(Minghui.org) More than 40 heavily armed police officers blockaded Dongshan Village, Jianling Town in Liquan County on October 11, 2017. They arrested Ms. Li Meihua and ransacked her home. Other villagers witnessed the scene and were horrified.

Ms. Li Meihua, around 47, has been disabled since childhood and used a cane to walk. After practicing Falun Gong, her disability lightened, although she still used her cane. She started to work in the field and could drive a small tricycle to the local market, where she sold small items.

Three police cars were parked outside Ms. Li's home in the late afternoon on October 11, 2017. The officers demanded to be let in. Ms. Li refused to open the door and asked if they had a search warrant. They identified themselves as division head Guo Shuqin and officers from the domestic security division of Zhashui County.

Guo Shuqin could not present a warrant, so he called for backup from the local police station, the local county, and from the Liquan County Police Department to assist in the arrest. The local police refused to give Guo a search warrant. After Guo reported the incident to a higher official, more than 40 police officers wearing helmets and holding heavy weapons arrived and blocked the road to the village. Police then ransacked Ms. Li's home.

The officers did not leave Ms. Li's home until midnight. They confiscated a personal computer, printer, CDs, satellite receiver, staples, bank cards, cash, and many other items. The village cadre kept 9,000 yuan to be turned over to Ms. Li's children. The items confiscated from Ms. Li's home filled a van. Ms. Li was taken to the Zhashui County Police Department.

It was reported that Guo went to Ms. Li’s home after she was arrested and tried to arrest her family members and other Falun Gong practitioners living in the village.

Participants in the persecution of Ms. Li:Zhashui County Police Department: +86-914-4321420Guo Shuqin (郭淑琴), head of the domestic security divisionLiu Danfeng (刘丹峰), head of the Zhashui County Police DepartmentWang Hailang (王海浪), deputy of the Zhushui County Police Department: +86-914-4341924, +86-914-4323230