(Minghui.org) At the 12th China Fahui held by Minghui website, I'd like to share my cultivation experience of how things began to change after I looked within.

Searching Within When Others Don't Do Things Properly

I hosted a Fa-study group at my home for several years. The practitioners who came were from their 30's to their late 70's. We clarified the facts to people in the morning and studied the Fa in the afternoon.

Most practitioners in the group have a stable cultivation state and do the three things well. One young man didn't do anything to clarify the truth. Before joining our group, he had attended virtually every Fa-study group in our city. Wherever he went, practitioners had developed a negative impression about him and would not welcome him anymore.

His presence disrupted our quiet, peaceful study environment. When he knocked on the door, he hit it very hard, like a police officer who wanted to break in, making all of us very nervous.

My next-door neighbor is a government official. To protect our safety and also not to disturb my neighbor, I told that practitioner several times not to make so much noise every time he came. He didn't listen and still hit hard on the door.

When he came in, instead of sitting down and getting ready to study the Fa, he would go around every room in my home, including the bathroom, as if doing an inspection. If he saw some food, even fruit I would place as an offering in front of Master's photo, he grabbed it and ate it. When he used the bathroom, he would often forget to turn off the faucet.

I felt like he didn't come to study the Fa, but to damage my home. I tried to talk to him several times, but he would not listen. I became upset once, and he in turn lost his temper and stormed away.

Other practitioners in the group were interrupted and could not concentrate to study the Fa because of him. Some were upset and said that if other groups would not accept him, neither should we. Some complained to me and said I was inviting trouble.

Listening to all kinds of opinions from the practitioners, I thought to myself that anything that happens in cultivation must have a deeper reason, and that it must be time for me and fellow practitioners to improve. I then sat down with practitioners, and we studied the Fa together.

Master said,

“When something of this sort occurs, everyone gets anxious, and thinks, 'Why did this happen and make Dafa disciples look bad, and why are there people like that around?' But have you asked yourself, 'Did we perhaps do something wrong?' The truth is, when your understanding of it is right and you handle things correctly, those people and occurrences will disappear, for things cannot happen among Dafa disciples without a reason--that is not allowed, and no one dares to violate this.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference”)

Dafa Dissolves Complaints and Anger in Our Hearts

When I aligned myself with the Fa, I realized that it seemed on the surface that I tolerated that practitioner's improper behavior, but I still developed negative thoughts about him in my heart. Every time he knocked on the door, my heart became unstable.

Realizing my problem, I began to send righteous thoughts to eliminate my attachment, as well the bad beings behind that practitioner that made him irrational.

When he came to my home again, I was able to maintain a peaceful mind. Other practitioners also looked within and sent righteous thoughts to get rid of their attachments.

With our changes, that practitioner also changed. He began to knock on the door quietly, and didn't walk around my house to look for food. He became more focused and more serious on Fa study. I'm truly amazed at the power of a cultivator's looking within.

Eliminating Fear and Maintaining Our Fa-Study Group

A dozen practitioners in our city were arrested and their homes ransacked. The situation seemed very tense and caused quite some disturbance among the local practitioners. Some in the group expressed their wish to stop Fa study for a while.

I remembered what Master had taught us:

“...just by having your heart unaffected you will be able to handle all situations.” (“Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s),” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

I did not agree to stop Fa study. But when I noticed some practitioners had taken away their books from my home, I became vigilant and began to look within. I realized that I had fear in me, and that other practitioners' fear was a reflection of my own.

I sent righteous thoughts to eliminate my fear. With a pure and tranquil state of mind, we did not stop Fa study for even one day, nor was our doing the three things affected. Those who took away their Dafa books also returned to the group.

I was really glad that we maintained the group. If it had stopped, I had no idea how long it would take to resume it, and we would have lost the group environment in which Master arranged for us to improve together.

Elderly Practitioner's Discomfort Disappears When the Group Looks Within

An 78-year-old practitioner from our group fell down some stairs and hurt her ankle. Her daughter sent her to our Fa study group. After sitting there for over an hour, she could not stand up.

I encouraged her to walk with me around the house. Soon, her swollen foot was no longer painful and returned to normal.

But on the next day, this practitioner became incontinent during Fa study, leaving a strong odor in the home. Many practitioners couldn't stand it and wanted to ask her not to come.

With that, I looked within and realized that I was disgusted with her. I also asked other practitioners to look within, and many of them found attachments they needed to get rid of. We sent righteous thoughts to eliminate our dislike of the elderly practitioner. After we all improved our xinxing, the practitioner's incontinence stopped.

But then, that elderly practitioner began to vomit after she ate anything. She became very weak, and her family insisted she go to the hospital. She had worked in the medical field herself. She wavered and thought about going to the hospital. I told her that she had to distinguish that this was interference from the old forces. I reminded her to ask Master to strengthen her, and that she should walk only the path arranged by Master.

With strong faith in Master, the elderly practitioner stopped worrying. She recovered completely in a very short time, and everything returned to normal again.

I really appreciate the group Fa-study environment left by Master. This is a very good environment for us to help each other and improve together. This elderly practitioner is now very diligent and doing the three things very well.

Look Within in Filing Criminal Complaints Against Jiang Zemin

Filing criminal complaints against Jiang Zemin is an opportunity given by Master for us to clarify the facts, save sentient beings, and improve ourselves in cultivation. At the beginning of the movement, although many practitioners around me understood the importance of suing Jiang, no one was willing to take the lead because of fear.

Having suffered severe persecution, I decided to take the lead. Actually, I still had fear when I mailed my complaint to the Supreme People's Court and Procuratorate.

Looking back at the past 16 years, I had been arrested 13 times, sent to forced labor camps three times, and given a four-year prison sentence. I was severely tortured for not giving up Dafa. My heart was traumatized after so many years of persecution. With the opportunity to sue Jiang, I decided that it was time for me to completely get rid of the shadow in my heart from the persecution.

I soon received a receipt from the Court and the Procuratorate, indicating that they had received my complaint.

Encouraged by my case, all the practitioners in my study group mailed their own complaints, which were received by the court and the Procuratorate in a very short time.

A Few Words for Practitioners Who Have Not Stepped Forward in Fa-Rectification Cultivation

I have some words for those practitioners who were forced by the evil to give up practicing Dafa and those who have not stepped forward because of the persecution. I was in the same difficult situation before. When I looked within, I realized that it was because I did not follow Master's requirements and did not cultivate myself well based on the Fa. Thus, the evil could take advantage of my loophole to persecute me.

As more and more evil is eliminated, the environment has eased up. With all that Master has borne, the time has been extended for Dafa disciples to save more sentient beings.

My fellow practitioners, please come back! The opportunity is very precious. Master is waiting for us to cultivate ourselves well and transcend the human plane. Don't leave your life with eternal regret.