Ottawa Citizen: Zhang Recounts to Daughter Tale of Torture in Labour Camp

Thursday January 11, 2001

More than two months after she last heard from her father, University of Ottawa student LingDiZhang called him at his home in Jinan, China, Yesterday and helped him solve a mystery.

Ottawa Citizen: Falun Gong captive freed

Thursday January 11, 2001

The Ottawa Citizen

KunLun Zhang wins freedom from Wangcun labour camp, a.k.a. ' on Earth.'

The Canadian refuses to renounce beliefs

A Chinese-Canadian citizen sentenced to three years in a Chinese labour camp for practising the banned spiritual exercises of Falun Gong has been unexpectedly released by Beijing authorities. KunLun Zhang, 60, a former Montreal sculptor who has been the focus of intense Canadian diplomatic lobbying following a series of Citizen stories in December, was released from the brutal Wangcun labour camp yesterday, less than a month before Prime Minister Jean Chretien begins a Team Canada trade mission to China.

Ottawa Citizen: The first step on a very long road in China

Thursday January 11, 2001

China' release of Kunlun Zhang, a Canadian citizen imprisoned for practising the spiritual meditation of Falun Gong movement, is a small victory in the quest for improved human rights in China. The emphasis is on the word small.

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