(Minghui.org) I am a college student in China. Due to the CCP virus pandemic, we shifted to remote learning at home.

During this special period, I had more time to browse online. I often visited the Tiandixing Forum, a website run by Dafa practitioners that has tutorials on how to set up our computers securely and send out information about Falun Dafa online. For young people like me who have some basic computer knowledge, we can easily master the operation.

Following instructions from the forum, I tried to register several email accounts offered by overseas companies. As some email domains required mobile phone number verification, which I couldn’t do, I only successfully registered several accounts at one domain. I alternated in using the few accounts to send truth-clarification materials.

I started by sending emails to my classmates. I did not do well in clarifying the truth face-to-face and was counting on the emails to do the job. At first, I thought I was doing great. But after a while, I realized that some of the emails I sent went to the spam folder. I did not want to give up easily though. So I tried new ways to register other overseas mailboxes without requiring phone verification. I am also exploring other ways to send out emails effectively.

From reading posts on social media accounts established by fellow practitioners overseas, I learned that in addition to paying attention to the posts themselves, many people also look at the comments by other readers. I noticed the CCP had dispatched a large number of Internet trolls to spread misinformation or propaganda to mislead readers. When I saw slanderous content, I would report it immediately. When I saw others raise questions about the social media posts, I would try my best to answer them.

I hope more young practitioners can join in this effort to clarify the truth online, since most young people are already using social media and browsing the internet a lot. Compared to older practitioners, we young practitioners might be able to understand better the concerns and worries of people our age and communicate with them more effectively. Plus, it is relatively easy for young practitioners to learn the techniques.

This is my understanding at this time. Please kindly point out any shortcomings!