(Minghui.org) I feel very fortunate to have attended Master Li's second Fa-teaching lectures in Shijiazhuang in March 1994 and second Fa-teaching lectures in Jinan in June 1994. I will never forget those wonderful experiences.

I went to the hall early on the first day of the Shijiazhuang lectures and sat on the stage waiting for Master. I heard a student call out, “Master!” I saw a tall, handsome person coming my way. I called, “Master,” and unconsciously put my hand out to shake Master’s hand. Master responded to the other students and extended his hand to me before he turned his face. I hurriedly shook his hand. He looked at me kindly, his hand large and warm. I felt overwhelmingly honored!

The Fa-teaching lectures in Shijiazhuang were held in the club at Shijiazhuang No. 1 Cotton Textile Factory. The club was next to a ballroom, and noise from the ballroom interfered with Master’s teaching. The practitioners in charge could not persuade the people in the ballroom to keep quiet during the lecture, so, on the third day, the class was moved to the club at No. 3 Cotton Textile Factory.

A large east-west road ran in front of the club. The club was in a courtyard with a main gate and two small side gates. The students usually entered the club through the small gate on the west side.

Beginning on the fourth day, a student from Beijing and I waited daily on the sidewalk outside the main gate to greet Master. Master rode in a Cherokee and was dropped off outside the main entrance every day. When he got out of the car, we both pressed our palms together in heshi, a gesture of respect. He waved to us, and we watched him enter the club. For several days in a row, we waited for him at the entrance.

One day, Master asked us students to write about our experience and submit it the next day. The next day, I went early to the club entrance. The student from Beijing asked me, “Have you written your experience paper yet?” I hurried back, hastily wrote a page, and then returned. When I got to the main gate, I saw Master sitting in his car signing an autograph for the Beijing student. I was about five meters away. I locked my bicycle and walked over to him. Master had already finished signing and handed the book back to the student.

The student did not leave after he got the book. Neither one of us saw Master get out of the vehicle. The vehicle slowly moved to the west side of the gate and stopped. We followed the vehicle there and waited for Master to get out of the vehicle. After about 10 minutes, the class was about to begin, but we had not yet seen Master get out. The driver got out and said, “Master has already entered the hall.” We were puzzled. We didn’t see Master get out!

We rushed into the club. Not long after we entered, Master walked up to the podium and sat down. Four Beijing students were sitting next to us. One of them, a young woman, came in and was surprised to see Master already sitting at the table on the stage. She asked the other students, “When did Master come in? I waited for a long time outside at the west gate, but I didn’t see him go in!” When I heard that, I also said, “We both followed Master’s vehicle and waited for 10 minutes, but we didn’t see him get out of the vehicle.” The female student said, “I also waited for Master almost every day outside the small gate, and I saw him every day. Today I didn’t see when he entered, so I think he must have used his powers.”

Influenced by Fake Qigong

Before learning Falun Dafa, I liked to practice qigong. I was influenced by fake qigong and believed that emitting qi could cure diseases. My high school teacher had bone tuberculosis. The provincial hospital told him that his leg needed to be amputated, but due to family reasons, the surgery was not done. His crotch area continued to hurt, and he couldn’t get up after sitting down. This teacher asked me to treat him. At that time, I didn’t know the consequences of doing that, so I gave him a qi treatment. He felt better after a few such treatments. But my thighs and crotch were sore afterwards on rainy or cloudy days. I had to rely on physical exertion to resolve my pain, such as playing soccer until I was exhausted.

One day after I returned from Master's Fa-teaching in Shijiazhuang, it was raining. I went to the cafeteria to get my meal. While I was standing in line, I suddenly realized that my legs didn’t hurt. I recalled that my legs had not hurt recently. I realized at once that Master had cured my legs in the class.

Once, during a break in a class in Jinan, Master came down from the podium. Some of the students asked Master for his signature and others asked questions. When Master approached us, I hurriedly took out a Dafa book and wanted to ask Master to sign it. When I handed the book to him, he looked at me and said, “Didn’t I sign for you already?” I was embarrassed, not thinking much about it at that time.

Later, I thought about the matter carefully. Master had signed my book three months before. There were so many students. How could he remember that he’d signed mine? I was shocked! Master’s miracles enlightened me.

My father had had a stroke and couldn’t even hold a screwdriver. He attended Master’s second Fa-teaching lectures in Jinan. During the class, he quit his decades-long smoking habit.

Every time I see the group photo with Master in Jinan, the scene of us lining up for it appears before my eyes. There were more than 4,000 people in that photo with Master. Master organized and arranged it himself, and it took several hours to do. Master had to give a lecture that evening. It was so hot in Jinan at the end of June, but Master was busy without a single complaint or any impatience, which made me really respect him.

It was a great honor to hear Master teach in person! I will cherish this rare opportunity to cultivate, believe in Master and Dafa, and firmly walk on my path of cultivation.

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