My wife went to Tiananmen Square to unfurl a banner in the middle of last December. After that she was sent back home and detained illegally. She remains in custody. Although I am not a Dafa practitioner, I saw the reflection of "Zhen-Shan-Ren"(truthfulness-benevolence-forbearance) from every act and every movement of my wife and other practitioners around me. The facts that I saw and heard were enough to prove that Jiang Zemin is making rumors and persecuting Falun Dafa. Falun Dafa is really good!

Falun Dafa has made my family more harmonious and happier. Especially at the present time, when society is going downhill and selfish desires are rampant, Dafa can make them search inside themselves, see their shortcomings, and become good people. It plays a positive and supportive role to raise public moral standards, which is totally different than what Jiang Zemin's media has reported.

My neighbors and relatives all agree enthusiastically that Dafa practitioners are truly good people. People who slander Dafa are those who make my family miserable. They have broken my family apart. Nobody is left to care of our two school-age children. Nearby practitioners have given us financial support and helped me look after our two children since my wife was arrested.

What a shame that such a group of kind-hearted people suffers all kinds of persecution. There are many people around me who have been illegally detained, lost their jobs without reason, cannot return to their homes, or who were beaten badly in Tiananmen Square. My wife simply wanted to verify that Dafa is good and only went to Tiananmen Square to unfurl a banner reading "Falun Dafa is good". She was seized by the police and was sent back to her hometown detention center. Over twenty practitioners clustered in a small room and they were charged twenty yuan for just two simple meals each day. Half of the people could not lie down while sleeping. They sat back to back and took turns lying down. The county public security station did not allow family members to visit the detained Falun Gong practitioners and they demanded 5000 yuan (roughly 10 months' income of an average worker in China)to release practitioners. Later it was reduced to 2000 yuan. They said that they treated us with great leniency. Even more malicious was that several days ago they unexpectedly forced all twenty detained Dafa disciples to put on prison clothes. They used a rope paraded them through the streets of the county seat, being pulled along by their handcuffs. They used the ways of the Cultural Revolution to persecute Dafa disciples. Imagine how these Dafa disciples' family members felt when they saw this scene! Is it the aim to damage a small number of people? Doesn't the government act in ways that are contrary to popular wishes and engage in wicked behavior that goes against a heavenly path? Don't people who do that encounter retribution for such evildoing?

Before my wife left I told her: "If you really want to go, you just go. I know all of you are suffering from injustice. I will not hold you back. If you leave you should put down everything to go. Do not consider this or that. Do not consider coming back. Do not think of the children when you get to prison. I'll take care of everything outside." On New Year's Day I saw the substantial police presence in Tiananmen Square. They even outnumbered visitors. As long as they suspected someone was not a visitor they would approach him/her and interrogate him/her. They attempted to stop Dafa disciples from entering Tiananmen Square. Even so, there were still many disciples unfurling yellow banners, but they were cuffed and kicked by police and plainclothesmen who immediately swarmed forward and dragged them into police vans. But those disciples opened the police van windows and shouted "Dafa is good! Restore Dafa's reputation!", allowing people who still have a conscience to awaken.

Although my wife is still in prison I do not regret my original decision. Even now I still understand her and support her. I think in China there are still tens of thousands families like mine suffering. I hope good people in society can know the truth, pay close attention to Dafa disciples, see through the lies and help tens of thousands families return to happiness as soon as possible.

January 6, 2001