(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa was introduced to the public 29 years ago, on May 13, 1992. The Mayors of South Daytona and Weston have proclaimed May 13, 2021, as Falun Dafa Day to mark this occasion.

Mayor William C. Hall of the City of South Daytona stated, “The physical and spiritual benefits of Falun Dafa have led to its spread throughout 114 countries with over 100 million practitioners; and the great compassion and forbearance demonstrated by Falun Dafa practitioners have touched the hearts of kind-hearted people all over the world.”

Mayor William C. Hall of South Daytona issued a Proclamation to mark Falun Dafa Day.

Mayor Margaret Brown of Weston and four commissioners proclaimed May 13, 2021 as World Falun Dafa Day.

The proclamation reads, “Falun Dafa’s contribution to humanity has been widely recognized and honored in the United States. It’s easy to learn, enjoyable to practice, and free of charge.”

Mayor Margaret Brown of Weston and four commissioners issued a proclamation to honor Falun Dafa Day.

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