Germany: Citizens of Oberursel Express Concern over Severe Human Rights Abuses in Potential Chinese Sister City

In China, the mayor of Oberursel discussed a Sister City Program with Huludao City. However, when human rights abuses in the Huludao City Forced Labor Camp became known in Oberursel, there was great public concern.

Ms. Sun Fengjie Emaciated as a Result of Persecution in Heilongjiang Women's Prison

Incarcerated for 10 years, Ms. Sun recently lost about 40 pounds as a result of recent prison efforts to force practitioners to give up their belief.

Sister Pleads Innocence of Practitioner Ms. Gu Youwen at Illegal Trial in Tangshan City

When a law-abiding woman is placed on trial for peacefully exercising her freedom of belief, her sister makes an eloquent plea for her innocence.

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