Germany: Falun Gong Practitioners March in Berlin to Raise Awareness of the Brutal Persecution of Falun Gong in China (Photos)

( Close to a thousand European Falun Gong practitioners held a parade in Berlin on November 5, 2008, calling on the people to help stop the brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China.

Taiwan: Arts Professionals Wowed by DPA Performances (Part 2) (Photos)

( (Continued from Part 1)

2. Dancers and Dance Associations Praise Divine Performing Arts (DPA)

Chairperson of Dance Association of Taiwan: The DPA performance brings the Chinese culture to life in a remarkably vivid way

Epoch Times: NY Chef Wins NTDTV International Chinese Culinary Competition

Nov 19, 2008

Gold prize winner in the Shandong cuisine division Chen Yongming prepares his preliminary round dish "Two Dragons Floating on Clouds." (Bing Dai/Epoch Times)

NEW YORK--Dish after dish, round after round, dozens of Chinese chefs tirelessly cooked up exotic Chinese delicacies, showing off their technical skills and superb creativity. But after the judging committee had made up its mind, only one chef stood out, winning the Gold prize in the Shandong cuisine division: Chen Yongming, a Chinese-American from Flushing, Queens, whose final round dish was the colorful "Red Lotus." Because the competition had five different cuisine subcategories which participants could only join one of, judges were allowed to award Gold, Silver, and Bronze prizes in each category but eventually only one Gold prize was awarded: to Chen.

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