Falun Gong Practitioner Mr. Chen Deguang Files Complaint Against Police for Interrogation by Torture (Photo)

Name: Chen Deguang (陈德光)

Gender: Male

Age: 66

Address: Honggu District, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province (甘肃兰州市红古区海石湾大通路)

Occupation: Unknown

Date of Most Recent Arrest: July 6, 2011

Most Recent Place of Detention: Lanzhou City Second Detention Center (兰州市第二看守所)

Ms. Mao Kun on Hunger Strike to Protest Extended Sentence in Chengdu City

Name:Mao Kun (毛坤)

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Address: Wulitun, Jinniu District, Chengdu City (成都市金牛区五里墩)

Occupation: Chartered accountant (会计师)

Date of Most Recent Arrest: September, 2007

Most recent place of detention: Sichuan Women’s Prison (四川女子监狱)

Ms. Du Xiaoli from Anhui Province Arrested Four Months Ago

(Clearwisdom.net) On November 12, 2011, Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Du Xiaoli, from Jiaopo Town, Funan County, Anhui Province, was arrested at home by the head of Funan County Domestic Security Division, Zhang Xiaobo, and officers from Jiaopo Town Police Station. The police confiscated her computer and printer. Du has now been detained nearly four months. Intending to persecute her further, Funan County Police Department personnel have submitted the materials they prepared to sentence her to the

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