Sydney, Australia: Introducing Falun Gong and Raising Awareness of the Persecution

Falun Gong practitioners conducted activities in multiple towns in New South Wales, Australia, during the weekends from November 2020 through Christmas. They introduced Falun Gong, exposed the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) evil nature, and collected signatures to end the CCP. 

Taiwan: Practitioners Grateful for Falun Dafa, Wish the Founder a Happy New Year

On New Year’s Day, Falun Dafa practitioners in Taichung gathered in front of the city government building to do the exercises and send greetings to the founder of the practice, Master Li Hongzhi. Such a large group meditating together caught the attention of passersby, some of whom stopped to learn the exercises.

Japan: Falun Gong Practitioners Protest in Front of Chinese Consulate on New Year’s Eve

Japanese practitioners often stage peaceful protests at the Chinese Consulate in Kanto, and said that by protesting on New Year’s Eve, they hope to let practitioners inside China know that they are not forgotten and they will continue to speak out for them until the persecution ends.

Japan: Practitioners Hold Peaceful Protest in Front of Chinese Embassy on New Year’s Eve

Falun Dafa practitioners in Japan held a peaceful protest in front of the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo on New Year’s eve. They demanded the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) end the 21-year-long persecution.

Coronavirus New Mutations Raise Concerns: A Historical and Cultural Perspective

A perspective of the second wave of the coronavirus, including comparisons with the 1918 flu and other pandemics throughout history.

New Jersey, U.S.: Falun Dafa Practitioners Wish Master a Happy New Year

Falun Dafa practitioners from New Jersey did the exercises together in Boyd Park in the city of New Brunswick and wished revered Master a happy New Year on January 1, 2021.

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