European Audiences Find Magic and Inspiration in Shen Yun

Two of Shen Yun's seven touring companies presented 20 performances in four cities in Italy, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands between January 17 and 29, 2020. One audience member commented, “I'm feeling I’m walking away with something - a gift. I’m receiving a spiritual gift ... I’m just in a very good mood.”

Doing What We Should and Not Allowing the Epidemic to Dictate Our Actions

The ongoing coronavirus epidemic is overwhelming, and it has terrified people throughout China and raised concerns across the world. We should remain steadfast in our cultivation and do what we should as Dafa disciples, instead of letting the epidemic dictate our actions.

German Practitioner: Falun Dafa Allows Me to Return to My True Self

A German practitioner is helping change Chinese people's misperceptions about Falun Dafa, reaching out to Chinese tourists at Cologne Cathedral. Once painfully shy, depressed, and very ill, she is now healthy and fulfilled as a result of practicing Falun Dafa. Birgit's compelling story helps people see through the lies and slander of the Chinese Communist Party, which has brutally suppressed Falun Dafa for over 20 years.

France: Revision of Bioethics Law Aims to Curb Forced Organ Harvesting and Organ Trafficking

The bill establishes a registration system for French citizens who receive organ transplants abroad in order to track the source of organs and curb organ trafficking.

Two Simple Phrases, A Lifeline During Disaster

With no medical help available from the hospitals, people in the Wuhan area are turning to the divine for help in staying safe from the coronavirus.

Every Member of Our Large Family Attained Falun Dafa

How practicing Dafa helped my family become more peaceful, healthy and happy.

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