(Minghui.org) I started cultivating in Falun Dafa in 1996. In my more than two decades of cultivation, with Master’s protection, enlightenment and strengthening, with Dafa’s miraculous power and with righteous thoughts from cultivating in Dafa, I overcame various difficulties and tribulations, and experienced many miracles.

The following are some of my experiences of passing through difficulties and tribulations. These experiences manifest the unlimited supernormal power of Dafa.

Walking Out of the Police Station

My sister and I were arrested when we went to Beijing to validate Dafa in November 2001. After being detained for a week, we were escorted to the local police station in our residential area. Upon arrival, the police handcuffed me to a heating pipe and left me alone in the room while they attended a meeting.

I thought that I should only follow Master’s arrangement and go out to assist Master in the Fa-rectification to save lives. I begged for Master’s help and easily removed my handcuffs. I then asked for Master’s strengthening and walked out of the room.

To get out of the police station, I had to pass by the end of the corridor which was right in front of the meeting room; the room’s door was wide open and the room was full of police officers. However, while I was passing by, the police officers all looked at me but without any reaction; they seemed frozen. I calmly walked out of the building right before their eyes.

Scaring Away the Thief

I could not go home after I left the police station. I wandered about and lived homeless to avoid being arrested again. Later I was able to stay in a simple tool shed in a relative's vegetable garden. The living conditions were harsh, but I had a place to cultivate freely and to rest. My feelings of loneliness and fear encroached upon me and kept increasing. But, I did not pay attention to correcting them at the time. The old forces then took advantage of my state of mind to persecute me.

One night in the winter of that year, it was bitterly cold. The chilly wind blowing over the electric wires made weird and piercing noises that sounded scary. Around midnight, I heard someone attempting to pry the garden's door open. I stood by the shed door and looked out through the bleak moonlight.

The garden door was pried open and a thief carrying a bag came into the garden looking around. Since there were no valuables in the garden, I understood that the evil in another dimension manipulated the thief to come in, trying to scare me and drive me away. I sent righteous thoughts immediately and begged Master for strengthening. I thought, “You scared me, I will scare you!” I took a shovel and banged the shovel on the concrete block by the shed door as I shouted loudly. The loud sound frightened the thief; he hurriedly ran away, leaving his bag behind.

As a result of this experience, I found my attachment to fear and in time corrected myself. Master’s Law Bodies gave me wisdom and helped me scare the thief away. Through this experience I understood the power of righteous thoughts and discarded many of my ordinary notions.

“Freezing” the Policeman Who Followed Me

One day in the summer of 2003, I went out to distribute Falun Dafa informational materials in a residential area. I did not have much experience at that time; I started going into each building to distribute the materials as soon as I entered the residential area, without paying attention to the people around me. I was soon followed by a plainclothes policeman. He followed me wherever I went. When I talked to people, he stopped at a distance and listened, and he pretended that he was just wandering about when I looked his way. I wanted to get rid of him.

I still had a lot of materials with me to pass out to people. I wanted to get rid of him and I wanted to finish distributing my materials. I walked a long way to a different residential area and thought that I should have already gotten rid of him. I started distributing the material and talking to the people I met.

After I distributed all the materials, I started walking home. However, he appeared again, following me from a distance. when I walked, he walked behind me and when I stopped, he also stopped. It seemed very difficult to get rid of him. While I was thinking about how to get away from him, a thought suddenly came to my mind, “Trying to walk away? Isn’t that an ordinary method? Aren’t you a Dafa practitioner?” I suddenly realized that I am a Dafa practitioner; I have Dafa and Master’s protection. I have nothing to fear! I thanked Master for helping me to enlighten to this.

I begged Master for strengthening. Then, I looked at the man and said, “Freeze!” He immediately stopped where he was, motionless, and with hands frozen in the posture of someone about to use his cell phone. After I walked a distance away, I turned around and looked at him; he was still standing there in the same posture. Then I gave off a thought, “Release.” I saw that he turned around and walked away slowly in the opposite direction. I was extremely grateful that Master strengthened me and gave me the supernatural power to dissolve the difficulty.

I have also experienced many other miracles in the past two decades, including breaking though illness karma with righteous thoughts, breaking through the old forces’ life-threatening arrangements, and clearing away interference from another dimension.

Discarding Fear

In recent years, the wicked Party installed monitoring equipment everywhere to watch people. If a practitioner was afraid of being watched and could not come out to save lives, he would be unable to complete his mission. I broke through the fear by thinking that the monitoring equipment was for watching bad people; they were not effective for watching Dafa practitioners who are on the path to divinity. With Master’s protection and with supernormal powers from Dafa, a practitioner’s righteous thoughts could keep the equipment from watching him. I strengthened my righteous thoughts and kept going out to save lives.

One day four years ago, while my husband and I were eating lunch, some people suddenly came to our door and knocked violently. My husband was frightened. I told him, “Don’t be afraid, you keep eating and I’ll deal with them.”

I opened the door to find people wanting to enter my home, but I stopped them, “This is my home, no one comes in without my permission! Forced entry into a private home is illegal. Do you understand? You can talk to me right here.”

A person claiming to be the community director said, “We just want to talk to you about the criminal charges you filed against Jiang Zemin.” I said, “I did file charges against him. You should do it too. All Chinese people should sue him. Look how bad he has messed up our country!”

I then told him Jiang Zemin’s crimes one by one and talked about the pitiful ending that his followers would face. I talked about the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) who is following Jiang’s orders to persecute Falun Dafa, and talked about the enormous disasters the CCP has brought to the people, especially to the Chinese people. I then explained to him why Falun Dafa practitioners are telling people the facts and advising them to quit the CCP and its organizations.

The director interrupted me, “You are a cultivation group; aren’t you getting involved in politics by getting people to quit the party?” I told him about the many benefits I received as a result of cultivating Falun Dafa, and explained why we are telling people about the persecution. We talked for four and a half hours outside my door! The director finally came to understand about Falun Dafa, and he chose a nickname and quit the CCP. Since then they have stopped coming to my home. My husband listened as I talked with the director and gave me a thumbs up afterward; he has supported my truth clarification for Dafa since then.

I came to understand that the evil is afraid of being exposed. If we maintain our righteous thoughts and discard fear, with Master’s strengthening, we will have the wisdom to help people understand Falun Dafa and the evil of the CCP. The evil beings who manipulate people will disintegrate and people will be able to make the right choices and be saved.

Falun Dafa practitioners are shouldering the historic mission of saving lives. Practitioners with strong righteous thoughts and firm belief in Master and Dafa are fulfilling their missions. In this final stage of Fa-rectification, Master is looking forward to Dafa practitioners’ advancement!

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