(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Wang Haisheng from Baoding City, Hebei Province was tried by Tang County Court on July 4, 2017.

Mr. Wang's friends and relatives tried to attend the trial, but only three people were allowed into the courtroom–Mr. Wang's parents and his wife.

When the others asked why they could not attend the trial, they were told that only personnel from the 610 Office were allowed to attend. Mr. Wang's friends and relatives said that this restriction was against the law, but the court officials ignored them.

Accusations Not Based on Facts

The trial started at 9:00 a.m., and Mr. Wang’s attorney pleaded not guilty for his client. The prosecutor said that Mr. Wang had committed the crime of “using a cult organization to undermine implementation of law,” a standard pretext used by the Chinese regime to charge Falun Gong practitioners.

“Mr. Wang did not use any organization to tell people about Falun Gong,” the attorney stated. “He was exercising his freedom of belief, a constitutional right. Moreover, the prosecutor needs to tell us specifically which law Mr. Wang undermined. Only the government or powerful people can undermine implementation of law. My client is just a common worker and has no power to do this.”

The prosecutor then accused Mr. Wang of hijacking the village broadcasting system twice to broadcast information about Falun Gong and acting as a bad influence.

The attorney responded, “No law has ever stated that only the village officials have the right to use the broadcasting system. And the prosecutor needs to show us what kind of “bad influence” my client has caused, and which villagers were badly influenced by my client's behavior. You must provide witnesses to show that they were badly influenced and that my client caused damage. Otherwise, it is just a false accusation and not based on facts.”

The prosecutor played part of an audio recording for ten minutes, which he used as evidence against Mr. Wang. The recording contained content about how Falun Gong teaches people to improve their character, information on quitting the Chinese Communist Party, and a news report about students in India learning Falun Gong at school.

The attorney emphasized that Mr. Wang did not break any laws and should be immediately and unconditionally released. He accused the officials who handled the case of not following procedures stipulated by the law. The judge adjourned the trial without announcing a verdict.

How Mr. Wang Came to be Arrested

Mr. Wang returned to good health after he started practicing Falun Gong. Amid the communist regime’s persecution of Falun Gong, he wanted to tell others about the practice and the persecution. He used his phone to dial the broadcasting system of Xichi Village, Baihe Town in Tang County and play a recorded message.

Guo Fuqiang, a section head of the Hebei Province security department, was passing by and heard the broadcast. He immediately called the village chief Lin Zhang'en and reported the incident to the domestic security department in Baoding.

Chief Liu Wenjun and political instructor Wang Hong'en of the Baoding Domestic Security Division ordered Zhang Hui, head of the Tang County Domestic Security Division, to secretly follow Mr. Wang Haisheng and monitor his cell phone.

Mr. Wang was arrested by police on January 3, 2017. They smashed his car windows during the arrest, resulting in an injury to Mr. Wang's forehead.

He was first held at the Shunping Detention Center in Baoding City before being transferred to the Tang County Detention Center on January 19.

The Tang County Procuratorate brought charges against Mr. Wang on May 10.

Mr. Wang's family decided to sue Chief Liu Wenjun and political instructor Wang Hong'en.

Parties involved in the arrest and trial of Mr. Wang:Liu Wenjun (刘文君), head of the Baoding City Domestic Security Division: +86-13333121616Wang Hong'en (王洪恩), political instructor at the Baoding City Domestic Security Division: +86-1333120869Zhang Hui (张辉), head of the Tang County Domestic Security Division: +86-13731668788