2018 Fa Teaching Given in Washington, D.C.

(The nearly ten thousand Dafa disciples in attendance stand and applaud [...]) Good afternoon! [...] You've been working hard. [...] The persecution has been, as the old forces put it, a life-and-death test, a baptism, of Dafa disciples, and a process of smelting true gold. But whatever the case, you really have, as practitioners, shouldered great responsibilities—those of saving lives...
(Translation by Team Yellow)

Teaching the Fa in Washington D.C. in 2018

(Nearly ten thousand Dafa disciples stand up and applaud [...]) Greetings, everyone! [...] You've been working hard. [...] This persecution, in the words of the old forces, is just a test and baptism of fire and blood targeting Dafa disciples, as well as the smelting of genuine gold. Regardless, as cultivators, the responsibilities you have shouldered are indeed tremendous... 
(Translation by Team Blue)

What All Dafa Disciples Must Know

Mainland China's persecution of Falun Gong continues, and the Fa-rectification is not yet complete. In order to not provide convenience to the Chinese Communist Party's surveillance and monitoring, we urge all Dafa practitioners and Dafa disciples to stop using WeChat, Tencent QQ, iCloud, Skype, and other similar software, regardless of whether you live in mainland China or other countries or regions of the world...

Belated News: Liaoning Man Died in Prison 15 Months Ago

For upholding his belief in Falun Gong, Mr. Jin Junbo was tortured so badly that one side of his body was paralyzed. The authorities not only refused to render him proper medical attention, but also ordered an inmate to keep torturing him.

Toronto, Canada: Learning Ancient Meditation at Annual Strawberry Festival

Many festival-goers were happy to learn about Falun Gong during the Canada Day celebrations and some learned the exercises at the event.

How My Teenage Son Became More Diligent in Cultivation

A mother finds that giving up her own attachments, in addition the pure environment of a practitioner-run school, helped her son to overcome the challenges that had been holding him back.

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