(Minghui.org) I met a woman on the bus one day and told her about Falun Dafa. She agreed to renounce her membership in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). When I gave her a calendar with information about Dafa she was moved to tears. I felt gratified and honored that I was able to help save her.

When clarifying the truth to people, I can sense that the other person longs to be saved. I’ve had several touching incidents recently that I would like to share with fellow practitioners.

Elderly Professor’s Heartfelt Words: “Thank You Master Li”

I met an elderly professor who retired from Fudan University. I told him the terrible things the CCP did to the Chinese people and how it destroyed China’s 5000 years of traditional culture. He totally agreed with me.

When I asked if he would like to quit the CCP he said someone already helped him. I asked if he had any information about Falun Dafa, he replied that someone gave him a DVD several years back. He said it was excellent and his entire family took turns watching it but he had not received any new materials. I then gave him a recently published brochure. He took it without hesitation and shouted loudly: “Falun Dafa is amazing!” He said that practitioners are truly kind.

Not long after, I met him again while I waited for a bus. He immediately recognized me and said that the contents of the brochure I gave him were rich and wonderful. He said, “I urged three students who joined the CCP’s youth league to quit. The police learned of it and censured me. They decided not to fine me due to my old age.”

The old man also told me the changes he went through after I spoke to him. I asked if he wanted further information about Falun Dafa and he said yes. I asked him to follow me home to get it as I had given out everything I had with me.

When I gave him a USB flash drive, he took it with both hands and said loudly, “Thank you Master Li. I will take it home and share it with my whole family.” I accompanied him to the bus station. All the way he kept saying, “Thank you Master Li! I received such a great thing.”

“I’m So Fortunate!”

One day, I clarified the truth to a middle-aged woman on the bus. She was very receptive. To help her understand more about Dafa, I offered her a USB flash drive. After I handed it to her, she stood up and while holding the USB drive in her hands, said loudly so that everyone on the bus heard her: “I’m so fortunate! Thank you for giving me something so precious.”

When she reached her destination, she got off the bus and stood at the station waving non-stop at me to express her gratitude.

Young Man Continuously Thanks Me

On another occasion, I clarified the truth while taking the bus. There were many passengers that day. I took out a picture album hoping that those sitting near me would notice it. A young man who sat far away saw the album and asked, “Where can I buy that album?” I told him it could not be bought in the market. He asked if I could give it to him and I answered, “Sure!”

He squeezed his way through the crowd and after I handed it to him he repeatedly thanked me.

One time, I clarified the truth to a man around 50 years old. I gave him a calendar after helping him quit the CCP. Before parting ways, he thanked me and bowed to show his respect. 

I knew in my heart that his knowing side was aware he was saved. He was grateful to Master and Dafa for saving him.

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