In Zhuan Falun, Australians Find the Truth of Life

Several Australians share how they encountered Falun Dafa and its main book, Zhuan Falun. Some reported amazing recoveries from health problems after taking up the spiritual discipline, while others found answers to profound questions about life. "I will certainly keep reading Zhuan Falun for the rest of my life," one practitioner said.

Seven Shen Yun Tour Companies Perform Throughout the World

Shen Yun Performing Arts performed ancient stories and wisdom from an almost-lost culture with theatergoers in Japan, Canada, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States during the first week of January 2020. A former ballet dancer said, “You really feel that they are reaching out to eternity through their movements.”

774 Falun Gong Practitioners in China Sentenced for Their Faith in 2019

In many of these instances, the police, prosecutors, and courts violated legal procedure at every step of the prosecution process, from fabricating evidence and witness accounts to holding secret trials and blocking appeals. Some practitioners were handed verdicts just days after their arrests, without ever appearing in court.

Practitioner Youth Club in Toronto: Remaining Diligent in Cultivation Practice

The practitioner club recently held a day-long event to read together and share understandings. They hope to do better and remain diligent in cultivation practice in 2020.

Practitioner in Gansu Suffered Involuntary Administration of Toxic Drugs During Imprisonment

Ms. Yang Wenxiu was left bedridden after two years of physical and psychological torture while imprisoned for her faith.

Woman in Her 70s Unhurt After Falling from Roof

Her landlord witnesses her miraculous landing and attributes the feat to divine protection.

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