Call for Articles for the 17th China Fahui on

With the 17th annual China Fahui on approaching, article submissions from practitioners in mainland China are now being accepted. We hope more practitioners will participate and submit articles.

Toronto, Canada: Rally and Car Tour Support Withdrawals from the Chinese Communist Party

Many speakers at the rally offered their support and encouraged more people to quit the Party. They thanked practitioners for their perseverance in trying to end the persecution.

Taiwan: Young Practitioners Learn Traditional Chinese Culture at 2020 Minghui Summer Camp

The camp provided an engaging way for the children and young adult volunteers to deepen their understanding of Falun Gong cultivation practice.

My Family Benefits When I am Diligent in Cultivation Practice

A practitioner who was brought up in Falun Dafa wavered after she got married. When her life fell apart she went back to Dafa and it changed her entire family.

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