(Minghui.org) The annual China Fahui (experience-sharing conference) on the Minghui.org website is a valuable platform for Falun Dafa practitioners in China to share cultivation experiences. The 12th China Fahui this year began on November 2, 2015, and 53 articles have been published.

Many European practitioners have also benefited from the Chinese practitioners' sharing articles. They are impressed by the compassion, steadfastness and forbearance displayed by these practitioners China, and used these articles as a mirror to seek out their own shortcomings and improve.

On the Importance of Studying the Fa Well and Breaking Away from the Old Forces' Arrangements

Ms. Kang returned to Europe with a heavy heart after attending the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference where she heard Master Li teaching the Fa in person. She realized the seriousness of cultivation practice and made up her mind to catch up.

Soon, the 12th China Fahui began. Ms. Kang read every article and looked inward to find her own shortcomings, comparing herself with the practitioners in China.

In one article, by a husband and wife who practiced Falun Gong together, the wife had transcribed Zhuan Falun 9 times and had studied the Fa well years before the persecution started. Because of her better understanding of the Fa, she was not tortured much in the brainwashing center. Her husband, who didn't study the Fa well enough, was jailed for 5 years.

The husband shared that he was mostly thinking about how to deal with the persecution from a human standpoint and couldn't look at the persecution based on the Fa. The human notions became a heavy burden on his back and also bound him up inside the arrangements of the old forces.

In another China Fahui article, a practitioner created a cultivation environment by memorizing and reciting the Fa for 11 years.

The articles helped Ms. Kang see the importance of studying the Fa and breaking away from the old forces' arrangements.

Actively Participating in the Lawsuits against Former Dictator Jiang Zemin

In the article “Improving Xinxing When Suing Jiang Zemin,” another Chinese practitioner shared her understanding that filing criminal complaints against Jiang is a complete denial of the arrangements of the old forces. 

Ms. Chen of Sweden saw her own laziness after reading that article. Comparing herself to practitioners in China who submitted criminal complaints using their real name and home address, she looked inward and found a sense of complacency and a lack of urgency to save people.

Ms. Li of Belgium chose to listen to the Fahui articles through Minghui Radio. The article “From a Devout Christian to a Dafa Disciple” inspired her to show more compassion while clarifying the truth to Chinese tourists. “If people can feel the compassion in a practitioner, when they see the beauty of Falun Dafa through (the practitioners), they will change,” she noted.

“Looking Within Is Truly a Magical Tool”

Ms. Wang in Scandinavia shared that the article “Looking Within Is Truly a Magical Tool” enlightened her. In the article, a certain practitioner had some very annoying habits that disrupted other practitioners trying to study the Fa. However, when other practitioners began to look within to overcome their own shortcomings and let go of their notions, this practitioner changed too.

“We learned that when two people have a conflict, a third person who sees the conflict also needs to look inward and think about what they can learn from it. Am I a 'third person' while I am reading the article? Is it arranged to let me see some notions inside me? I believe our benevolent Master has arranged the opportunity to expose our shortcomings and attachments so we can improve by letting them go,” said Ms. Wang.

Annie in the United Kingdom had a similar understanding. She agreed that whenever there was a conflict or there was some interference, it was time to look within unconditionally. “Everything that happens is an opportunity for us to improve,” said Annie. “If there is nothing in a certain event or situation to help us cultivate, it will not happen to us. If it happened, it must have some factors to help us.”

Letting Go of Self and Selfishness

The article “Letting Go of Self When Rescuing Practitioners” talked about two local coordinators in China who let go of self and selfishness and created an open and frank sharing environment.

“Selflessness is the key to saving more sentient beings,” said Ms. Su from Scotland, who is also a local coordinator in her area. The article let her see the arrogance and ego inside her that caused gaps between her and fellow practitioners.

She realizes that when practitioners can openly share their understandings in the group, they can better team up and save more people.

Overcoming Laziness and Learning Fa-Validation Skills

Ms. Chen of Sweden and Ms. Pan of Belgium were both inspired from reading articles about older practitioners who learned new technologies and computer skills to validate the Fa.

Ms. Chen admitted that her knowledge of computers is less than the elderly author, and the reason is that she lacked the sense of duty to save more people.

Ms. Pan is an overseas tech-support practitioner who also faces the dilemma of not having enough time to study the Fa and do the exercises after finishing her daily job and working on Dafa projects. She realized that the project itself is not the problem; the problem is her attachment to prove herself.

“We must be humble and let go of our notion to control everything,” said Ms. Pan. “No matter who points out my shortcomings, when I hear it, I will overcome it.”