Delaware: Governor Proclaims May 13 “Falun Dafa Day”

Governor John Carney and Lieutenant Governor Bethany Hall-Long issued a proclamation declaring May 13, 2021, “Falun Dafa Day in the State of Delaware” and urged all its citizens to recognize those who practice Falun Dafa and understand its important health benefits.

Falun Dafa Brings Health and Joy to a Swedish Family

As the 22nd World Falun Dafa Day approaches, a family of five in Umeå, Sweden sent greetings to Master Li Hongzhi (the founder of Falun Dafa). They credit Falun Dafa for not only improving their health but also giving them a way to improve themselves and their relationships with others.

Gratitude from a Builder Who Recovered from Late-Stage Leukemia

The miraculous recovery of a businessman who was fighting for his life and was overwhelmed by fear, pain, helplessness, and despair with a late-stage leukemia diagnosis. He happened to meet a Falun Dafa practitioner at the hospital and the encounter changed his life. He is very grateful to Falun Dafa's founder and wishes Master Li a happy birthday.

Pennsylvania, USA: Mayor of Philadelphia Issues Proclamation to Honor World Falun Dafa Day

In honor of World Falun Dafa Day next week, Mayor James Kenney of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, proclaimed May 13 “World Falun Dafa Day” in the city.

Canada: Practitioners in Vancouver Celebrate World Falun Dafa Day

Practitioners held activities and demonstrated the exercises, with many passersby commenting how they felt energized and relaxed after learning them.

Young Practitioner: How I Got Rid of My Addiction to Video Games

How a young man who had started practicing Falun Dafa when he was a child lost his way after gaming took over his life, and how he beat his addiction.

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