[ClearWisdom Net] At Wujiafu labor camp in Liaoning Province, the torture of Dafa practitioners has reached an indescribable extent. Gangsters, headed by Chen Ming have been hired to systematically torture practitioners. Anyone who refused to give up practicing Falun Gong is forced to assume an extremely painful position for a long time, usually for a whole day and night. If any practitioner fails to remain in this position, he or she is beaten and reprimanded. If this inhumane treatment still could not get the practitioner to renounce his or her belief in Falun Gong, a dozen thugs will then beat him or her. They hit practitioners on their heads with sticks and dug fingers into their eyes. This actually led to the blinding of one practitioner (name unknown), who was still not released! To reach their goal, Chen Ming and his accomplices knocked practitioners onto the floor and pinched them all over their bodies: armpits, chests, abdomens, thighs etc. No area was spared this pinching

A female practitioner was beaten until screaming, but her torturers refused to desist. This continued until the screaming stopped, no pulse could be detected, and she could not control her bowels. Chen Ming had the audacity to claim: " She was pretending. We must not stop beating her. If she is still not transformed, we have to pierce her with needles." At that time the guard shocked her several times with an electric baton. Seeing that she indeed could not move, they then were a little afraid and stopped torturing her. When the practitioner woke up the next day, Chen Ming and his gang besieged her again using the same methods.

They also treated male practitioners in the same manner. What's more, Chen Ming ordered others to lift practitioners up high and slam them onto the floor, doing this to several 60-year old men. They kicked male practitioners in the groin, causing many to faint due to the extreme pain. One practitioner stood up and told Chen Ming: "You should not treat our practitioners like this." Even before he finished his sentence, Chen Ming took up a chair and assaulted him with it. Another practitioner could not endure the pain and threw himself against the wall. One of these thugs grabbed his hair and pounded his head against the wall while screaming: " You want to die? I will let you die!...."

These determined practitioners were brutally tortured every day. New wounds were added to the old wounds. It was said that the government paid Chen Ming and other perpetrators 500 Yuan a month. They even received a bonus. The more practitioners that had been transformed, the more bonus they got.

One cannot imagine the brutality that occurred at the labor camp if he had not seen it with his own eyes. What is written here is only abstract language, unable to convey the horror. However, when this indeed happens in real life, when you actually see the bloody scene and hear the screams, each and every kind-hearted person would shed tears! That is a brutal barbarism beyond description.

There are still more than 150 practitioners at Wujiafu labor camp and they are being tortured every day. We call on all kind-hearted people in the world to extend your support and help stop such brutal torture. Meanwhile we also warn those vicious thugs: Kindness is paid back with kindness and vicious deeds will be repaid viciously, too. Every life in this universe is watching your evil performance. Watch out, you are positioning your own future!!!

Phone list of those involved in the above acts

Huang Wei, president of Wujiafu Labor Camp: (86)413-4639021 (O), (86)413-2438038 (H)

Zhang Weidong, vice president of Wujiafu Labor Camp: (86)413-4638034 (O), (86)413-7671036 (H)

Liu Zhigang, vice president of Wujiafu Labor Camp: (86)413-4651665 (O), (86)413-2431701 (H)

Chen Ming: (86)413-2534617 (H)

Su Wei: (86)413-6669118 (H)

Ding Ning: (86)413-2532351 (H)

Ding Yukun: Ding Ning's sister, phone number unknown.

January 10, 2001