After Ten Years of Imprisonment, Mr. Shi Yanwu Tortured to Death in Shijiazhuang Prison

Name: Shi Yanwu (石彦武)

Gender: Male

Age: 40

Address: Xingtang County, Shijiazhuang City

Occupation: Unknown

Date of Death: February 28, 2012

Date of Most Recent Arrest: March 2002

Most Recent Place of Detention: Shijiazhuang Prison (石家庄监狱)

Shu Anqing from Sichuan Detained for Three Months, His Mother Demands His Release

( Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Shu Anqing from Luzhou, Sichuan Province, has been held in Guling Detention Center for three months. His lawyer went to Guling to do an investigation before the New Year, but he was interfered with everywhere he went. Fu Xu, deputy director in charge of national security in the Public Security Bureau, and Zhang Xianwen, director of the National Security Division, are directly responsible for the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. They tried their very best to prevent this lawyer from seeing his client. Sources say that recent orders from above demanded an immediate solution and sentence.

Ms. Wang Min's Term to End Soon; Wujiaqu Women's Forced Labor Camp Escalates Persecution

( Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Wang Min will finish her forced labor term in about a month. It is alleged that the guards of the Wujiaqu Women's Forced Labor Camp in Xinjiang have escalated the persecution.

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