Deaths of 27 Falun Gong Practitioners Reported Between January and March 2021

As the persecution of Falun Gong enters its 22nd year in 2021, 27 additional deaths of Falun Gong practitioners were reported between January and March. Among the 27 newly confirmed deaths, 11 occurred between June and December 2020. Another nine practitioners died in January 2021, three in February, and four in March.

Paris, France: Strong Voices of Support at City Hall Square

Practitioners set up a table with posters and demonstrated the peaceful exercises, which drew the attention of many passersby. They showed their support by signing a petition demanding that the Chinese communist regime end its 21-year-long persecution of Falun Gong.

A Look Back: Master Li Teaches Falun Dafa in Sweden on Easter

Master Li Hongzhi taught the Falun Dafa spiritual discipline in a lecture series spanning seven days in Gothenburg, Sweden in April 1995. A Swedish mother and daughter who attended the event recall Master Li’s compassionate demeanor and their own remarkable experiences.

A Young Artist’s Ever Incomplete Family Portrait (Part 3 of 6)

Part 3 of Minghui’s story describes how her father, Mr. Yu Zonghai, was tortured after each arrest, and brutally mistreated and tortured in prison by felons and guards attempting to force him to renounce his faith.

Police and Family Members Touched by Practitioners' Demeanor

Two practitioners share their experiences of how their righteous thoughts and actions changed the environments around them.

Strong Righteous Thoughts Can Break Through All Difficulties

A practitioner in China looks back at her cultivation journey of 25 years, where righteous thoughts and faith in Dafa have enabled her to overcome a multitude of tribulations.

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