(Minghui.org) After starting the practice of Falun Gong in 1997, my view of the world changed completely. I no longer became ill as easily as I used to. Under Master's meticulous care, I never stopped practicing Falun Dafa, and I continued sending forth righteous thoughts and clarifying the truth every day. There are no words on earth for me to describe Master's boundless compassion. I realized that, in order to assist others in obtaining the Fa, we must study the Fa properly, clarify the truth openly, and be heartfelt in our efforts to save people. Now, I wish to share my own personal cultivation experience with everyone and dear Master.

1. Using Sincerity to Touch the Human Mind

Prior to retirement, I managed a large state-run enterprise complex, and I knew every foot of the place like the back of my hand. I knew everybody who worked there, and we all got along fairly well. This gave me the chance to help them quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and a pleasant environment to do it in as well. Some of the staff, after just a word or two, agreed to quit quite readily. However, the process of helping others quit the CCP was not always so easy, and one person in particular touched my heart and brought my understanding to a higher level. This was when I was clarifying the truth to a demobilized soldier. After explaining the facts, I advised him to quit the CCP. I knew he was unemployed, so I thought that he would not favor the Party and there would be no problem helping him quit. As it turned out, I had completely misjudged him. He would not believe the facts and could not understand why one would quit the CCP. I didn't have a sincere heart when I sought to persuade him to quit the CCP, and I was so overconfident that I forgot the original purpose for clarifying the truth.

Master said in the “Fa Teaching Given in Manhattan” (March 26, 2006):

“If, however, as you clarify the truth your mind is affected by ordinary human attachments, then you won’t be able to achieve anything. When in your truth clarification you run across ordinary people who have listened to and believed the lies and propaganda spread early on by the wicked CCP via its media, they might have misperceptions about Dafa disciples, be harsh toward you, or not willing to listen to you. At those times, if your emotions are stirred up by them, and you feel wronged, get upset, and maybe even aren’t all that rational, then you won’t be able to clarify the truth nor save those people.”

I realized that clarifying the truth was not just a term that barely touched the surface of what Dafa practitioners did, and it was deeper than just passionate words. After this, always made sure to be sincere about saving people in order to touch their hearts and their minds and to leave a positive, lasting impression. I felt much better after clarifying the truth in this manner for several days, and it yielded much better results. Later, I went back to the demobilized soldier whom I couldn't save before. He smiled at me, a little embarrassed, and said that he had already quit the CCP. I blessed him for doing the right thing and congratulated him on being saved.

One time a man drove up and deliberately parked his car in front of me to ask directions. I asked whether he was a CCP member, and he said that he was. I suggested he quit the CCP immediately, and he did so without any hassle or hesitation. After a moment, he confessed that many other practitioners had approached him about quitting the CCP, but he had always declined. I asked him why he quit when I helped him, and he replied that I looked honest and compassionate, without deceit. I told him that all those who had tried to help him quit the CCP were good people and practiced the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

2. Using Compassion to Help People Understand the Truth

In order to have more time to save sentient beings, I retired from my job at the state run enterprise to work in a private factory. The boss understood my situation and arranged for me to be a guard, but I actually kept records of personnel and vehicles that came to the plant. I had a heavy workload and met all kinds of people and vehicles. I was dedicated to doing my task well. My boss even had me help contribute some ideas to enhance the management system, and, as a result, the plant has undergone a big change. Later, my boss complimented me at a large staff meeting and stated that he believed in me. In no time I was able to help him quit the CCP.

The people of China have been so poisoned by the CCP that they often only recognize money and nothing else. I had to clarify the truth differently to co-workers that were older versus those that were younger so that all of them could be taught to act like good people. I also helped them quit the CCP. When I spoke with younger operators, I would use my expertise and bring them into a conversation where we would exchange our life stories. Sometimes, I would bring them water while they worked. The vast majority of them were compliant and willing to quit the CCP and did so immediately. All of their relatives believed me, too, when I went to visit them to clarify the truth and expose the CCP's evil crimes. Some of them even told me to teach their grandsons so that they would not learn any bad habits.

The elderly migrant workers were very friendly, and we all got along very well. They were very willing to be friends. Some of them envied my illness-free state. I promptly told them that it was from practicing Falun Dafa, and that all those who practice Dafa attain a healthy body and all their diseases are resolved. I let them know that I personally benefited from Falun Dafa and that previously I was in poor health, with severe headaches, duodenal ulcers, stomach bleeding, and other diseases. I could not sleep or eat well and felt lethargic all day. I was emaciated and pale. However, since practicing Falun Dafa, I have not been sick or needed any medicine for ten years. In the past year, I have not needed to take a single day off work to recuperate from illness. I told them that they had personally witnessed a miracle. Some were interested and asked, “Is this for real?”

Others asked me in private whether Dafa was truly good or not, so I told them about the CCP's evil acts against humanity, the persecution against Falun Dafa, and their world of sin and scandal. There was not one person who did not believe this. One very young migrant worker said that the first time he met me, he could instantly tell that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner. When I clarified the truth to him, he believed it immediately. When somebody said Falun Dafa was not good, he immediately rose up to its defense. Since he believed in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and that Falun Dafa is good, four generations of his family were able to escape from life threatening catastrophes.

3. Patience Enlightens People to Escape the Grasp of the Evil Party

At the plant, I still came into contact with people from different cities and provinces. Some came in pursuit of a job in marketing or procurement, while others came in trucks and wagons to make deliveries to the plant's cafeteria. I encountered new people every day, and I helped all of them quit the CCP. I seized every opportunity I could to clarify the truth and save sentient beings.

One day, a graduate student from a prestigious local university came to the plant to sell some software. He came hurrying inside the plant to escape from the heavy rain. I let him in so he would not catch cold. After conversing with him for a while, I was able to determine that he was in the CCP, so I clarified the truth to him and encouraged him to quit the Party. He immediately agreed, replying that he was already on probation and that he didn't have very good standing in the CCP anyway. He also told me that most of his family did not have a very positive view of the CCP. He couldn't stop thanking me, saying that what I said made a lot of sense and that I was very convincing. He told me that he had learned many life lessons. I told him, “This is just what Master Li Hongzhi told me to do, to be a good person. I would never give the CCP an opportunity to commit any grave deeds.” When he left, he looked back often, and I watched him go until he was just a speck on the horizon.

On an early spring Sunday, the temperature was cool, and there was a lot of wind and little sunshine. A man, who appeared to be a farmer, came to the plant and asked me if the factory cafeteria needed cabbages or potatoes. I let him inside so he could warm up a little. I noticed he had a problem with his leg when he walked. While speaking with him, I clarified the truth and told him that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner. After hearing I was a practitioner, he told me he had once practiced for a short time before the CCP banned it in 1999. He then said that he still had a copy of Zhuan Falun and other Falun Dafa materials. I then encouraged him to keep on practicing and to not listen to the CCP's slanderous propaganda. He asked if he really dared break such laws, and I told him that Master has the Fa and he had nothing to worry about. I then asked what happened to his leg, and he told me that he was in a car accident a couple of years before and fractured his femur. He told me that there was a steel plate in his leg, and that's why it wouldn't bend. He was worried that his leg might prevent him from practicing, but I told him there was no problem and promised to help him. He then left, saying that selling cabbages and potatoes was not his priority, because there were plenty of other people willing to buy from him closer to his home. I wrote down his number and made sure to keep in contact with him. A few days later, I bought him high quality, yet inexpensive DVDs that contained Master's lectures and exercises. At that time, he was limping to do farm work in the morning. At night, he would study, listen, and practice the Fa. He told me that he loved reading Zhuan Falun and that he was practically inseparable from this book. He said his leg was not as painful and heavy as it used to be. He came to my house from time to time on his motorcycle. His face always showed unrestrained joy, and he told me that he never listened to the words of the evil CCP again. He told me that he believed that, without Dafa and my advice, his family might have encountered many unfortunate events. Some young people need lots of encouragement in order to begin practicing Falun Dafa. I merely gave this man the book and the DVD and that was all he needed.

4. Using Perseverance to Eliminate People's Doubts

When my wife and I went to a rural district to clarify the truth, we met a 52-year-old woman farmer. After clarifying the truth to her, she told me that she had to tell her husband. She was going to take the truth clarification materials we gave her home no matter what. After reading them, she put up one of the flyers in her home. From then on, I often visited these farmers to give them additional materials. When they were not in, I would leave them in an unobtrusive corner at their house.

One day, before I even reached their doorstep, they ushered me into their house to sit for a while. I knew that they were feeding cows and goats all day, and they had no time to rest from dawn to dusk, so I was unwilling to disturb them. However, the husband grabbed my hand tightly and told me he had to ask something. He asked, “Can you Falun Dafa practitioners really defeat the CCP?” I replied that the heavens will attend to the CCP. I told him that people should quit the CCP as soon as possible so that they will no longer be influenced by it. I told them that the CCP engaged in deception and misinformed people about Falun Dafa. I told the farmer that the CCP was a threat to the world. I told him that many Dafa practitioners were working tirelessly every day to help people quit the CCP so that they would not suffer under the Party's influence. He exclaimed, “So that's what the CCP is really about!” He then asked, “So it was the CCP that brought our country into this mess?” I told him that heaven's arrangements will not be interfered with and that the CCP is in absolute chaos and disorganization. He acknowledged that as a fact and told me that he would not let his sons join the Party. I suddenly realized my job was to help others, not wander this earthly maze blindly. I should help dispel confusion and clarify the truth so others could navigate through the maze of desires and attachments. Helping others understand the true nature of the CCP saves sentient beings.

One day I was walking around the city when I encountered a cook who originally worked at the plant until he was laid off. I knew he was a member of the CCP and that he held many prejudices against Falun Dafa. However, when I saw him walking up the road, I still greeted him enthusiastically and asked him how he was doing. He told me that he had had to retire due to illness and that no medication could help him. I told him that I was ill in the past, but since I began practicing Falun Dafa, I had not been sick at all. He nodded, but said nothing. I then asked him if he had quit the CCP yet and he replied that he hadn't. I told him he had to quit soon and he agreed immediately. I told him to recite “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” every day. He agreed without hesitation.

I traveled around on foot to clarify the truth to others and I helped dozens of people quit the CCP. I came upon one of my former colleagues and tried to help him quit. He said that this was the fourth time I had approached him about this matter and he knew I really cared about him. I told him to let Master Li help him quit the CCP. He then muttered to himself, “Maybe if I had quit earlier I wouldn't have had to go through that surgery on my hand.” I laughed and replied, “Yes, understanding is stronger than anything else in the world.”

I have always persevered in clarifying the truth. However, the number of people that still need to be saved is quite vast. We must continue to do the three daily requirements Master has set for us, until we reach consummation.

If there is anything above that is inappropriate, please point it out compassionately.