(Minghui.org) In May 2015, I filed a criminal complaint against Jiang Zemin (the former head of the Chinese Communist regime) for persecuting Falun Gong. I believe that my xinxing has significantly improved as a result.

Time Waits for No One

I first heard about suing Jiang Zemin in early May 2015 and I understood that it was a reflection of the Fa-rectification's fast progress. This is a precious opportunity given by Master to disciples to further expose the persecution and save sentient beings, as well as a chance for the perpetrators to stop doing evil and choose their own future.

Master said:

“Without human action happening under cosmic changes, such conditions would not have been brought to ordinary human society, and neither would they be called cosmic changes.” (Zhuan Falun)

Time awaits for no one. So I began to prepare my complaint.

Although I do not have much legal knowledge, I knew that this was something that I must do. I was concerned about how to proceed, but was relieved when a practitioner sent me a template prepared by a lawyer.

Master knew of my anxiety and took care of everything. It is just that we need to walk our cultivation path. He arranges everything for us when we hold righteous thoughts.

It took me a very short time to complete my complaint and then I mailed it. The Supreme People's Court and Supreme People's Procuratorate acknowledged its receipt within a short time.

The Minghui website hadn't published a template at that time, so I helped practitioners in my vicinity prepare their complaints.

Negating Fear

I received a call from my neighbor when I was out of town. He said that several police officers had come around investigating my complaint, and they had arranged someone from my workplace to talk to me after I returned.

Having been arrested many times in the past, the thought of being arrested again entered my mind. I immediately realized that the fear is not me and I should get rid of it.

When I thought about the purpose of suing Jiang – which is for saving sentient beings – we should do it with confidence and righteous thoughts. My heart calmed down and the fear disappeared. I knew that Master had helped me.

My non-practitioner husband and son overheard my conversation with my neighbor and began to worry. My son asked if this had anything to do with the lawsuit.

“Of course. Jiang abused his power and persecuted practitioners who follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Thousands of practitioners were persecuted to death and some were even killed for their organs. Many families were torn apart,” I said.

I continued, “You were there many times when I was arrested. I didn't do anything wrong, yet I was arrested, sentenced and fired from my job. I almost died several times as a result of torture. How can I not sue Jiang and hold him accountable for the huge injustice that I suffered?”

“You are also victims of the persecution. In fact, every Chinese is the victim of the persecution. Even you should exercise your legal rights and file a complaint against Jiang Zemin.”

My husband and son listened quietly and did not say anything more.

Letting Go of the Competitive Mentality

A colleague talked to me on the day after I returned home. He said that several police officers came to our workplace to investigate the complaint that I had filed against Jiang.

“I followed the law in writing those complaints. Are the police helping the Procuratorate to investigate Jiang's crimes, or is this another attempt to persecute me?”

My colleague said: “It's not possible for you Falun Gong practitioners to overthrow the Communist Party. You should just live a simple life and don't try to do those useless things anymore.”

This same individual had monitored me several years ago and I criticized him with a competitive mentality. He appeared very uneasy after that, so I worked hard on eliminating my competitive mentality. I remember that I had clarified the facts about Falun Gong to him and he seemed to have accepted it. Why, then, is he still so confused and assisting the police in the persecution?

His remarks made me feel wronged, and I tried to explain, “We don't want to overthrow the Communist Party. It's not worth the effort. When it falls, it has no one to blame but itself for doing evil.”

Before I could finish, he got very angry and said, “I won't argue with you. The police have your complaint and if they want to arrest you, we won't be able to do anything about it.”

From his response, I realized that I still had the competitive mentality. I calmed down and apologized to him. “I understand that you are concerned about my safety. But I can assure you, I will be fine. We have been working together for so long, you know me very well, and you know all the persecution my family and I had suffered because of not giving up my belief.”

I persuaded him not to assist the police in the persecution anymore, as that wasn't good for him. I felt he was moved, and he asked me to stay safe before he left.

Looking Within

Since my criminal complaint had been turned over to the police, I looked within because there had to be something I had not let go. I looked back at the process of preparing the complaint and found many human attachments hidden deeply in my heart, such as the attachment to time, relying on ordinary people to end the persecution, and the attachment of living a good life without suffering.

Master controls everything and everything that happens on earth is for the Fa-rectification. Everyone, not just practitioners, will position themselves and should cooperate with the Fa-rectification.

However because of my human thinking, I still expected to be compensated for the losses, that practitioners' reputation be restored, and that we gain respect from those who looked down on practitioners. Now, I know that all these were pursuits that arose from the mentality of showing off and zealotry. I also found that I resented those who persecuted us and wanted revenge. I needed to let go of all these attachments.

Rewriting the Criminal Complaint

To help more people understand the facts about the persecution, I rewrote my complaint, and included the benefits I experienced, mentally and physically, from practicing Falun Gong. My complaint turned into a broader truth-clarification letter.

I printed many copies of the complaint and mailed them to several government agencies, such as the Supreme People's Procuratorate, Supreme People's Court, Central Discipline Inspection Commission, Ministry of Public Security, the National Complaints Bureau, the Politburo Standing Committee, the Supreme Procuratorate, Supreme People's Court of Shandong Province, among others.

While I was writing my complaint, my heart was very peaceful and compassionate. I found that the resentment I once harbored toward the police was replaced with sympathy, for they are the true victims of the persecution.

I realized that suing Jiang is a big test during our cultivation and I had to do it with a very pure heart.

I finished writing my complaint and felt my body very light and refreshed. I think maybe it was because I finally walked on the right path and conformed to the Fa, so Master removed many bad substances from my body and broadened my heart.

Family Members Gain Better Understanding

I showed my criminal complaint against Jiang to my husband. He did not say anything after he read it, but I noticed many changes in him. He began to introduce Falun Gong to people in his hometown when he visited. He also told them about how people were suing Jiang, and he expressed the wish for Jiang to be brought to justice soon.

I also showed the complaint to my parents. My mother cried several times when my sister read it to her. It helped them realize the scale and brutality of the persecution, and they became more understanding of my situation.

In the past, I avoided talking about the persecution I suffered in front of my family members. I thought they had also suffered a lot because of the persecution and I didn't want them to feel sad for me. Also, because I had been arrested many times and had done things that a cultivator should not do, I felt that I was not able to validate the Fa. When the persecution was a topic of conversation, I felt ashamed and guilty. Now, I realize that it's a reflection of my attachment to human emotions and fame.

Like my husband and parents, many of my family members and neighbors underwent a big change in their attitudes towards Falun Gong, as well as a better understanding of the persecution after they read my complaint.

Sharing the complaint with my family and friends not only helped them learn the facts, but also helped me improve in cultivation. In particular, my attachments to emotion and fame were reduced significantly.

Helping Fellow Practitioners

Suing Jiang is an important step during the Fa-rectification. I shared my understanding with fellow practitioners and encouraged them to file complaints as well. Most of the local practitioners took action and mailed their complaints by mid-June, and most of them were received by the Supreme People's Procuratorate and Supreme People's Court.

Some of the complaints were turned over to the local police. When these practitioners were harassed by the police, they handled the situation with righteous thoughts and clarified the facts to the police officers. They also looked within and improved their xinxing.

During that time, I also helped some practitioners edit their complaints and send them to the Minghui website. I treated every complaint with due seriousness and finished them as fast as possible. Then, before mailing, I checked each complaint several times for mistakes.

Sometimes I worked until 2 a.m. to finish the complaints. But I did not feel tired or sleepy; instead, my head was very clear and I felt very energetic. I knew Master was strengthening me. Fellow practitioners' complaints also encouraged me to be more diligent. While helping fellow practitioners edit their complaints, I felt my xinxing gradually improve, and there is no reason for me not to do well.

Thank you, benevolent and revered Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners around the world!