Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Rally in Chinatown Exposes Chinese Communist Party's Persecution

Falun Gong practitioners held banners and posters and gave speeches in Philadelphia's Chinatown to oppose the ongoing persecution of the practice in China. Many passersby signed a petition calling for an end to the regime. A state representative issued a proclamation in support of the Quitting the CCP Movement and another politician wrote a letter of support.

Toronto: Children and Teachers Learn from Each Other During Minghui Summer Camp

For eight weeks, students and teachers benefited from an environment in which everyone looked inward for opportunities to improve their character and learned to let go of selfish mentalities. In addition to studying Falun Dafa and doing the exercises, students attended classes on traditional Chinese dance, art, calligraphy, painting, and crafts.

Berlin, Germany: People Find Hope from Falun Dafa

Falun Dafa practitioners held an event at the Brandenburg Gate to raise awareness of the ongoing persecution in China. Passersby were moved by the peaceful exercises and shocked to learn about the Chinese Communist Party's state-sanctioned forced organ harvesting and readily signed the petition to end it. 

Canada: Car Parade in Calgary Calls for Chinese to Cast Away CCP

A car parade participant said that Western countries have kept silent on the infiltration of the CCP into their societies for too long and that it’s time for all people to work together to bring an end to the CCP.

Stockholm, Sweden: Police say, “You Should Practice Falun Dafa as the Practitioners Are Always Peaceful and Calm.”

Practitioners held introductory activities so that people could learn about this ancient spiritual practice and how it is being persecuted in China.

Regaining a New Life Through Falun Dafa Cultivation

A practitioner changed her life to live without pain and helped others to also benefit from Dafa and quit the Chinese Communist Party.

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