Seoul, South Korea: Hope and Healing at 9-Day Falun Dafa Workshops

Two recent 9-Day Falun Dafa Workshops in Seoul brought tremendous benefits to workshop participants. Participants reported positive changes, from a general sense of relaxation and wellbeing, to chronic health problems disappearing — including a brain tumor. One attendee commented on the peace and relaxation she felt: "It was something so wonderful, which I'd never experienced before."

Taiwan: “Falun Dafa Is a Stream of Positive Energy”

Last week, 400 Falun Dafa practitioners gathered in Yunlin County to demonstrate the exercises and raise awareness. A woman who took up the practice last year said she realized that Falun Dafa was nothing like any other practice she had tried. She said, “The difficulties and sadness I always felt just dissolved once I studied the teachings. The power of Falun Dafa clears away all the negativity and uplifts my spirit.”

Philadelphia: Falun Dafa Practitioners Return to the Liberty Bell to Raise Awareness of the Persecution in China

Practitioners resumed their activities at the Liberty Bell Center at Independence Mall, the birthplace of freedom and democracy, after a three-month break due to coronavirus restrictions. A family from China who immigrated to the U.S. was happy to have the freedom to practice the Falun Dafa exercises, which are banned in China.

Canadian Businesswoman Sentenced to Eight Years in China for Her Faith in Falun Gong

After Ms. Sun Qian’s lawyers were each threatened by the authorities into withdrawing from her case, she was appointed a lawyer by the court, who was ordered to enter a guilty plea on her behalf.

Switzerland: Lucerne Residents Voice Support for Falun Dafa

At an Information Day in Lucerne, Dafa practitioners introduced Falun Dafa and raised awareness of the ongoing persecution in China. Local residents were very supportive and many signed a petition calling on the Swiss government to help end the persecution.

New Zealander: The Chinese Communist Party Deceives the Whole World

Falun Gong practitioners demonstrated the exercises and introduced the meditation practice in downtown Auckland, where they also educated the public about the persecution of Falun Gong in China.

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