Overseas Practitioners Benefit from China Fahui

Falun Dafa practitioners from different professions and of different ages share the benefits of reading the China Fahui articles and how they helped them to become more diligent. The practitioners mentioned benefitting from looking within when conflicts arise, thinking of others first, recognizing the importance of teaching children traditional culture, and the benefits of memorizing the Falun Dafa teachings.

Courage and Diligence: Australian Practitioners Inspired by China Fahui Articles

The 15th China Fahui (Experience Sharing Conference) was published on the Minghui website for the first two weeks of November. Readers around the world have been inspired by these articles by Falun Dafa practitioners in China, who bravely raise awareness about the communist regime's persecution. In this article, practitioners in Australia share how they were impacted by submissions to this year's China Fahui.

China Fahui | Dafa Strengthened Me Through Tribulations

A teacher takes up the self-cultivation practice of Falun Dafa as a last resort to cure her rheumatoid arthritis. She not only regained her health but also lost her explosive temper and started treating others compassionately. However, under the Chinese Communist Party's persecution of Dafa, the authorities targeted her and her family for her newfound faith.

California: Falun Gong Practitioners Hold Rally Calling For an End to the Persecution

Practitioners who spoke at the rally called for the immediate release of practitioners who are incarcerated in China, and held banners along the city's busy streets to raise awareness.

Hebei Woman Dies Suddenly While in Custody—Organs Extracted

A 64-year-old Falun Gong practitioner died in custody two months after being arrested for her faith. Her organs were removed by government agents with unknown identities. Her family has remained silent on the matter, likely fearing retaliation from authorities.

89-Year-Old Woman Recovers from Liver Cancer

With no hope of recovery, an elderly woman put her hope in Dafa and miraculously recovered. She now speaks up for Dafa and tells others that Falun Dafa saved her life.

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