(Minghui.org) Editor’s note: Mr. Jiang Guobo, a former county-level government official, recounts his experiences before and after cultivating Falun Dafa and how he went from being a corrupt official to an honest and upright person that gained the respect of his colleagues, supervisors, and the villagers he helped. However, since the communist regime started suppressing this spiritual practice, Mr. Jiang has been fired from his position, arrested, detained, sentenced, and brutally tortured for his faith in Falun DafaThe following is his firsthand account.

My name is Jiang Guobo. I was born in March 1963 in Weihai City, Shandong Province. I used to be a corrupt Chinese Communist Party (CCP) official but changed into someone who no longer accepted bribes and worked to solve real problems faced by the people in my district. I used to suffer from many health problems and felt hopeless, but I have recovered from all of them. I used to place self-interest above everything and used to do whatever I could think of to get ahead, but I have changed into a considerate and honest person. 

I owe it all to Falun Dafa. My cultivation journey hasn’t always been easy, but not a single day passes that I don’t feel extremely lucky to have cultivated Dafa for the past 20-plus years. 

A Corrupt CCP Official

After graduating from college, I was offered a much-coveted job with the Weifang City Political and Legal Affairs Committee and became a sub-county level official for the CCP. 

When I first joined the Political and Legal Affairs Committee as a young man, I was full of hope for the future. Like many of my peers, I wanted to do good, and be useful to society. However, with deceit-evil-strife being the very make of Communism’s DNA, corruption governs the CCP. Even as an entry-level official at the county level, I couldn’t resist the temptation for fame and profit, and gradually got accustomed to the highly toxic environment. 

Betraying my conscience, I exploited my position to gain favors and benefits. I pulled strings and used underhanded means to help whoever came to me with expensive gifts or bribes to get jobs or business deals through the back door. Little by little, I got rid of my qualms and accepted large amounts of monetary bribes that I never imagined I would dare to come by. 

Since I started cultivating in Falun Dafa, I have returned most of the gifts and money I accepted and donated what I couldn’t return.

I obviously had made quite a name for myself among the corrupt Party officials. All of a sudden I was this “bright young man” who was capable, knew how to work his connections, and was not afraid of playing a wild card to “get business done.” Now accepted as part of the “club,” I was trusted by some higher-ups and assigned important tasks. 

When I visited my hometown, comments by elderly relatives that I was “honest and kind,” which used to please me, now upset me. I felt insulted because to me, such remarks were the same as calling me incompetent. 

During one particular visit home, my aunt whom I had not seen for a few years was so happy to see me that she announced to everyone, “This is my favorite nephew. Ever since he was a little boy, he’s been honest, gentle, and hardworking…” I didn’t hide my annoyance and impatiently interrupted her, “Aunt, don’t say those things about me anymore. I was young back then and I am not that naive and pathetic any longer.” 

Stunned and confused, my aunt was speechless. She didn’t know that her favorite nephew was no longer the boy she was always so proud of—kindhearted, shy, and never would have told a lie. He was now ruthless, corrupt, and didn’t think twice about lying.

The changes in me attracted people who wanted to use me, but those who held themselves to high moral values distanced themselves as they no longer saw me as worthy of their friendship. But I didn’t care, as long as I got what I wanted.

Deteriorating Health 

The universe is fair and what goes around comes around. Just as I was ignoring my conscience, busying myself with perfecting the art of corruption and trickery, the heavens put a stop to it. I collapsed. Barely in my 30’s and pretty healthy up to this point in my life, I suddenly fell ill. 

It all happened one afternoon in March 1994. I was on my way to pick up my son after work when it got very windy. As I crossed a bridge on my bike, I had chills all over and felt so weak that I had to stop pedaling. I got off to take a break. “Is there something wrong with me?” I had an uneasy feeling.

I skipped breakfast the next morning and went to the hospital to get some blood tests done. The results soon came back and completely crushed me. I felt as if I'd been struck by lightning—I was told I had Hepatitis and cirrhosis. I just couldn’t believe it.

My diagnosis was like a dark cloud hanging over me and my family. My wife cried many times behind my back. My father-in-law talked to me twice and advised me to take a medical leave, to which I said no both times.

The truth is, I was not ready to let go of what I had “achieved.” I didn’t want to just disappear from the “power circle” while there was still so much money to be made and so many benefits to be collected. With my poor health, however, I couldn’t even go to work, let alone work those connections and do personal favors in exchange for bribes. I was no longer able to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle of fine dining, drinking, games, and entertainment. 

My life in the fast lane came to a halt as my health rapidly deteriorated. Within weeks of being diagnosed, I already saw symptoms of fluid buildup in my abdomen as a result of cirrhosis, which I was warned could lead to cancer. I suffered from nephritis—inflammation of the kidneys—and had high levels of urea in my blood. I experienced the sensation of swelling of the head and dizziness so unbearable sometimes I had to stick my head out of the window to gain relief. 

I had severe hemorrhoids which bled almost every time I had a bowel movement. The simple task of going to the bathroom became such an ordeal that I needed to rest afterward, leaning to one side to recover. I often felt tightness in my chest and had difficulty breathing, which I chalked up to a family history of lung disease that had claimed a few relatives’ lives. I also had joint pain and stiffness in the shoulders, and my eyes got teary when it got windy outside. 

I was only 31 years old at the time, but I suffered from more than a dozen ailments. I had liver spots on my face and hands. The one on my temple was the size of a coin, which is almost exclusively seen in people in their 70’s or 80’s.

According to Chinese medicine, the liver is of the yang nature and the kidney the yin. They are completely the opposite of each other. If only one of these two vital organs was affected it would be easier to treat, and the possibility of recovering would increase. But when there are problems with both, such as in my case, treating one organ would damage the other and vice versa. It is called “sub-cancer” in Chinese medicine, meaning that it is impossible to cure. 

My family sought out experts of both Chinese and Western medicine, but no doctor could help. I even tried folk remedies, but nothing worked. We spent a lot of money, but my health only worsened.

It really hit me one morning that I was dying. As I pushed back the comforter to get out of bed, I was shocked to see a yellowish body-shaped stain on the inside lining of the comforter. That was how much I had sweat during the night. At that point, my body and face were severely swollen. I looked yellowish and sickly, and even my sweat was yellow. 

I stood there for a while and just couldn’t accept the fact that my liver problem had become so severe. My days were numbered and my life was slipping away. I fell into depression and couldn’t sleep at night. As if a snake was eating up my heart, I was in constant fear and great mental agony. I often thought about my own funeral and just couldn’t get the painful thought out of my head.

Six months after I was diagnosed with these incurable diseases, my father, who was only 57 at the time, was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Dafa Gave Me a New Life

As I lay in bed one night in June 1995 in a state of complete despair, I thought about the short life I had lived. I thought about the many hoops I'd had to jump through to secure a position with the Political and Legal Affairs Committee. I thought about my recent promotion to deputy chief. My career had just started—I had not had the chance to climb the ladder to a higher position to honor my ancestors, and now I had become useless. 

I was sick from diseases deemed to be incurable, including an infectious disease that made people scared of being close to me. Not only that, my father was diagnosed with a terminal illness and was in critical condition. When it rains it pours. Was heaven really trying to end my life and my father’s life? 

The more I thought about it, the more depressed I became. I sat up, picked up a book on the nightstand, and started flipping through the pages. The book was called Falun Gong. A neighbor who is a police officer had given it to me about a week before. He told me, “This is a wonderful book. You should read it.” I was not interested in any qigong books but didn’t want to hurt his feelings, so I accepted it and left it on the nightstand.

I had long been disappointed in qigong practices. I had tried a few, spent some money on different books, and practiced for a while, but none of them helped improve my health – instead I was getting worse. I found out later that those types of qigong I'd practiced before were sham qigong.

This book sat on my nightstand for a week untouched. However, as I picked it up and flipped through the pages casually that night, a passage grabbed my attention:

“An opportunity to become human and live a life here doesn’t come easily. Some people live for their ego, which really isn’t worth it and is just exhausting. There is a saying in China: “With one step back, you will discover a boundless sea and sky.” Take a step back when you are confronted with troubles, and you will find it a whole different scenario.” (Chapter III, Falun Gong)

Those words spoke directly to my heart and sent a jolt through my entire body. I promptly sat up and continued reading. Ever since I was little, I’d had similar thoughts but could never seem to put them into words. Sometimes I managed to convey the general idea, but others seldom understood me—they took them as my excuse for being incompetent. However, Master’s words made me feel that I finally found someone who understood me.

I quickly flipped through the book and looked for the exercise instructions. As soon as I found them, I jumped out of the bed and tried a few stretching movements in the first exercise, “Buddha Stretching a Thousand Arms.” A strong energy current went through my body, I instantly gained relief from pain and felt great. I knew right away, “This is a good practice. I want to learn it.”

Depressed and weak just a few moments earlier, now I was as happy as a child. I put on a shirt and shouted to my wife in the kitchen, “This practice is very good. I have to learn it.” She was surprised to see me like that, “Look how excited you are. This may just be a good practice. Why don’t you give it a try?” I went to my neighbor’s home and told him I wanted to practice Falun Dafa. 

The timing worked out perfectly—it just so happened the very first public screening of Master Li’s lectures in our city was scheduled to begin the next day. During my lunch break for the next two weeks, I attended the screening at a local auditorium. As I watched videos of Master’s lectures, I sometimes felt so cold that I was shivering, then the next moment I felt hot and sweat profusely. I felt lethargic and dozed off at times. Then, I woke up and felt restless and irritable. 

Three days into the screening, I had the symptoms of nausea and diarrhea. I didn’t know at the time that I was experiencing these symptoms because Master was purifying my body. Although I didn’t understand much of what Master taught in the lectures, to my surprise I began to feel hungry. I had not had much of an appetite for more than two years. After the screening on the third day, I went straight to a nearby restaurant and ordered a big bowl of buckwheat noodles—it was delicious.

Within three months of practicing Falun Dafa I recovered from all my illnesses, including cirrhosis and inflammation of the kidneys. The symptoms caused by my liver disease, such as swelling, loss of appetite, and weakness were also gone. Even my Hepatitis B test result came back negative. None of these diseases recurred for the last two decades and I was even certified by a county-level hospital to be of “Excellent Heath” in June 2019. Having fully regained my health, I was on cloud nine. Bursting with joy, I shouted from the bottom of my heart, “Master Li Hongzhi saved me!”

I felt most fortunate to have found the true meaning of life through Dafa and knew clearly that my purpose in life was to return to my origin. The dark and hopeless life I led suddenly opened up to a bright light and I was full of life. Basking in the Buddha’s immense light and grace, I was excited and full of appreciation for Master’s boundless compassion. I vowed to not miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and cultivate diligently.

My Father’s Miraculous Recovery

Having experienced Dafa’s miraculous healing powers, I couldn’t wait to share this wonderful practice with my family, especially my father. My father was very ill with late-stage lung cancer at this point and was bedridden. He hardly ate anything anymore and was merely enduring the pain, and waiting for his life to end. My family was heartbroken, but had to face reality—they had already made arrangements for my father’s funeral. 

After I introduced my parents to Dafa, both took up the practice. My father started in July 1995 and by the time I visited again in October, he was well enough to work in the fields during harvest. My mother who was in her 70’s also quickly recovered from the kidney disease, gynecological disorder, and migraine she suffered for 30 years. She also used to have severe back pain and couldn’t even carry a basin. After taking up Falun Dafa, she worked in the field right alongside the young people. 

Recovering from her illnesses, my mother was full of energy and had incredible strength. She once pumped water from the wells in the field to water her vegetable garden. After working all morning and after having drained two wells, she didn’t feel tired at all. The villagers told the story with disbelief, “How did she become so healthy and energetic? She used to be so sickly.” 

Even more surprisingly, my mother, who had never gone to school for a day in her life and couldn’t even recognize all the characters in her own name, was able to fluently read the entire Book Zhuan Falun a year after she took up the practice. The Book contains more than 160,000 characters. 

The miracles that happened to my parents cannot be explained by modern science but they truly happened, and are real events that nobody can deny. Isn’t this enough to prove that Falun Dafa is an extraordinary science?

Following Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to Be a Good Person

I strove to live up to the standards of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in my daily life and improved my moral character. In the process of cultivating myself, I worked on getting rid of my selfishness, competitive mentality, laziness, wicked thoughts, and many other bad notions. My goal is to eventually become selfless and to always think of others’ needs first. 

I no longer meticulously calculated my loss and gain and fought over fame and profit anymore. Instead, I treated others with kindness and sincerity and tried my best to do a good job at work. I stopped doing things that were not in line with Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I received excellent marks for year-end performance evaluation in 1995 and 1996. 

I was given the highest score for overall performance in 1997. According to the regulation and rules, I should have gotten a raise for having scored in the top bracket three years in a row. However, when I found out two other co-workers also received high marks, and the administrators had difficulty deciding who should get the raise as there was a quota of two per year, I told them to give it to the others. Before I cultivated in Dafa, I fought to get a raise every year but never received one and now I willingly gave it up.

Although I didn’t get the raise in 1997, I received an unexpected promotion the following year. Being the youngest deputy chief and the least experienced, I was pleasantly surprised to get promoted and became one of the few sub-county level officials younger than 35 years old, among thousands of employees of various government agencies at our office compound.

I held a managerial position at the Committee and had participated in several investigating and performance review of lower-level officials since 1996. In late 1997, I led a group of officials to conduct performance reviews for seven regional police chiefs. A few tried to give us gifts, but I turned them down. 

After we wrapped up our work at a city on a Sunday, the police chief had his driver take us home. After dropping off all the other officials in my group, the driver took me to my house last. As I got out of the car, he took a box out of the truck, put it by my door, jumped back in the car, and drove off. I had no choice but to take it inside and found a 1,500 yuan price tag on the bag. Since I had no way of returning it, I asked my wife to donate it to the Weifang City Project Hope.

I joined four other officials in August 1998 to investigate a few county-level prosecutors and their leadership. The head of the group is the director of a city-level government agency. As I went to each county and met with the local procurators, I explained why I didn’t take gifts, did not drink alcohol, and the conversation always led to my belief in Falun Dafa.

After working together for 10 days, the head of the investigation group told me, “I heard you telling people about Falun Gong. At first I thought it is a great practice but only for healing illnesses and keeping fit. I didn’t pay much attention. Now I’ve worked with you for more than a week, I realized this practice is more than that. Staying away from alcohol is hard but achievable, but to not take any gift at all is truly remarkable, especially in our line of work. Yes, the leadership of the CCP shout slogans decrying bribery and corruption every day, but who can truly achieve it? Even officials who appear to be honest cannot resist it behind closed doors.” 

He continued, “I’ve been watching you for the last week or so—you have truly done it. This is incredible. You said that Falun Gong is a cultivation of the heart and from what I’ve seen it can truly change a person from the inside out, while the CCP can only change people superficially. This is a good practice.”

He told me the rest of the group had a meeting while I was gone and decided to learn from me, the Falun Gong practitioner, and would no longer take any gifts. He added that if it were not because he was so busy with work, he would also practice Falun Gong. A township-level official in our group, however, took up Falun Gong during that trip. 

I never hold back and was always happy to extend a helping hand to those in need. From 1996 to 2000, I donated several thousand yuan out of my own pocket and anonymously supported five elementary students living below the poverty line in Jinan City, Anqiu City, and Linqu County. Besides helping these children financially, I also wrote letters and encouraged them to do good in school and be good people.

With More Than 100 Million Followers Nationwide, Falun Gong Practitioners Held Important Positions in Mainstream Society

Dafa cultivation transformed me into an honest, kind, and upright person. My persistently turning down bribes during assignments and firmly upholding my principles earned the recognition, admiration, and trust of some high-ranking officials. 

A few officials of the Organization Department, a human resource management department of the CCP, asked me for copies of Dafa books and videotapes of Master’s Li Hongzhi’s lectures. Some told me they wanted to practice themselves, and others were asking for family members.

Before I was promoted to a sub-county level official, there had been a three-year promotion freeze within the Party nationwide. In our city, no officials had received a county-level promotion in three consecutive years. I was among the first few after the freeze was lifted. 

I’m from a farming family in the countryside and landed a job in the city after graduating from college. I had only worked for the Committee for a short time and didn’t have deep connections among the city’s high-ranking officials. My promotion proved that Dafa was respected by the mainstream society and the practitioners were trusted with important positions within the government body. 

Master Li Hongzhi said,

“Back before the persecution of Falun Gong began, over half of the true upper-middle class of mainstream Chinese society had taken up Falun Gong. The wicked Party then drove these people, the mainstream, to the other side, and has since created a corrupt class that serves as society’s nucleus. And it is thus that Chinese society has become corrupt beyond redemption.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2010 New York Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. XI)

As far as I know, before Jiang Zemin, the then leader of the CCP, launched the persecution against Falun Dafa in 1999, there were indeed a lot of Party officials in key positions cultivating in Dafa, mostly at home without others knowing. Dozens of high-ranking Party officials had asked me for copies of Master Li Hongzhi’s books, lecture videotapes, and exercise music audiotapes. Among them were the chief of the police department, chief of the security department, deputy chief of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee, and such key leadership figures in critical government agencies.

A regional level official accompanied by his subordinate official paid me a visit in March 1999 and asked about my experience practicing Falun Dafa. After I shared my story, he expressed an interest to learn the practice and asked me for copies of Dafa books and Master’s lecture videotapes. A female chief at a city-level agency also took up the practice. She invited me to visit her in early 1999 and share my cultivation experience. There were even more county and higher-level officials cultivating Dafa.

During the years leading up to 1999, I was invited to several regional Dafa experience sharing conferences and shared my experience among Party officials. I attended a small conference in October 1997 where more than a dozen county-level Party officials, four local practitioners, and myself shared cultivation experiences in the Regional Standing Committee conference room. 

I was invited to attend a medium-sized Fa study and experience sharing conference at a provincial capital on a Sunday in December 1998. At this conference, a director of a provincial theater company (usually state or military owned for propaganda purposes), a well-known writer of the national judicial system, an experienced researcher, five members of the leadership of a mega state-owned enterprise, and myself spoke at the podium. According to the organizers, of the more than 400 attendees, at least 220 were county-level chief officials. 

I was invited to share my cultivation experience in another city in April 1999. About 7,000 people attended this conference, and among them, many were Party officials.

The Mountain People’s Appreciation

I temporarily left the Political and Legal Affairs Committee and stepped in as the Miaozi Township Party secretary. Miaozi is a sub-county level township within the jurisdiction of Qingzhou City. I was also assigned to lead the Poverty Alleviation strike force to help combat poverty at a small mountain village in my district. I worked closely with the villagers for a-year-and-a-half. 

Although I had 100,000 yuan in poverty alleviation funds at my disposal, I paid for my own meals out of pocket and encouraged other officials to do the same. We did solid work helping the villagers solve real problems. Seeing that we worked right alongside them and did honest work, the villagers started to treat us like family. When we returned after the Chinese New Year holidays, the village chief, officials and villagers welcomed us with fire crackers at the village entrance. 

A strike team built several 1,000 meters of road for the village in less than 6 months and put a public water system in place to bring drinking water to every household. We also introduced projects helping the poorest families to increase their household income. The local TV station and newspaper reported on the work we did in the village.

In order to win the nearly 100,000 yuan water system installation project, a contractor drove 50 miles to pay me a visit one night and brought an expensive gift. I told him, “After comparing all the bidding contractors, we have decided to go with your company. But please take back what you brought.” Happy to learn that he had won the project, the owner offered me kickbacks which I politely turned down. He told me before he left, “I asked a friend to get me more information about you and he said that you’re a Falun Gong cultivator and you don’t take any bribes. I didn’t quite believe him, but now I do.” 

I worked closely with this contractor over the course of the project. When it was all done, he gave me a thumb up in front of everybody and said, “I’ve worked with many government officials in my more than 50 years of life, but you’re No. 1.” I smiled, “Thank you. If I didn’t cultivate in Dafa, I wouldn’t be like this.”

The Persecution Begins

The CCP launched the persecution in July 1999 and all the state-run media slandered Dafa and Master. I went to Beijing to petition for my right to freedom of religion and called on the central government to stop the suppression. As soon as I returned to my city, I was suspended from work and removed from the poverty alleviation team.

I was at home one night in late 1999 and suddenly the phone rang—it was the village Party secretary. As soon as I picked up, he said, “Secretary Jiang, the village officials and I are going to petition the Political and Legal Affairs Committee."

I was surprised and asked him why. He said, “You stopped coming to the village all of a sudden and we just found out what happened. We don’t think you’re being treated fairly. Where do people find good officials like you nowadays? You didn’t break any law and only told the truth when you petitioned in Beijing, telling the central government that Falun Gong is good. What is wrong with that? It is not fair for them to treat you like this.”

He continued, “We held a meeting today at the village Party Committee. After talking it over we decided that all the village officials are going to the Committee to petition for you to be reinstated to your position and resume your work. We will tell the leadership all the good things you’ve done for our village and let them know what our villagers think of you. Others push the boat with the current, but we mountain people will push the boat against the current for you.”

The village secretary became very emotional as he continued on. I was deeply touched. However, I worried they might bring trouble to themselves and convinced him not to come. I thanked him and all the others for their kind thoughts and support and told him to stay put.

My last visit to the village was toward the end of 1999. A few co-workers accompanied me to the village to get my belongings that I had left behind when I was suspended more than six months before. The villagers were happy to see me.

It was snowing very hard that day. The village officials invited us to lunch at a small restaurant on the edge of the village. After a few drinks, the village secretary grabbed the microphone to the Karaoke machine and started singing, “Sending my fellow soldier off to his journey. Quiet without words but my tears streaming down. Again, I hear the camel bell ring…”

We loaded the car after lunch and climbed in. When I rolled down my window to wave goodbye to the villagers standing in the snow, the village secretary strode up to grab my hand. Tears covered his face, but he didn’t say anything. The car started to move, he held on to my hand and scampered beside the moving car. “Take care, Secretary Jiang.” His words trailed behind us as the snow fell into the quiet car.

Fired from My Position and Tortured for My Faith

Falun Dafa is a spiritual practice of the mind and body in which the cultivation of moral character is of the utmost importance. Sticking to the principles taught by Master, I continuously assimilate to the characteristic of the universe—Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and cultivate myself solidly. I am always working on getting rid of my selfishness, greed, dishonesty, my attachment and pursuit of fame and profit, laziness, my ill thoughts, and violent tendencies. I especially try to always tell the truth, do honest work, and be sincere in everyday life.

However, under the Communist rule, it is not easy to always tell the truth, especially as a government official. Before I became a Dafa cultivator, I was indoctrinated with the Communist Party’s atheism ideology, revolution theories, and philosophy of struggle. I studied the “art” and mastered the “skills” of lying and deceit. It was critical to my survival within the system and had become habitual. As soon as I opened my mouth, lies rolled out without me even trying. Lies are lifeblood to the Communist regime in China and are religiously practiced and carefully protected within the Party, top to bottom. It won’t tolerate people telling the truth. If you dare to tell the truth, you’ll be persecuted, some even to death. However, since I started cultivating in Dafa, I have not told a lie. 

Before I became a Dafa cultivator, I always looked out for my own interest and used my position and my power to “help” others in exchange for bribes and favors. At work, to gain small advantages and petty profits, I played mind games and used vicious tricks to compete and fight with others openly, and secretly. After I practiced Falun Dafa, I followed the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, elevated my moral character, and became an honest and upright official known to many within the law enforcement and legal system.

Jiang Zemin’s jealousy and the CCP’s deceptive, evil, and violent nature effectively prompted the ruthless persecution of Falun Gong in 1999. As someone who had benefited so much from Dafa, I have always rationally clarified the truth about this spiritual practice during the past more than 20 years, regardless of where I was or how difficult it was. Despite the pressure and temptation I face, I hold my head up high and carry myself with dignity because I have complete faith in my belief. 

I use my personal experience and the legal knowledge that I have to tell people, including those who tortured and mistreated me, “Falun Dafa is good. Falun Dafa is the Great Fa with boundless mighty virtue. It is not a cult as the CCP’s propaganda depicted. It is wrong and against the law to persecute Falun Gong. I will never give up Dafa cultivation.”

I have gone to Beijing five times to petition the central government for my right to religious freedom, and to clear the name of Master and Dafa. I have been arrested 13 times, sentenced to forced labor twice, imprisoned for five years, and extorted out of more than 30,000 yuan in cash and valuables. I have been tortured with 77 cruel methods, including beaten with electric batons, locked in an iron chair, cuffed to a death bed, tied to a tiger bench, and forced fed poison and spicy chili oil. I was on the brink of death 39 times. However, I am still me—nobody could change me.

Although I was under constant pressure due to the regime’s persecution, my heart was always filled with sunlight, and no physical pain could disturb my mental peace. Quite a few times, people around me, including practitioners asked me, “Do you think cultivation is suffering?” I always told them, “I couldn’t be happier. How could I feel that I am suffering?” 

I feel extremely lucky to have obtained the most precious treasure—Falun Dafa—in my prime years and have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to cultivate in Dafa. Since the day I started my cultivation, I have always been grateful and feel so fortunate to have become the most lucky and happy being.

My Sincere Wish for Others

My cultivation experience cannot reflect even one millionth of Master Li Hongzhi and Falun Dafa’s boundless mighty virtue. By sharing it, I hope to help those who read this understand what a true cultivator is about, and therefore see through the CCP’s lies. It is my biggest and most sincere wish that more people will reach deep within to rediscover their conscience, get rid of the negative notions and prejudice they may harbor against Dafa, and choose a bright future.

(Written on August 31, 2020. Mr. Jiang Guobo has since passed away as a result of the persecution on April 29, 2021)