(Minghui.org) My granddaughter Mei stayed with me for a while when my daughter came to visit me last year. I was Mei’s primary caregiver until she was three years old. When she was very young, Mei was pure and kind-hearted. She was able to sit in the full lotus position at six months of age and, until a couple of years ago, she had been able to do that for an hour. We would finish reading a lecture of Zhuan Falun and then silently recite “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. Falun Dafa is good.” At that time, Mei excelled in all aspects of her life.

When Mei came back this time, however, I saw that her legs had become very stiff and she couldn’t sit in the lotus position anymore. During the pandemic, nobody had really helped her with her schoolwork, since her parents had to work every day. She had started to show signs of disliking school and was unable to grasp basic academic concepts. She had also stopped writing in her diary every day.

I knew that only Dafa and Master could change her and rectify these things. I was determined to have her cultivate Falun Dafa and correct her bad habits.

I started to study the Fa with Mei on August 9 when her mom left. We managed to finish reading Lunyu and the first six pages of Zhuan Falun in an hour. I thought to myself, “If we read Zhuan Falun at this pace, how long will it take to read the whole book?” I then suddenly realized that this was a form of interference and that I could not fall into this illusion.

We continued studying the Fa the next day, and in an hour we were able to read 12 pages. This was a slight improvement on the previous day and I was quite happy. Mei was also very attentive. She had been sitting with her legs loosely crossed and had corrected herself when she misread a character; it was truly a challenge for an eight-year-old child.

On the fifth day, Mei and I were able to read 15 pages, and by the 10th day, we were able to read 18 pages. By the 15th day, we were able to read 20 pages an hour.

Mei enunciated the words very well and was reading fluently. At times, she would correct my pronunciation. As we became more diligent, we were improving our character, endurance, and compassion. I realized that I needed to do better and be a better role model for my granddaughter. I decided to sit in the full lotus position for an hour and a half during Fa study, and though the pain was hard for me to endure at times, I persevered until the end each time.

Mei’s physical condition improved significantly after a week of studying the Fa. She had often woken up in the past with either swollen eyelids, lips, or her whole face. At times it was even hard for her to see clearly. Her discomfort completely vanished after studying the Fa the first day. Master purified her body.

Mei has had sinusitis since she was young and always had trouble breathing at night. She needed a lot of tissues to clear her nose in the morning. This happened only twice after we started to study the Fa. Mei’s enlightenment quality is quite good and she recognized that Master was eliminating her sickness karma, and, since then, she hasn’t had sinusitis.

Mei scraped her knee skateboarding one day. It bled almost instantly but Mei thought that it was a good thing because Master was eliminating her karma. I rubbed some sesame oil on her knee, and within a week, the injury had healed. Whenever Mei felt discomfort, she knew that Master was purifying her body and helping her eliminate her karma. She learned how to be grateful to Master.

Mei’s xinxing improved while we studied the Fa. She knows that when someone treats her badly she should still treat them with compassion. She learned the importance of preserving de, or virtue, the white substance, and her enlightenment quality improved as well. I tried to the best of my ability to answer questions she had about studying the Fa and explain things in a way that she could understand. She never once felt tired or drowsy during Fa study. When studying the Fa, Mei never added or missed a word. She was truly displaying the characteristics of a young Dafa disciple.

By the 13th day, Mei was able to sit in the full lotus position for one hour. During the last 10 minutes, I could tell that she was in a lot of pain, and I told her that she could take down her legs. She said, “No! I need to do this for one full hour.” We thus kept our legs crossed until we were done studying the Fa.

We finished reading Zhuan Falun in 16 days and then listened to Master’s audio lectures in Guangzhou. For the remaining five days before Mei returned home, we watched Master’s video lectures in Guangzhou to deepen her memories and understandings of Dafa. During the 20 days that Mei stayed with me, we read, listened to, and watched Master’s lectures. It was truly beneficial.

This also helped Mei to improve academically. It used to take her 30 minutes to finish 120 questions and she would get around 16 of them wrong. After studying the Fa for 10 days, it only took her 20 minutes to answer 120 questions and she missed at most three of them. Seeing how Mei had changed, my daughter became more confident about believing in Dafa.

Mei got rid of many bad habits. She learned how to manage her personal hygiene and sleeping schedule, and she resumed writing in her diary. She said, “Compassion is a virtue and it will bring everyone happiness.” She also said that she would start with the little things in life and be compassionate. Only then could she be a better person.

I was very touched to see Mei’s transformation.

Mei practices the Guzheng (Chinese zither) at level seven, has read The Classic of Poetry, understands English movies, reads classic novels from around the world, and has learned to play Go (a Chinese strategic board game). She has accomplished all of these things with flying colors.

Mei is very fortunate to have obtained the Fa at such a young age. I believe she will continue to elevate herself in the future. Master is very compassionate and Dafa is truly a miracle!

My xinxing level improved while studying the Fa with my granddaughter during those 20 days. I became more determined in cultivation after seeing her determination and persistence. It also strengthened my will to save more sentient beings and endure hardships when I saw her endure the discomfort of sitting in the lotus position.

I was able to relinquish many attachments during that time, such as being impatient, holding grudges, and yelling at people. Most importantly, I was able to harbor less affection for my family members and no longer held any grudges.

Thank you, Master, for arranging this opportunity for me to upgrade myself and teach my granddaughter how to cultivate. I truly benefited a lot.

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