To validate the Fa, I went to Tiananmen Square. The cops illegally detained me and sent me to a brainwashing class; being resolute in the Fa, I came through all of the tests. During that period of time, my parents, my wife, and my sister all suffered a great deal since they knew I was being brutally persecuted.

I remember very clearly how once at the brainwashing class, my wife cried and kneeled on the ground, begging me to give up practicing Falun Dafa. With compassion, I told her not to do that because her deeds would harm me as well as herself. Finally, she stopped. When she left, she suddenly smiled at me for no reason. I came to realize that all of us have a clear-headed side. Her original nature knew I had passed the test and thus she could also be saved. Of course she was cheered up!

Once a fellow practitioner told me that her mom was not very well. She was afraid that her mom would not be able to bear it if she stepped forward. I told her, "You are looking at this problem with human notions. You wouldn't think that way if you were judging it using the Fa. Actually, the evil is trying to use the human sentiments of your family members to prevent you from validating the Fa. If you allow this attachment, your practice will fail; your mom will have no future either because she was used by the evil to do a bad deed when preventing you from practicing the Fa. However, if you overcome the attachment, the vicious arrangements [by the evil] will be turned into a good thing, because she helped you improve yourself; thus she can be saved. You shouldn't be trapped by human sentiments if you really care about her." The practitioner agreed and became clear on this issue.

Recently, a practitioner who used to be very resolute in the Fa said that her family had suffered too much. Her husband even lost over ten pounds due to worrying about her. She didn't want her family to suffer anymore, so she said she needed to cultivate "compassion." Then she wrote the so-called "Repentance Statement." I wept in my heart when I heard this. The righteous thoughts of Falun Dafa practitioners have a great impact on people who are close to us.

When we lose righteous thoughts, what will happen to those people that have predestined relationships with us? Let me ask you this, can you still say you are compassionate when those vicious people use your "Repentance Statement" to attack the Fa and our Teacher? Can you still say you are compassionate when your family members commit such a bad deed when being taken advantage of by the evil forces and interfering in your cultivation? Can you still say you are compassionate when those people who have predestined relationships with you don't believe in the Fa anymore and lose their future because you have been "reformed?" Teacher told us to cultivate ourselves to become righteous enlightened beings who are selfless and always put others ahead of ourselves. We need to be just as pure as the new universe, rather than be ordinary human beings who are used by the evil forces and who make judgments using the deteriorated standards of human sentiments. Wake up, my fellow practitioners who have fallen because of human sentiments!