Don't Put On Any Performances That Imitate Shen Yun

Practitioners around the world, do not put on any performances that imitate Shen Yun. Doing this kind of thing cannot save people, amounts only to playing around, and serves no purpose. Moreover, it would impact Shen Yun’s effectiveness at saving people. Anyone doing this should stop immediately.

Singapore: New Practitioners Talk about Their Positive Changes After Attending Nine-day Falun Dafa Workshop

The nine-day workshop was offered to both Chinese and English-speaking students, who watched the videos of Falun Dafa's founder and learned the five exercises. On the last day, the new practitioners shared the many positive changes they noticed in them after learning the practice.

New Zealand: People Condemn the CCP and Encourage Practitioners During Activities in Auckland

Falun Dafa practitioners held a series of activities, including signature collection and a car parade, in south Auckland, New Zealand on Saturday, March 13, 2021. Many people showed great support to the practitioners and condemned the CCP's crimes against humanity, especially harvesting organs from living practitioners.

New Tang Dynasty TV Helped My Husband Learn the Truth about Falun Dafa

A practitioner's husband changed his way of thinking and realized how he had been fed fake news after he started listening to NTD. He now only watches NTD and both his body and mind have had remarkable positive changes.

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