Clear Harmony (Yuanming) Web Site Launched in Europe

The new Dafa web site named Clear Harmony ( was launched on 9th September 2001. The establishment of Clear Harmony will contribute significantly to Fa rectification in Europe within the overall process of Fa rectification.

French-language version of now on-line

The French-language version of is now on-line. We sincerely feel that it will act as an invaluable resource for information, books, and other Falun Dafa materials for the citizens of the 50 countries worldwide that are primarily French-speaking.

2001 Southern U.S. Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference To Convene Soon

The 2001 Southern U.S. Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference will be held in Houston, Texas from September 14th to 16th. At the same time, a series of activities celebrating the fifth anniversary of Master' spreading Fa in North America will be conducted.

Photo Report: The Righteous Confront the Evil in Front of the Washington DC Embassy

On the afternoon of Sept. 8, as usual, practitioners from Washington DC gathered in Tiananmen Garden in front of the Chinese Embassy to send forth righteous thoughts with practitioners all over the world.

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