(Minghui.org) My grandson is nine years old and is currently in the third grade. He has read Zhuan Falun more than 20 times. Although he has not yet fully walked on the cultivation path, he has benefited from Dafa. He was often sick and weak since he was little, but is now healthy and energetic.

When he was a little over one year old, he contracted bronchitis and later rhinitis. He would catch colds and coughs all the time. It was worse when he went to bed at night. He could use a roll of tissue paper in one night. I often took him to the doctor. He received injections, medicine, and nebulization. It was exhausting for us both.

When he was in kindergarten, he only attended school for 20 days, and the rest of the year he was home sick. When he was in first grade, he missed school for a month and a half because of illness.

Later he switched to traditional Chinese medicine, but that did not help either. We tried everything. His condition did not improve.

Due to his health condition, I often spoiled him, which fostered bad habits. Whenever he encountered something that did not go his way, he would cry and lose his temper. I felt helpless.

Once when he was ill again. I asked my husband to take him to the doctor. My husband didn’t want to and said, “Falun Dafa is good. Why don’t you teach him to practice Falun Dafa?” His words woke me up. Before I started practicing Dafa, I had severe acid reflux and my throat was full of bubbles. I couldn’t even swallow water. Nothing could cure my condition. It was Master who gave me a new life. Just then my grandson said to me, “Grandma, I don’t want to take medicine anymore.” I said, “Then let’s learn Falun Dafa!”

During winter break in the first grade, we started reading Zhuan Falun together. I read one sentence, then he read a sentence. We studied the Fa every day. We started from reading a couple of pages in one night to finishing one lecture at a time.

As the frequency and amount of Fa study continued to increase, he gradually understood some Fa principles. He knew that to be a good person, he needed to improve his character and get rid of his bad temper. He became more well-behaved, and his health improved day by day. He didn’t miss any school in 2022.

He also participated in group Fa study during weekends. The expensive medicine his father bought him was no longer needed and thrown away.