Image for article Turkey: People Sense Falun Dafa’s Positive Energy During Two Workshops in Istanbul

One participant said, “This is something I’ve wanted for a long time. I felt peaceful and relaxed. My mind was calm and rested. I got rid of everything in my mind and just lived in that moment. I felt good energy flowing in my body, and that the bad energy was gone.”

Image for article Guangdong Man’s Release Delayed When Authorities Claimed His Appeal was Still Pending

Mr. Huang completed a two-year-and-ten-month prison sentence in October 2023, but his release was illegally delayed when he was ordered to sign a "released on bail" form, which he refused.

Image for article Dafa Cultivation Brought Me True Happiness

A practitioner in China describes how Dafa cultivation helped her change from a troubled, unhealthy, and unhappy person, into one who is now healthy, strong, and respected by her family and friends.

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