Hong Kong: Falun Gong Displays Vandalized by Suspected Pro-CCP Groups (Video)

Seven Falun Gong information display booths in Hong Kong were vandalized by thugs suspected to be from pro-CCP groups last week. Masked perpetrators tore down banners, slashed them with knives, knocked down display boards, and sprayed them with black paint. One site alone suffered an estimated 21,000 HKD ($2,700) worth of damage. 

Senior Chinese Officials Quit the Chinese Communist Party (Part 1)

To help dispel the Chinese government's lies and slander about Falun Gong, practitioners in North America have been calling people in China to help them understand the practice of Falun Gong and how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has persecuted Falun Gong practitioners and other innocent citizens. Many in China now understand the true nature of the CCP and have chosen to distance themselves from the Party.

67-Year-Old Triathlete Credits Falun Dafa for Her Excellent Health

While many retirees look forward to a leisurely life, Jeanne Mitchell joined the annual Jersey Girl Triathlon in an eye-catching outfit with the words, “Freedom for Falun Dafa.” This is the story of how she encountered the meditation practice and began to speak out for people being persecuted in China.

Canadian MP: Facing Persecution from the CCP, Falun Gong Practitioners Are the Most Persistent

The vice-chair of the Canadian Parliament Subcommittee on International Human Rights praised Falun Gong's peaceful protests in Hong Kong and condemned the CCP's destruction of Hong Kong's freedoms and worldwide bullying. 

Former MEP: Communism Is Harming the Entire World

A former MEP from France who has spent his adult life combating communism said in an interview that although the Berlin Wall has fallen, communism still exists in China and keeps expanding globally. Therefore, ending communism is a responsibility for all of us.

New Practitioner from Taiwan: It’s a Blessing to Be a Falun Dafa Practitioner

A practitioner shares how she improved her temper, learned to look inward when conflicts arose, and the importance of always thinking of others first.  

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