(Minghui.org) The 15th China Fahui (Experience Sharing Conference) was published on the Minghui website for the first two weeks of November. Readers around the world are inspired by these articles by Falun Dafa practitioners in China, who bravely raise awareness about the communist regime's persecution. In this article, practitioners in Australia share how they were impacted by submissions to this year's China Fahui.

Young Practitioner Inspired by 94-Year-Old Practitioner's Story

Young practitioner Emma Ma of Queensland raises awareness of the persecution at tourist attractions. She was deeply touched after reading the China Fahui articles. She said, “Fellow practitioners in China keep righteous thoughts in such a brutal environment.”

She added, “They raise awareness not only among family and friends, but also approach police officers who have been involved in the persecution. I was most impressed with the article titled 'A 94-year-old Woman Shares the Blessings of Falun Dafa with the Police'.”

The author wrote, “My interaction with the police made me realize how precious a life is. However, there are many who may have become lost and gone awry during the long course of history. Master doesn't only want to save cultivators, he also wants to save all sentient beings.”

Emma said, “The author is a woman in her 90s. She went to a local police department many times to deliver Falun Dafa informational materials. She was instrumental in many police officers realizing that Falun Dafa is great. Her altruism, compassion, and righteous thoughts deeply touched me.”

“I have been participating in raising awareness at tourist sites for a long time. I often met with Chinese tourists who do not understand Falun Dafa and respond with abusive language. I avoided eye contact or talking with them.”

“Reading this sharing article, I felt that I was lacking compassion and understanding of life. I have a big gap when compared to this practitioner, who never gave up despite difficulties.”

“I will not avoid talking with abusive tourists in the future, but face them and eliminate the evil factors in other dimensions. I will study the Fa well and move forward diligently to assure that every predestined life be saved.”

Resuming Active Cultivation, Like How I Was in the Beginning

Practitioner Zhang is involved in calling China to raise awareness. He was touched after reading the article “Master Gave Me Wisdom to Help Save People with Compassion”.

Zhang said, “Fellow practitioners in China keep looking within and improving themselves while facing immense pressure and difficulties. With steadfast belief in Master Li and Dafa, they save sentient beings with compassion and wisdom.”

Zhang was especially impressed with the sharing of the above-mentioned author, “When the other person picks up the phone, I ask Master to help save them. It is not an issue if the person agrees to withdraw from the CCP or not, at least his dimensional field has been purified. I then send righteous thoughts after the phone call.”

“The author kept looking within, even when the police she contacted cursed or tried to intimidate her. Reading this article helped me find the gap in my cultivation. Sometimes, I was busy with projects and did not have enough time to study the Fa. So I could not reach the state to look within. Sometimes I was impatient like an everyday person when calling China.”

“Recently, our group increased Fa-study on a daily basis and paid attention to looking within. We all resumed a more active cultivation state, just as we were back when we started to practice. The more Fa we have in our minds, the less room there is for thought karma and attachments. Our human notions and thinking mode are changing too. I also made a breakthrough in calling China. Some police officers accepted my phone call and listened to me for a long time.”

Feeling the Urgency of Saving People

Practitioner Ms. Nie was moved after reading the article “Raising Awareness Throughout All the Villages in My County.” She said, “Tears were covering my face when reading this article again today. I am also from northern China and know how cold it is in the winter.”

“The article stated, 'There are 25 townships in our county and over 20 villages in each township. Within just a year-and-a-half, we went to every village in that area, introduced Dafa, and raised awareness of the persecution by the CCP.”

“To not miss predestined people, the practitioners walked through fields and climbed mountains. 'Farmers start to work their fields in the spring, so we visited people working in the fields and those who were taking care of sheep and donkeys in the mountains.'”

Nie said she felt ashamed of herself compared to how diligent the practitioners in China are in cultivating and saving people.

“Reading the sharing articles,” she said, “I feel the gap. I especially lack true urgency for saving people. For example, I live in an area with many Chinese people. I talked with many people when I came here initially, but gradually talked with fewer people. Now I am involved in projects and seldom raise awareness face to face. I also found that I waste time due to poor time management. We should cultivate ourselves well and save more people.”

New Insight from China Fahui Articles

Jenny Zhang of Canberra often goes to tourist attractions to raise awareness. She said she had been looking forward to reading China Fahui articles, knowing they'd be a boost of encouragement.

“Each article touched me,” she said. “The practitioners in China save sentient beings with righteous thoughts in a truly harsh environment. Their firm belief in Dafa and Master touched me. I see my gap when reading their articles.”

“I was most impressed with the article 'Elevating in Cultivation After Overcoming Tribulations'. The author was imprisoned for four years and locked in solitary confinement. She treated the small dark room as a cave in which to cultivate herself.”

“With guidance from the Fa,” she said, “I treated everyone with kindness and compassion, no matter how they treated me. Compared to those ancients who cultivated in the caves, I am much more fortunate, because I am cultivating the great Fa of the universe.”

“The author of the article wrote, “The guards attempted to find my weaknesses, so they could attack me with psychological tests, but failed. What they didn't know was that I had been cultivating and ridding myself of attachments based on the Fa. When they attacked certain attachments in me, I had already started to work on it. Their attempts to persecute me turned out to be steps for me to elevate myself.”

'Master was also with me, protecting and encouraging me. I truly experienced the profound wisdom of Dafa. I knew as long as I followed Master closely, the evil wouldn't be able to do anything to me.'”

Jenny said before moving on, “Reading this article, I have discovered a new understanding of the words 'elevating by passing tribulations'. The author had such strong righteous thoughts because she had firm belief in Master and Dafa and looked within unconditionally.”

“I have practiced Dafa for 22 years. I would ask myself what my attachment was when facing issues. I knew I was wrong after finding my attachment. Now I realize that it is not genuine cultivation, as I enlightened without taking action, when facing such issues. Ridding oneself of each attachment needs a process – passing tribulations and enhancing righteous thoughts. I cannot miss any opportunity to pass a test and elevate in cultivation.”

Western Practitioner: Determined to Complete My Mission

Western practitioner Luke said that when he began to participate in a Dafa project, he did not do well because he was busy with his daily work. The article 'Writing Articles Is My Mission' reminded him about his mission.

Luke remembered that the author said, “Another practitioner praised my writing skills. When I thought about it, I realized that writing articles was my mission. In fact, Master already gave me the skills, and I just needed to go ahead and do it. It was as Master said, “Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master.” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun) I am very grateful for Master's compassionate arrangement.”

Luke said that reading the Minghui articles helped him overcome difficulties. He felt that the experience of practitioners in China was impressive and touching. He indicated that the courage and diligent cultivation of practitioners in China made him get over any inattention in cultivation.