(Minghui.org) The Inner Mongolia Women's Prison has been a central location to incarcerate local residents for their faith. Ever since the Chinese communist regime launched its persecution of Falun Gong, a spiritual discipline based on the principles of Truthfulness-Forbearance-Compassion, law-abiding practitioners have been held at this prison and subjected to intense persecution.

The prison authorities have developed numerous tactics, including physical torture, administration of unknown drugs, psychological manipulation, and forced labor, in their attempts to make detained practitioners renounce their belief in Falun Gong.

Many practitioners have sustained severe injuries with long-lasting complications and/or went through bouts of emotional trauma. At least one practitioner is known to have died of torture in the prison.

To date, at least 41 practitioners from the province have been confirmed to have been jailed at the prison at one time or another for exercising their constitutional right to freedom of belief. Four of these practitioners are Ms. Liu Xiurong and her three daughters, Tian Xin, Tian Fang, and Tian Miao, who all served time at the prison. Tian Xin was recently sent there again, not long after her release.

Due to the regime's information blockade, hundreds more local practitioners are believed to have suffered persecution at this prison.

Physical Torture

Guard Kang Jianwei often led the charge in abusing practitioners. He and other guards also instigated criminal inmates to carry out the torture of practitioners by promising term reductions.

Ms. Liang Lixin Dies of Abuse-induced Cancer

Ms. Liang Lixin was sentenced to six years following her illegal arrest in August 2004. She developed cancer after enduring various forms of torture. According to the local police, she died while still imprisoned.

Many Practitioners Fall Victim to Kang's Assault

Almost all practitioners held at the prison had been assaulted by guard Kang Jianwei. He even bragged about his atrocities, “I AM the evil guard reported on the Minghui.org. So what?!”

He once grabbed Ms. Wang Xiufang's hair to shock her on the head with an electric baton. He punched her in the chest for hours, breaking several of her ribs. When Ms. Wang was released three years later, her chest still hurt and she had several bald spots on her head.

Ms. Zhai Cuixia also had her ribs broken after Kang repeatedly beat her. She could not walk for months, and could only move about by crawling.

Kang kicked Ms. Li Yuzhi hard in the genital area, knocking the then 70-year-old over. Two inmates pulled her up and dragged her to an office, where she was forced to remain in a fixed position (standing or squatting) for several hours.

After pushing Ms. Pang Chunxiang to the ground, Kang grabbed her by the hair and dragged her around on the floor.

Administration of Unknown Drugs

The guards brutally force-fed practitioners who went on hunger strikes to protest the brutalities. Ms. Wang Ying didn't take any food for nearly a year and was subjected to punitive force-feeding. The guards often gave her an unidentified yellowish liquid, which caused her to become ill.

Ms. Shi Yumei was also given unknown drugs on many occasions. Even when she was not on a hunger strike, the guards still found excuses to drug her. They intentionally falsified her blood pressure readings as being dangerously high and forced her to take pills to treat her “symptoms.”

Psychological Manipulation

In order to coerce practitioners to renounce their faith, the guards forced them to read or watch propaganda that was slanderous to Falun Gong.

On one occasion, the guards lined up 14 practitioners from one brainwashing session in front of other inmates and ordered the inmates to shout insults at the practitioners for several hours.

The guards also tried to deceive practitioners' family members and use them to weaken the practitioners' willpower. For instance, the family of one practitioner refused to visit her after falling victim to the guards' deceit. While she was still devastated by her family's betrayal, she had to endure being subjected to isolation at the prison. The guards had ordered all other detainees to not talk to her or get close to her. She recalled years later that she almost had a mental collapse during this period.

Slave Labor

The guards also subjected practitioners to hard labor without pay. Practitioners were ordered to work long hours to make various products. Many of them developed health problems after being exposed to toxic materials and unsanitary work conditions, as well as strenuous work schedules.

List of the 41 Known Practitioner-prisoners

Dai Zhenyun, Ding Yanli, Duan Xueqin, Fan Jinling, Gao Zhifan, Huang Chaoxia, Ji Shurong, Li Shilin, Li Yufen, Li Yuzhi, Liang Lixin, Liu Fengrong, Liu Fengyun, Liu Xiurong, Liu Yingchun, Liu Yuping, Meng Guilan, Pang Chunxiang, Shao Guizhen, Shi Yumei, Song Yaqin, Tian Fang, Tian Miao, Tian Sufang, Tian Xin, Wang Fenghua, Wang Guihua, Wang Jiufang, Wang Suqin, Wang Xiufang, Wang Ying, Wu Aihong, Yan Shukui, Yang Lirong, Yu Fengying, Zhai Cuixia, Zhang Cuimin, Zhang Cuiping, Zheng Guizhi, Zhou Liying, Zuo Yafen


The Inner Mongolia Women's Prison, located in Xiaoheihe District, Hohhot City, was formerly known as the Inner Mongolia First Women's Prison. It was relocated to Shuaijiaying Village in November 2003 to combine with the Inner Mongolia Second Women's Prison, which also relocated there from Baoanzhao, Xing'an City.

Parties Involved in Abusing Practitioners at the Inner Mongolia Women's Prison

Guards: Kang Jianwei, Xiao Mei, Bai Guirong, Liu Gang, Bai Guimei, Wu Rining, and Zhao Pengcheng

Inmates: Yuan Wei, Shen Bo, Li Xiaolan, and Liu Yan.

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