(Minghui.org) The Second India Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference was held on July 17, 2016, in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. Around 200 practitioners from across India participated in the conference.

The Second India Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference

The day before the indoor conference, practitioners held a 5K march, candlelight vigil, and group exercises to raise awareness about the persecution in China (see Nagpur, India: March and Candlelight Vigil Mark 17 Years of Persecution in China).

At the conference, 16 practitioners shared their experiences of cultivation and involvement in efforts to draw attention to and end the persecution.

J. Jose shares his experiences at the conference.

Mr. Chahande shares his experiences at the conference.

Ms. Maqsooda shares her experiences at the conference.

Daksha Devnani, a young practitioner from Bangalore, spoke about how she let go of many attachments while working at the Epoch Times newspaper in New York. She also realized that there was a reason for her returning to India, which was to reach the people here, although she missed the cultivation environment in New York.

Tania Vinogradova, a Russian practitioner who has lived in Pondicherry for eight years, shared about how she realized her responsibilities as a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple after Master Li’s lecture at the 2016 New York Fa Conference. She said it is very difficult for her to balance her time between personal cultivation, her job as a teacher, working full time for Russian Epoch Times, and helping with an online truth clarification project in India. However, once she began viewing all of them as part of her cultivation, and as her honored responsibilities, her heart and her abilities improved.

Venus Upadhyaya, a practitioner from Delhi, spoke about how emotions played a role in interfering with her cultivation, and how she realized that it’s a test and an opportunity to look within and let go. One must always remember the responsibility and the vows we once made that we have to fulfill, she said.

Bhavani Odatt, a practitioner from Cochin, Kerala, shared about how her illnesses were cured through Dafa cultivation, how she realized her wrong thoughts and attachments, and how she is now improving her xinxing. She has also started going to other cities to raise awareness, where, though she faces tests, she still strives to do her best.

Maitreyi, another practitioner from Bangalore, talked about the intense life-and-death tests that she had to face in her cultivation, and how she came to an understanding that Master Li would never arrange a test that would cause one to knowingly undermine the Fa, so such a thing could only be the old forces’ interference. One must let go of the attachments and eliminate the interference with strong and focused righteous thoughts, she said.

Other experience-sharing reports spoke of miracles and health benefits experienced in Dafa cultivation, the importance of Fa study, how looking within is key in cultivation, how to work on letting go of one’s attachments, and why sending forth righteous thoughts is necessary for Fa rectification period Dafa disciples.

Many practitioners said they benefitted from the experience sharing, and that they felt encouraged to be more diligent in cultivation and save as many sentient beings as possible, as time is pressing.

“The Energy of the Fa Can Make Everything Possible”

The day before the conference, practitioners held a 5K march, formed the words “Falun Dafa” in Hindi, and held a candlelight vigil.

After the 5K march and candlelight vigil the day before the conference, several practitioners had experiences to share.

One heard music from different dimensions during the activity. She heard music while the group sent forth righteous thoughts, and then the rain stopped. When the parade reached their destination, she heard drums like those that are played by the Divine Land Marching Band. She said she remembered the music was very clear and beautiful.

Another practitioner saw golden light just before the rain stopped. Many others experienced how coming together as one body with unconditional cooperation can be miraculous and energetic. Some practitioners were surprised, because they did not think they would able to walk such a long distance and then sit for more than a couple of hours in the rain for the character formation and candlelight vigil. One participant noted, “The energy of the Fa can make everything possible.”