[ClearWisdom Net] After Master's new scripture "Beyond the Limits of Forbearance" was released, certain disciples had some extreme interpretations of it, and at the same time, there has also been a strong reaction to it in society. Some people think that we are no longer going to forbear and that we are going to resort to violence, resulting in some contention about Dafa. Here we would like to talk a little about our understanding and discuss it with everyone.

  1. Beings at different levels have different ways of harmonizing the Fa.
  2. It is said in "Expounding on the Fa": "In fact, Dafa is not only to save human beings ?it is also taught to all the beings in different dimensions. Your enlightened, original nature will automatically know what to do." The heavenly guardians of the Fa at different levels have their way of protecting the Fa at their levels. The side that has been successfully cultivated will fell demons and rectify the Fa, not engage in the violence of the human realm. The principles of cultivation practice and the principles of everyday people are the opposite of each other. The violence and force of the human realm are precisely what is the weakest; true strength and might is the power of mercy and compassion. It is only by truly accomplishing "don't hit back when hit, don't swear back when sworn at" in accordance with the requirements of Dafa, truly accomplishing great compassion and great forbearance, and by sacrificing everything for the Truth amidst the persecution by the evil forces that we have awakened the sympathy and support of so many people in the world. It is only in this way that we have corrected some of the prejudice that some people have against Dafa. If we turn away from the requirements of Dafa, if the disciples in the human realm take extreme actions, then the people of the world will see us as a violent force and will turn around and oppose Dafa. That would be extremely damaging to the progress of Fa rectification.
  3. The evil forces are hoping we will resort to violence; we absolutely should not be used by politics
  4. "Such a religion is bound to be used by governments to engage in violence and launch religious wars, thereby becoming an evil religion..." ("Dafa Will Forever be Pure Like Diamond"). We are not a religion. No particle of the Dafa should reenact the lessons of history and go wrong. Not only would that make what one has enlightened to and verified be in vain] and be damaging to Dafa, but the reckless persecution by the evil forces would also become unscrupulous.
  5. Our understanding of "the principle of killing"
  6. There is an erroneous understanding: When Master spoke about the issue of killing, it was mentioned that there are the requirements at the lower levels and there are also the manifestations in the Buddha's realm. As such, during the current period of Fa rectification, in giving up everything and attaining "no omission," is it that for those who have cultivated to a very high realm it doesn't matter if they use unusual means? Just "how high level" are "those who can do this?" Master has destroyed countless evil forces at different levels, but at this level of the human realm, he has always used forms that people can see, peacefully and compassionately teaching the Fa and teaching his disciples by example. How can we disciples in the human realm even think about engaging in extreme actions and even violence? In his comments on a practitioner's essay 'Eliminate Demonic Nature,' Master said: "...explaining the truth to people, we are all actively eliminating the demons instead of condoning or passively enduring; but the thoughts and actions must be benevolent." At the same time that our state of great compassion and great forbearance earns the understanding and support of the people of the world, it is also the best way to eliminate evil.
  7. If things are still like they were before, then why even mention "beyond the limits forbearance?" Do we need to have a new way of doing things to keep up with the new cosmic climate?
  8. If one is unclear on this point, then "extreme ideas," posing as "new ways of doing things," will easily come in and influence you. In "Expounding on the Fa": "I am not asking you to do anything artificially. I am only trying to make you understand the principles of the Fa ... Your enlightened, original nature will automatically know what to do." If we cannot comprehend the principle of "beyond the limits of forbearance" and our divine side is being suppressed and cannot rectify the Fa well, then the Fa that we finally enlighten to may not be complete. Now that we are clear on it, then we must get rid of some of our previous concepts. For example, before, some practitioners in China would "resign themselves to adversity" or "accommodate evil in a disguised way" (like confessing the names of fellow practitioners, complying with various kinds of abuse), and so on in the midst of a tribulation. This should not occur any longer. Overseas, students may have had some qualms about "taking legal measures" to restrain Jiang Zemin's vicious henchmen, but now they will no longer have obstacles in their thinking. Of course, this is just an example in one aspect.
  9. Eliminate the misunderstandings of the people of the world, explain the truth more clearly
Now, the misunderstanding of everyday people of "Beyond the Limits of Forbearance" has brought up a new test for the students, and it is also a very good opportunity to spread the Fa and rectify people's hearts. We can try clearly telling them: The deities that protect the Fa at different levels use the methods at different levels to eradicate evil. The violence of the human realm has nothing to do with Fa rectification; those everyday persons who engage in violence try to incriminate us, but we absolutely do not agree. In "Dafa Explication" it says: "We have nothing to hide. The only possibility that exists is that in the future, a group of people, those people who are really bad, may be eliminated in a kind of powerful illness." With the various deities that protect the Fa "free" to clean out the evil, there will be more and more instances of all different kinds of evil people meeting with evil retribution -- this is perhaps one of the ways Fa rectification is expressed in the human realm. When this occurs next to everyday people, it will be very persuasive. The above is provided for the reference of fellow practitioners. January 10, 2001