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2. Dancers and Dance Associations Praise Divine Performing Arts (DPA)

Chairperson of Dance Association of Taiwan: The DPA performance brings the Chinese culture to life in a remarkably vivid way

Ms. Lai Shiu-feng, who holds teaching positions at the National Taiwan University of Arts and the Dance Department of the National Taiwan Sports University, is Chairperson of the National Dance Association of Taiwan. She was very impressed by the arrangement of the entire DPA performance and the high caliber of the performers. She said that the DPA performance showcased the best of 5,000 years of Chinese culture. "The costumes are refreshing and elegant. The stage settings, lighting and backdrops, in particular, can be said to be an integrated art, with perfect coordination," said Ms. Lai.

Ms. Lai Hsiu-feng

Ms. Lai felt that performers must have been through rigorous training, showing tremendous grace in their dance. She thought that all the dance performances vividly brought the Chinese culture to life.

Director of Kaohsiung Tianyun Dancing Company: Innovative and full marks

Yang Chi-Chiang, Director of the Kaohsiung Tianyun Dance Company, said after attending the DPA show, "It's exquisite. The performers have good training in Chinese dance. In particular, they danced in unison, and all of them are of very high caliber."

Yang Chi-Chiang

Mr. Yang commended the creative multimedia backdrops in the show. He felt that DPA did a perfect job as a whole.

Well-known Taiwanese dancer: Divine Performing Arts makes me feel like I was back in my teenage years

Well-known Taiwanese dancer Lee Tsai-E said that she was mesmerized and amazed by the remarkable DPA performances. The performance showed the art of strength and beauty, reminded her of long-forgotten memories, and made her feel that she was back in her teenage years. Ms. Lee, 83 years old, has engaged in dance education and traditional culture dissemination for over half a century. She studied modern dance in Japan in her youth. She set up the first dance class in Kaohsiung and pioneered a trend of dance education in southern Taiwan.

Lee Tsai-E watches a Divine Performing Arts performance attentively (the first woman on the left)

Ms. Lee commended the DPA performance, saying, "It's really wonderful! I could not help imaging that I was dancing with those performers on the stage, accompanied by the melodious music. I was very impressed!" She thought that all the numbers were excellent, imparting a comfortable and enjoyable feeling. She said that all the performers expressed their emotions and the inner meaning of each dance. Ms. Lee said, "I admire the DPA company's art director and choreographer. They preserve tradition and are also innovative. The performers are young but they are carrying forward authentic culture. They are remarkable!"

Renowned Taiwanese dancer: Each dance moved me, it was perfect

Ms. Tsai Shu-Miao is the Taichung City Dance Education Association Council member. She has been engaged in dance education for years, and has many students throughout the world. She said that dance is a multi-faceted performing art that combines a number of elements including music and visual arts. A perfect dance performance should be like an essay, clear and smooth. She appreciated the DPA dancers, because they danced with fluidity. She noted that the group cooperation was especially in perfect harmony.

Well-known dancer Ms. Tsai Shu-Miao

Ms. Tsai said, "It is so hard to comment on which dance was my favorite, because each one moved me." Regarding the artistic value of the DPA show, she said that it vividly and superbly expressed its contents with help of high-tech equipment. She found that the backdrops and the performances on the stage coordinated seamlessly throughout the entire performance.

Chairperson of Dance Association: An artistic feast, and a real eyeopener

Hong Hui-chao, chairperson of the Kaohsiung Dance Association, said that her deepest impression of the entire show was innovation, particularly in the backdrops. She said, "The combination of dance with the high-tech aspects achievef good effect. The backdrops are new and original, really remarkable, creative and inspirational."

Hong Hui-chao, chairperson of the Kaohsiung Dance Association

Ms. Hong was also very impressed with the costumes. She praised the DPA's world-class performance as a real eyeopener, an artistic feast, and a blessing for the people of Kaohsiung.

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