questions. First, Shen Yun did not get to perform in South Korea, so is it that the sentient beings that should have been saved by Shen Yun could not be saved?

Master: Some things are what Dafa disciples can do, while other things are not what Dafa disciples can do. That's because people's intentions come first, and it has to be that they want to be saved, only then will you be able to save them. If they don't know it, you can tell them the truth, and then see what they want to do, and that's how it works. You all know, however, that there are many historical lessons.

Let’s not talk about distant examples, let's talk about recent ones. Shen Yun Performing Arts had such an experience in Greece: Shen Yun was not allowed to enter the theater upon arrival, not allowed to perform there. Both the government and the theater made such a decision, which was a flagrant breach of the contract. The following year, the national economy in Greece collapsed. This is true, isn't it? Last year, Shen Yun went to perform in Ecuador, but the country did not allow it, and even made trouble for the shipping out of their cargo, nearly affecting the performance on the next leg of their tour, which was very vicious. Although the evil CCP was making trouble behind the scenes, those decisions were all made by the governments. The following year, as you all have seen this year, an earthquake shook the whole country, almost ruining the entire country. So many people died! And you know there are some more cases, right? Why was it like that?

Do you know? Gods believed that humankind was not good anymore a long time ago and should have been destroyed, and humankind originally should not have survived 1999. It was because Dafa is to save sentient beings that the time for humankind has been extended further. That is to say, the purpose of keeping humankind is to see if it can still be saved, and to save that portion that should be saved. The old forces wanted to do the same, but by using their own methods for the same purpose, although they cannot save more people. Master will not arrange to destroy anyone, but the old forces have arranged for this. If you don't want to be saved, the good fortune will be canceled, and those regions will not be regions to be saved. Once canceled, anything can happen, including the collapse of the sky and the sinking of the ground. The economy is finished, and anything can happen after that. This is how it was decided.

I am not talking about dramatic events, but why was there such a coincidence? All places that blocked saving people have experienced problems. That amounts to saying, "We don't want to be saved by you." This is no simple matter. Humans were kept to be saved, but you don't want to be saved, right? So if you don't want to be saved, you are not counted anymore—isn’t that what it means? There are some other areas that I don't want to mention, and they all experienced such things.

Disciple: The brutal persecution is still going on, and over eighty percent of sentient beings in mainland China have not been saved. But many Dafa disciples started to busy themselves with their personal lives and leisure, and slacked off.

Master: That is true. What I just talked about was exactly this point, and it has become very serious. If you really do not do what a Dafa disciple should do, that won't be acceptable, because you are a Dafa disciple and your life is forged by Dafa.

Disciple: I am a German Dafa disciple. Some Western students do not understand some reports by the Epoch Times, such as those praising some of the things done by the current Chinese leader.

Master: If it is praising him for arresting corrupt officials, it shouldn't be a problem. As for other ways things are done, if it's ordinary people's things, you shouldn't praise them casually, and neither should you address them casually.

Disciple: Some Western students have thus had doubts about the authenticity of the Epoch Times.

Master: As I just said, we are here to save people and not to get involved in politics. Whether it is the Chinese leaders or other people, it's not right to attack them all, as we are here to save people. Those who have not persecuted Falun Gong, and instead, have abolished the re-education through labor camps—what kind of a place is the labor camp? It's specifically for persecuting Dafa disciples. And those who have arrested the heads of 610 offices, of course, as corrupt elements—regardless of the ways used, these are all good things, although they are not done for Falun Gong. The old forces said that, if these were done in the name of Falun Gong, wouldn't this thing be finished? Wouldn't it be stopped? When it was stopped, wouldn't it be the end of it? Yes. Doing it this way can awaken people, and it also makes people feel that this is punishment for persecuting Falun Gong, and helps Dafa disciples clarify the truth. It's people doing things beneficial to Dafa and to saving people. We should not attack those who have not persecuted Dafa disciples. (Audience applauds)

Disciple: For four years now, the Thai-language website has been rarely updated, including that the new Lunyu has still not been posted online, even though the students in Thailand have been translating new scriptures in a timely manner. Can the parties concerned pay attention to this and coordinate better?

Master: Yes. Dafa disciples should pay attention to things you do. If you’re going to do it, then do it the way it should be done.

Disciple: Recently a Taiwanese student came to Thailand, suggesting that the Thai students should talk about the Creator while clarifying the truth.

Master: Here we go again. Nothing's changed in clarifying the truth!

Disciple: I obtained the Fa in Germany and came to Turkey. In Turkey, there's no sharing after Fa study, and it is said that one should get enlightened by him or herself. I feel that they did not become one body. In Germany, everyone shares openly.

Master: Right, talk to them as soon as you see problems. Dafa disciples, wherever they are in the world, should be one body, and you should have some sharing with each other. Do what Master requires you to do, and do what the Fa requires of you, and that's how it should be. Don't do things differently on your own.

Disciple: There are fewer and fewer students doing online truth clarification in Taiwan, while the population using the Internet in China is ever-increasing, up to nearly 700 million. What can be done to make a breakthrough?

Master: True, in doing projects, Taiwanese students are still the ones that have a large number of resources. Everyone should do it well, and should do it even better. I can tell you that, during this persecution, Taiwanese students have been playing a very good role, a very good role indeed. (Audience applauds enthusiastically) The contrast between the situations faced by the Chinese on both sides of the Taiwan Strait provides a very convincing explanation.

Disciple: There's a widespread phenomenon among Dafa disciples, and that is, they use Dafa to check others and society, instead of checking themselves.

Master: Cultivation is about cultivating oneself. Some people just always look externally. "You are not in line with the Fa in this aspect" and "He is not in line with the Fa in that aspect." When you see another person doing something not right, you may say to him kindly, “Shouldn’t we do it this way, as we are cultivators.” I think he will be able to accept it. But you shouldn't always tell others, "You are not doing it right here." When you see something not right, you should think about yourself first and ask why you happened to see it and whether you have a problem, since you are cultivating yourself. When you see things not right, if your opinion is not heard, then you mention it to the people in charge, tell the people in charge. Cultivating oneself is primary. If others have all cultivated well and you help others cultivate well, and yet you yourself have not cultivated well, what's the use?

Disciple: Many fellow cultivators don’t know the fundamental distinction between Dafa disciples assisting Master in Fa-rectification and the old forces getting involved in Fa-rectification.

Master: As I said just now, the distinction is: Master wants benevolent resolutions while they want it done the old way. And also this persecution was arranged by the old forces, and this is it.

Disciple: As I was clarifying the truth in Internet groups from mainland China recently, some people expressed the hope that we would play in the group the video with Master teaching the exercises and provide free document downloading.

Master: That’s not allowed. No one is allowed to place my lectures on the Internet. Whoever did it should take it down! You are committing a sin, and you are tarnishing Dafa! Nothing of Dafa can be placed on the Internet without permission. I just said that it's a whirlpool that the demons use to mess up the world by pulling in people, that is, they want to pull in all of humankind and destroy it!

Disciple: As the Fa-rectification process is advancing, the number of the world's people who want to practice Falun Gong is ever-increasing, but among students who teach the exercises, there are some whose movements are not accurate …

Master: If the movements while teaching the exercises are completely inaccurate, you should pay more attention. But generally speaking, it will be fine if they are more or less correct.

Disciple: May I ask Master to talk more about the issue of safety in cellphone use.

Master: There isn't much to talk about here. You are carrying a listening device on you. Besides spies and governments, anyone is able to monitor you at will, and it's very simple. That's all it is, and whether you keep it on or off, it doesn't make any difference. I am speaking here, and you know, the evil CCP is listening over there as well.

Disciple: I found a problem in the years after I obtained the Fa and when I was clarifying the truth, and that is, I always see on Epoch Times and NTD websites articles criticizing and insulting tourists from mainland China.

Master: The reports should be done with kind intent, pointing out why the international community does not approve of it.

People from mainland China—whose traditions have been undermined by the evil CCP—went overseas and caused negative effects outside China, which is really very bad. I saw an online photo showing an entrance of the luxury chain store Burberry in London, with very clean streets around. A female Chinese tourist was holding her child and helping him go poo at that entrance. The Chinese speak loudly everywhere and shout at the top of their voices, and people in mainland China get used to this, but the international community will not take it. This has to change. But the image of people from mainland China has indeed left the world with such an impression, and the Chinese overseas all feel disgraced and ashamed. But did you know? The evil CCP is not telling the Chinese people these things, and is not teaching people the righteous things. It purposefully let the world's people see that the Chinese are like this, and it just wants to destroy your image and damage your dignity. And people find it hard to detect on their own. I think that, when people have more opportunities to come out, they will slowly feel that this society is different, and they will slowly pay attention, and everything will be all right. The established habits are really hard to get rid of, and the Party culture that teaches people to struggle has distorted people's character into one with which people will feel happy only if they cut loose all at once. It really won't do if these things taught by the evil CCP are not corrected.

Disciple: Quite a number of Dafa disciples from mainland China watch NTD programs every day, and share about those programs when they meet, saying that's to keep up with the situation and developments. I think that Dafa disciples should get on the Minghui website more if they have the conditions. NTD is primarily for ordinary people to watch. Is that right?

Master: Right. About the situation in society, or to learn about the situation in society, there's no problem watching NTD. For Dafa disciples’ sharing, I think, it's good to read articles more on those Dafa disciples' cultivation-sharing websites. It is true that some people do not pay enough attention to the Minghui website. Veteran students do not have time, but I think it's really so helpful for new students to read Minghui articles often! For experience sharing articles or to learn things about Dafa, just go there and read—it's the most comprehensive.

Disciple: Some students participated in the so-called "platform for financial mutual help," which offers a daily interest rate of one percent. It is in fact a scam. They keep getting involved …

Master: Everything is tempting people. This society is just tempting people! The purpose of tempting people is not just to prevent you from obtaining the Fa, but also to destroy human society. At present, people in the entire society are just not right, and nothing is operating well. Now many large companies are already getting severe headaches over computer games, and many schools are already getting severe headaches. What will become of humans if they keep going like this? But no one has a solution. As a cultivator, you should be clearheaded, conscientious, and self-disciplined, bearing in mind that this is what you should get rid of. Moreover, you should help and save ordinary people. What is to be done if you are caught inside? Those things can really control people, and there are many examples.

That's all I’ll say. Since the Dafa disciples who organized the conference saw that it's been some time, they stopped passing question slips to me. (Audience laughs) I have finished answering all the questions submitted, so that's all I'll say. (All disciples stand up and prolong their applause.) Dafa disciples, although Master spoke a little sternly, it was to lift up your spirits, because you are the hope for humanity! The hope for sentient beings! You are also Master's hope!

Not only Dafa disciples, but also present-day humankind, this crop of humankind, will all see the next step. In the not-too-distant future, everything will be separated out. Humankind has reached this stage, and no governments have solutions. I feel they are thinking about one issue. What are they thinking about? Letting people walk through the last stage calmly and steadily, and that's it. I think this is their thought, but they have no ability to come up with a solution.

Today, the scientific discoveries and understandings of the universe are simply shocking. On the contrary, driven by modern thoughts and behavior, humankind is unable to see these and does not care about them. Human society is already in grave danger. This is not to be sensational, and Master did not mention this in the past. Dafa disciples should have a sense of urgency, you should prove worthy of your titles, and you should remember that you once signed contracts. Not only you, Dafa disciples, but also all the people who have come to Earth, have all signed contracts. In other dimensions, the changes are just heaven-turning and earthshaking, but here in the human world, people still seem to be sound asleep.

Awakening them is your own responsibility. Saving them is a responsibility for all of you. Shen Yun is playing this role, and Dafa disciples' projects are all playing this role. Each Dafa disciple who has not been involved in a project must do it, try to find time to get involved in this undertaking of saving people. Do well what you should do, and meanwhile find time to cultivate yourself well.

You cannot leave the Fa; if you leave the Fa, you will be an ordinary person. Even if you do things for Dafa, it would be ordinary people doing them, not Dafa disciples doing them, so you must cultivate. Only by cultivating will you have this ability and energy to solve those problems. Clarifying the truth is not limited to stating things clearly by reasoning. You know what? When ordinary people are reasoning among themselves, very often, it's not that things are explained clearly through reasoning, rather, it's the thing that he shoots over when he speaks that suppresses the thought of the other party, and so the other party listens to him and believes what he says. Many people can see this thing. While clarifying the truth to ordinary people, your energy will disintegrate those prejudices and dissolve those bad things, the bad things in his mind. Isn't that in itself saving people? If you do not cultivate, how can you have that ability? On the matter of cultivation, some people say, "He's my friend. It'll be done if I talk to him." But it won't work at all even if he talks to him. Small things, or human things, may be done this way, but this is something that involves the essence of life, and it won't work using human methods. So, Dafa disciples need to make further effort to improve yourselves.

You are the hope for humankind. You must do well. You must take on your responsibility. You must go save sentient beings, so that you can consummate yourselves and this undertaking will not be in vain! This is all I'll say, and thank you. (Prolonged applause from the whole audience, and Master returns to the podium after accepting flowers)

Each time after a Fa conference, I always want to hear and see the news that you are doing better after the Fa conference. (Enthusiastic applause from the whole audience)

(This translation may be revised to improve accuracy. Date of this revision: June 30, 2016. Translated by Team Blue.)