(Minghui.org) Thirty experience sharing articles from the 15th annual China Fahui were published from November 3 to November 12, 2018. Falun Dafa practitioners' unyielding spirit and their sincere gratitude to Master Li (the founder of Falun Dafa) were displayed in their clear and candid narratives. Practitioners outside of China, in different professions and of different ages, have benefited from these sharing articles.

Touched by Practitioners' Unselfishness

Ms. Lin of the Minghui School said she was touched by every article of the China Fahui. She said, “Several sharing articles were written by school teachers... I was especially touched by “Guiding Children with the Principles of Falun Dafa.

“Because I'm a teacher myself, I have been concerned about the education and development of children. What touched me the most in this article was the author's selfless dedication to the child.

“In contrast, I see a big gap in myself. I thought I had been a very dedicated teacher and had spent a lot of my time teaching and preparing for my classes. However, compared with the author of this article, I can tell where I have fallen short. She took her student to her home and took care of him wholeheartedly. Imagine how much extra work she had to do! However, she didn't have a single word of complaint or impatience. It really reflects the inner realm of a Dafa practitioner who completely puts others before herself. You can easily sense her strong faith in Dafa.

“Her strong faith was also reflected in her daily teachings. She wasn't attached to any teaching methods, because she knew that all her wisdom came from Dafa and that the knowledge and skill of ordinary people could sometimes limit her approach to problems, but Dafa could solve them all.

“Throughout the entire article, the author recounted that no matter what kind of children, including the psychologically impaired, those who have or haven't cultivated themselves, and the rebellious, were completely changed by the power of Dafa and their teachers' realm of cultivation. This, in turn, brought changes to their parents' understanding of Falun Dafa.

“To put it simply, the foremost point that I have learned was that I should continue to eliminate my human notions and attachments in my cultivation, unconditionally assimilate to Dafa, and continuously put Falun Dafa's principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance into practice.

“Master has told us the importance of traditional culture. Young practitioners living overseas should learn traditional culture, since it's related to their self-cultivation. It's equally important for non-practitioner children. That's why I should put traditional culture in my teaching.

“This article made me feel that I should do my best in teaching traditional culture. This is a cultivator's responsibility to sentient beings. That's what we should do. As for the outcome, we have to let it take its natural course. Such an attitude comes from one's faith in Master and Dafa without mixing in notions or attachment to self. Everything we do, including our work, study, and our lives in society, are parts of following Master's instruction to save sentient beings.”

Western Practitioner: Reading Fahui Articles Is a Precious Experience of Looking Within

Maria Matyiku is a project manager at a Canadian financial institute. She started cultivating Falun Dafa after receiving an introductory flyer during her trip to Hong Kong in May 2007. She has read the China Fahui articles every year since.

“The sharing articles this year are very deep and touching,” she said. “They have given all of us a precious opportunity to find our shortcomings and improve ourselves.”

She was especially touched by an article titled “Believing in Master and the Fa, My Husband Passed a Test of Life and Death.”

She said, “This article was very inspiring and encouraging. The power of their collective effort is undeniable. Thanks to their strong faith in Master, both the husband and wife were able to extricate themselves from the old forces' arrangements. It showed a demarcation between accepting and denying the old forces' arrangements. The wife stopped forcing her husband to look within when she realized it was acknowledging the old forces. They studied the Fa intensively, and completely believed that Master would help them out. Things improved from then on.

“Their improved understanding of the Fa has made the wife realize and eliminate her selfishness and grievances against her husband, and made the husband realize the seriousness of looking within. He made up his mind to catch up. Their experience helped me find my well-hidden grievance and eliminate it.

“The wife told her husband, ‘You shouldn't worry too much about the specifics of who was right and who was wrong. You should check your thoughts. If you find a human attachment, you shouldn't regard it as your own thoughts. You should send righteous thoughts to eliminate it.’ I was inspired by her words. I often miss the time for sending forth righteous thoughts during the day because of interference at my work. I should examine my mindset and look for my own attachment so that I can eliminate the interference.”

Determined to Memorize the Fa after Reading a Fahui Article

Michael Cui, an area coordinator, said, “I was very moved by Memorizing Master's Teachings Renewed My Cultivation. The changes experienced by the fellow practitioner after memorizing the Fa has given me the determination to memorize it.

“The author of the article went through difficulties in his life after he was released from prison. He was very depressed and could not change it. When he eventually decided to memorize the Fa with his fellow practitioners, his mindset completely changed. He began to clarify the facts about Dafa to people, and noticed his cultivation state improved more and more.

“I also had a similar experience, but I slacked off as time passed. This fellow practitioner's experience confirmed to me that memorizing the Fa could solve any problem in our cultivation, and it's the best way to restore our diligence, as if we just started practicing.”

Wang Huan, a practitioner in North America who has been working on promoting Shen Yun performances, told Minghui, “I'm very touched by the article titled ‘Elevating in Cultivation After Overcoming Tribulations.’ The fellow practitioner who wrote this article had looked within while in custody, cultivated every thought, and kept in mind her mission of offering salvation to sentient beings, even though she was in a terrible tribulation. She was truly putting righteous thoughts and actions into practice.

“This fellow practitioner not only let go of her attachment to life and death but also eliminated her human notions at every moment. She uplifted herself and became a more mature cultivator through enduring the painful tribulations. Her experiences in cultivation, both the happy and tragic, are very heroic!

“I live in a free country and have never had to experience the terrible persecution, but I do know that the criteria for cultivation for everyone are serious and that the old forces' arrangements are everywhere. The only way for me to fulfill my mission as a Dafa disciple is to melt into the Fa, solidly cultivate myself, and walk away from human notions with righteous thoughts and actions.”

Wang Huan told a story of how a sharing article had helped her. About a month ago, when she was in a poor cultivation state, a practitioner recommended that she read an article entitled “Striving Forward and Assisting Master in Fa-rectification.” She said, “I was in the middle of a xinxing test. I couldn't concentrate while studying the Fa, and felt that my cultivation was terrible. I read all five parts of the sharing article in tears and had a strong feeling of being purified. I saw the author's steadfastness and my own attachments. It made me adjust myself immediately. When I went to sell tickets for Shen Yun that day, I sold 50 group tickets right away.”

Young Practitioners Inspired to Be Diligent

Melissa, a college student in North America, said that the article entitled “My Daughter's 20-Year Cultivation Journey” made her think about her own cultivation.

She said, “I was born in China, and had cultivated myself with my grandma since I was little. I didn't understand the meaning of cultivation back then. All I knew was that Dafa was righteous and the Communist Party shouldn't have persecuted it. I didn't know what I should be afraid of when I was in kindergarten and elementary school, so I often went out at night with my mother to post truth clarification materials and distribute brochures on the street.

“As I grew older, my fear grew. I was afraid to tell my classmates about Dafa because I worried that they would report me. I only told my closest friends about it, but I didn't tell them that I was a Dafa practitioner.

“I thought my cultivation environment would be more relaxed when I came abroad for college. However, my university has close contact with the Chinese Communist Party authorities. My professors praised how great China and the Chinese economy are. There are so many Chinese students in my class that I feel like I'm in a Chinese university. I sometimes don't feel that I’m in good control of my cultivation, because I pay too much attention to worldly things.

“The author of “My Daughter's 20-Year Cultivation Journey” wrote in her article, ‘My daughter was an English language radio show host at her university. She was in charge of programming, and some students suggested broadcasting love stories. My daughter said that there were already too many love stories, and suggested a brand new program. She found stories from traditional culture that were suitable for young people, which she translated into English and edited for the program. The show was broadcast into every corner of the school. She was very proud to be able to remain diligent during her four years of university life.’

“I was touched by the young practitioner in China who was able to remain so diligent, as I slacked off in a university overseas. I'm greatly encouraged to cultivate myself diligently!”

Ivy, another young practitioner who recently graduated from college, was also inspired by the same article. She said, “I'm an accountant. My profession requires me to continue learning and to pass certification exams. The exams are hard. I have been stressed, but I was greatly encouraged by the young fellow practitioner's experience. As long as I cultivate myself diligently and stay firm, I can do more in less time.

“As mentioned in the article, there are many temptations in society. I'm fortunate to have grown up under Dafa's influence, which has continued to purify my mind. I thank Master for his compassion! I'm determined to cultivate myself diligently and do the three things well!”

Studying the Fa Well Is the Prerequisite to Having Righteous Thoughts

Ms. Li, a practitioner in the United Kingdom, said that she admired the righteous thoughts of the author of “Elevating in Cultivation After Overcoming Tribulations.”

Ms. Li gave an example of the author's experience in a brainwashing center, “In the brainwashing center, I kept reciting the Fa, nonstop. I didn't look at or listen to the Party's propaganda videos played on television. When the staff talked to me, I closed my eyes and continued to recite the Fa in my heart. I saw that every word of the Fa I recited transformed into a cluster of high energy matter. They surrounded me and became a shield to protect me. Nothing that was said affected me. The persecutors left in frustration.”

Ms. Li said, “The fellow practitioner's righteous thoughts must have come from her great Fa study. I was deeply impressed with how she looked within when facing tribulations. Master has told us to study the Fa more and study well. I have been paying attention to my study and reciting the Fa, but I'm far behind this fellow practitioner. I often found my superficial problems when I looked within, but failed to identify my problems at the root. This article has given me a great reference for how to cultivate myself.

“The author always treated herself as a cultivator in her everyday life, and while in custody, openly and stately. She kept in mind to look within, stay positive, and deny the persecution. Her behavior continued to improve her environment, validate the power of Dafa, and save sentient beings. All of these are areas I need to improve in.”