(Minghui.org) This was a poor family. The husband was an orphan, and his wife was disabled. The practice of Falun Gong improved the wife's health and helped the husband with an incurable disease.

However, the happy family was torn apart by the persecution of Falun Gong. Dozens of Zhashui County police officers raided the home of Mr. Yuan Yulong and Ms. Li Meihua on October 11, 2017. They blocked the street and confiscated valuables worth over 30,000 yuan. Ms. Li was taken to Zhashui Detention Center, while Mr. Yuan managed to escape.

Wang Liming, chief of Jianling Police Station, often led his officers searching the nearby area for Mr. Yuan. They also harassed other Falun Gong practitioners, forcing some of them away from home to avoid arrest.

With a young child unattended at home and acres of leased apple orchards deserted, Mr. Yuan decided to return home to take care of the family. But Wang notified the Zhashui police and Mr. Yuan was arrested again.

On July 19, 2018, both Mr. Yuan and Ms. Li were sentenced by Zhashui Court, along with some other practitioners. The husband received a prison term of three years, while the wife was given three and a half years. Their nine-year-old son has become withdrawn since their arrests. His teachers said that he has no appetite and skips lunch sometimes. One teacher, who took care of him at night, reported that the boy often wakes up crying for his parents.

Disabled Woman Regained Hope

Both of Mr. Yuan's parents died during his childhood, and he dropped out of school. After growing up, he did odd jobs to just get by. His residence was a cave, which was common in rural areas of that region. But the cave eventually collapsed, leaving Mr. Yuan with no place to stay.

Ms. Li lost her mother at a young age. She suffered from polio as a child and needed a cane to walk. She could not go to school and was unable to work after growing up. She also developed heart disease, making her life even more miserable.

Mr. Yuan was introduced to Ms. Li in the 1990s, when he was in his 30s. They soon got married, but they could not afford a wedding ceremony. They lived together in the new clay house built by Mr. Yuan. Because of his wife's poor health, Mr. Yuan never traveled far.

Their life changed dramatically in 1998 after Ms. Li became a Falun Gong practitioner. The five exercises and the principles the Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance brought her health and laughter. She began to help around the house and later was able to handle all of the chores by herself.

Life in the countryside was difficult. Without running water, most families dug a 10-yard deep cellar in their yard, filled it with water, and took water through a windlass when needed. With improved health, Ms. Liu was able to get water from the cellar and could walk with a bucket of water that weighed over 30 pounds. This relieved the pressure on Mr. Yuan, making their lives better day by day.

Incurable Illness Gone

Mr. Yuan, who did not practice Falun Gong then, developed a severe symptom in 2003. He suffered from extreme pain in his fingertips and toes. He consulted local clinics and the medication did not help. Later he went to a major hospital and was diagnosed with vasculitis, or inflammation of the blood vessels. “Go home and come back with 400,000 yuan for hospitalization and surgery,” warned the doctor, “You must do this; otherwise, an amputation is needed and you would be disabled.”

This was a heavy blow to the family, as 400,000 was an astronomical number for the couple. Mr. Yuan had no way to acquire that kind of money. His fingers and toes gradually turned pale and festered. Together with prostate inflammation, he lived in pain and sometimes was unable to walk.

While in despair, Mr. Yuan accepted his wife's suggestion and began to read Zhuan Falun, the main teaching of Falun Gong.

After he read the book for the first time, the pain was reduced. As he continued to do the exercises, the situation improved further. In about one month, Mr. Yuan completely recovered. Filled with joy and excitement, he knew that this meditation system was extraordinary.

Having gone through this tribulation, Mr. Yuan changed his attitude towards Falun Gong and was determined to practice it. In addition, he decided to tell more people the benefits of the practice and help them break away from the influence of the defamatory propaganda perpetuated by the communist party.

Ms. Li started a small business to help the family financially and pay for their child's education cost. She decided to run a mobile store selling daily articles on a motorized tricycle. After the vehicle arrived, however, Ms. Li was unable to apply the brake, which was located on the right side. Mr. Yuan was able to re-engineer the brake system and locate it on the left side.

After this, Ms. Li was busy with her retail business every day. She was also able to help with work in the fields. Their life improved and a new house was built.

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